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Top Skin Specialists On Acne Scars Treatment



Just like a sunburn acne is the main issue. Most of the girls facing acne problem. They find the acne treatment that works but often the scars left behind. These acne scars knock down confidence as the spots themselves.  There are the different type of scars boxcar, rolling scars, toothpick scars, and keloids. When the marks left by acne, they need cautious treatment. If you are worried because of your marks and you looking to reduce their appearance over time. Here you will find  Top 9 Skin Specialists On Acne Scars Treatment.

  Acne Scars Treatment suggested by the specialist

Linda Blahr

Linda Blahr is a National administrator of training and science at Skinceuticals. According to her, The skin’s surface becomes irregular, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can stay long-drawn after patches fall. The Skinceuticals C E Ferulic (product) Blemish + Age line-up is an anti-aging, anti-blemish substation also glows skin and helps protect against oxidative stress. This useful oil-free treatment is designed to reduce defects while improving signs of aging and scarring.

This product is a mixture of dioic acid, capryloyl salicylic acid, salicylic acid, Glycolic acid and citric acid. It manages sebum production, decreases blemish hyperpigmentation, and provides targeted lipophilicity exfoliation. Glycolic acid and citric acid reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth uneven surface, and improve flaws. I would also suggest a Dermaroller treatment every two to three months to treat deeper acne scars properly. Dermaroller is a standard skin recovery and Scar Repair Therapy also used in the process of stretch mark removal and scar removal. Acne Scars Treatment Dermaroller treatment is best.

Debbie Thomas Facialist and Skincare Expert

There are the different type of scars boxcar, rolling scars, Ice pick scars, toothpick scars, and keloids. And the Acne Scars Treatment for each type of scars is seperate. Acne scars can be very ignorant and be red or brown marks which are pretty simple to fix. But the rolling scars can usually be improved 30 to 70 percent which leaves shallow dips in the skin 2 to 5 millimeters wide. Ice pick scars are 1 to 2 millimeters wide, which are much broader and most complex to better.

When most people get the scars treatments, for two to five days after the treatment, it will leave the skin looking bumpy and red. So when you are you are getting Acne Scars Treatment does need to plan. Debbie Thomas recommends the application of Oxygenetix Foundation (Product name). After all skin treatments, Oxygenetix Foundation can use straight. This foundation will cover the redness and help the skin to recover quicker.

The great scars treatments are lasers and peels. Also one of the widely use scar treatment is Airgent/Enerjet treatment which shoots a high-pressure blob of liquid into the scar to split it up more efficiently. All the above mentioned treatments need to be repeated many times for up to a year, to see results. Depending on the healing and repair process every person responds very differently to treatments.

Susanne Kaufmann Founder of Susanne Kaufmann

The regular facial is essential for Acne Scars Treatment. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is perfect for acne scars. When you get acne, the scars are relatively fresh and for those type of scars ultrasound treatment and weekly use of enzyme peel are good. If the scars are older, you cannot improve or remove them naturally.”

Teresa Tarmey Facialist and Skincare Expert

Teresa Tarmey also suffered from acne. She suggests that the excellent treatment for acne scarring is any form of resurfacing. “The one I used and proceed to apply in treatments is Fractional Radio Frequency by Venus Viva. I then receive my clients to use my at-home micro needling kit for combined effects and maintenance. It’s such a fantastic result. Partial every four to six weeks and my kit once per week within sessions.”

Lou Riby Managing director at Elemental Herbology

Acne Scars Treatment and blemishes have three main steps Lou Riby recommend are as follows.
First Step
“Use Natural AHAs because it is the best way to exfoliate skin. It also gently reduce red marks. Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel utilizes actual AHAs from papaya, apple, and orange as well as jojoba beads. It makes the skin smooth and soft.
Second Step
The second step is to diminish pigmentation and improve and repair the skin. Retinoids (is a chemical compound has pure vitamin A) is a beautiful way to address pigmentation and skin illness. We use Granactive Retinoid in our Vital Glow Overnight Resurfacing Cream to dramatically stimulate cell turnover, reduce blemishes, pigmentation and skin imperfections and to produce a fresh and radiant glow.
Third Step
The last step is, niacinamide (Also recognized as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid, niacinamide is a beneficial skin-restoring ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging skin) is hugely useful in soothing and refreshing the skin. This restoring ingredient helps to visibly better the appearance of stretched pores, rough skin tone, and dullness.”

Nausheen Qureshi Founder of Elequra

Your acne scarring will take hard to treat if you have a darker skin type. Because of melanogenesis and how pigmentation occurs in the skin. It is also difficult to operate in the summer. I suggest using a vitamin C serum once a day and exfoliating once a week with a mild lactic acid-based peel like Eloqua Intense Restore Mask. Mild peels formulated in this way help to increase cell turnover carefully and effectively. I’d ensure always to use an all-around sunscreen and keep reapplying and to avoid direct sunlight on the areas of scarring.”

Dr. Costas Papageorgiou MD FACS

She is UK Medical Director for New York Dermatology Group. “For acne scarring, I suggest a multi-layered approach. First, beginning with sessions of Lasergenesis to stimulate the fibroblast metabolism. This remodels the collagen layout within the scarring itself.
 As a next step, I suggest Limelight IPL, a multi wavelength light energy that reduces redness and skin tone irregularities. Following this, I would recommend we continue with Collagen Induction Therapy (Skinpen medical grade micro needling) to boost the skin’s healing reaction and soften any indentations on the skin’s surface.
As a final step, hyaluronic acid gel filler can use. It works as a supportive and volumizing matrix to smooth any profiles.”


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