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1940s Fashion History for Women and Men – Style Imagination



In 1929 stock market had crashed, and people faced severe economic depression which for most of the `1930 s fashion, fashion had been an escape. Women and men afraid their complicated lives and want to live a carefree and glamorous life.The table turned in to 1940s, and fashion took a new look. The women fashion of 1940 s defined by a clean and slim silhouette with jackets, blouses, sweaters, and skirts. Paris was the house of fashion, and all new fashions were originated from there. A lot of material used like wool for coats and leather for boats as well as silk for other dresses. The famous men fashion of 1940 s was dress coat, looser jackets, double pleated pants, big hats, and ties.
Here is a list of high 1940s fashion. People who have the interest in old and elegant fashions, you will enjoy this article

1940s fashion of Women

Christian Dior’s 1940s fashion

1940 s fashion is incomplete without forget Christian Dior’s 1940 s fashion. The beautiful full skirts and waist-cinching jackets were the first New Look fashion of Dior’s and became fashion forever after harper’s Editor. After world war, Dior’s came with the new collection of style in which he desired to give women back their taste for light-heartedness, the art of seduction. Christian Dior’s built a new chapter in the history of fashion. The Bar Jacket is an icon of the new look because he wanted his dresses on the curves of the female body in which they look stylish.  The Bar jacket is famous for cream shantung morning coat with rounded tails and its large black pleated skirt which flared out.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

Ava Gardner’s 1940s fashion

Ava Gardner’s was the one of most talented actress and considered the symbol of sex in the 1940s and 50s. She is very famous for her movies as well as her fashions. She made a style icon for women fashion. Lux for coats, sexy gowns, and flirty two-piece maillots favored items which famous in 1940 s fashion. She is very beautiful with bright big green eyes and perfect complexion. Here is a look at her 1940 s fashion.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

Katharine Hepburn’s 1940s fashion

Katharine Hepburn was an American actress who was “Number One Female Star of All Time.” Her dressing was very famous in 1940s fashion. She sported her fashion like inspired blazers, collared shirts, trousers, and loafers. She rocks a gingham dress and cinched in the waist in 1940s fashion.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion


Ginger Rogers’ 1940s fashion

Rogers was an American dancer, singer and actress which performed in local charity and school productions but she was more famous when her mother came her in stage productions. She was more famous due to her 1940 s fashion in which wide-brimmed hat and elegant skirt included. The Hat brims were more prominent than the 1920s fashion. Here is a look at her 1940s fashion.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

Lauren Bacall’s 1940s fashion

Lauren Bacall’s was Hollywood icon who died at the age of 89 but leaves behind style and glamor. She is the exquisite lady with seductive cat eyes and beautiful voice. Her form was simple but very famous in 1940s fashion in which silk blouses, blazers, pencil skirts included. But her perfect thigh split satin gown was very renowned among ladies even Angelina Jolie also wore this style after that. Here is a look at her 1940s fashion.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

The 1940s fashion of men

The single and double breasted Jacket

Single and double-breasted jackets were famous in the 1940s fashion of men. These jackets have 2-3 buttons with broad padded shoulders and slit or patch pockets.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

Waist Coats

Waist Coats were considered the waste of time at the time of war and after that. Men were not comfortable in waist coats.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

The Suit Trousers

Here is another famous men’s 1940s fashion Suit Trousers. A flat fronted or single pleats which wore at the high waist and trouser legs were wide around the ankle.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion


Men were worn Suspenders in the 1940s and after that belts became more famous. These come with button loops and thick straps. Belts are replaced suspenders which more fitted at the waist. Brown and black color were more common in 1940s fashion.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

The collared dress shirt

Men were worn with a pair of slacks. These collared shirts usually made with cotton with attached, pointed collar. Here a look of 1940s collared dress shirt.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

1940s Zoot Suits

Men 1940s Zoot Suit was more famous at the start of 30s but it was more famous in 1940s.  it was extremely loose, long and wide two button suit jacket with large lapels and huge shoulders as well as with baggy trousers. It was most common 1940s fashion of men.

 1940s fashion1940s fashion

Knit V-neck vests 1940s fashion

Knit V-Neck Vests were made the same style as shirts but were worn under a long sleeve dress. This three piece 1940s fashion was popular among golfers and sports spectators.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion

A wool overcoat

It was winter wear for the 1940s men. This wool coat cut straight and boxy coat which comes down to the knee at a slight angle. The shoulders rounded or in raglan cuts.

1940s fashion 1940s fashion


We conclude that 1940s fashion is entirely different from previous years. But all women and men 1940s fashion are elegant, classic. These all fashions are unique and today’s designers can modify these all fashions. I hope you all old and new fashion lovers like this article. The women gowns, skirts, and hat were very famous according to 1940s fashion in which they look sexy. After the war, These all fashions come and make their life glamours. In men 1940s fashion, they were wearing according to over their work. Dress suit more familiar with the tie and single pleated trousers or pants. The waistcoat was less frequent as well as athletes were wearing Knit V-Neck dress suit in the 1940s like golfers players. if you also want to know about 50s fashion style you can see read a next article.

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