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Over the years, African fashion brands have grown exponentially. There is no doubt that African fashion brands are on the rise. Famous Hollywood celebrities are very fond of African fashion brands. African fashion is very famous for street fashion. African fashion brands being loved because of many reasons. One reason is that they are disrupting the notion that Made in Africa means low wages and exploitation. In many cases, they’re maintaining local artisanal techniques, fabrics, and designs, and they also manage to use traditional (and less toxic) fibers and colors. Here we have picked the top 10 ethical African fashion brands from all over the region whose work is truly admirable. 

List of top African Fashion Brands You Should Know

  • Thula Sindi
  • NN Vintage
  • Laduma MaXhosa
  • Selfi
  • Tsotetsi KL
  • Imane Ayissi
  • David Tlale
  • Rich Mnisi
  • Lisa Folawiyo

African Fashion Brands | African Fashion Brands You Should Know – Culture Trip

african fashion brands

1. Thula Sindi

Thula Sindi’s clothing brand is a name of simplicity, modernism, and at the same time, sophistication. This African fashion brand founded in 2005 on the back of a South African landscape. Their clothing is very trendy, accessible, and dynamic. It’s an ultimate fashion brand of clothing that delicately made of exquisite and timeless pieces. Thula Sindi made the clothes that are targeted at the modern, sophisticated ladies who looking for quality but trendy appeals. In 2007 this luxurious African brand showed a successful collection at couture fashion week in Paris. After the success of that show, Thula Sindi, in 2012, crowned as south African designer of the year by SA tourism, also won the best youth entrepreneur award in 2013. 

african fashion brands

2. NN Vintage

NN Vintage is a female wear brand inspired by the vintage 40s to 80 eras introduces by Nhlanhla Nciza. Vintage clothing is a term used for garments, and it originates from the previous era. This brand is totally for strong and ambitious ladies. NN Vintage garments with a new modern style attract the young ladies. Famous celebrities such as Lira and Khanyi Mbau are huge fans of NN vintage.

african fashion brands


A South African knitwear brand Maxhosa by Laduma founded in 2012 by Laduma Ngxokolo. Laduma Ngxokolo’s initial dream was to create a modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that would be suitable for all ages of ladies. And now, this brand has developed to premium knitwear that celebrates traditional Xhosa aesthetics. Maxhosa brand not just explores astonishing Xhosa beadwork patterns, symbolism, and colors, but also, this brand a source of inspiration for the knitwear, which then reinterpreted into modern knitwear.

african fashion brands

4. S E L F I

Cape Town-based ready to wear clothing brand S E L F I create sustainable, bespoke ethical apparel and accessories. The word “ S E L F I” inspired by word self and motivates self-empowerment and self-betterment. With the natural and authenticity, each collection of S E L F I meant to tap into the essence of the self. S E L F I dresses look very classy and trendy. In the online S E L F I store you can see a vast collection of trousers, shorts, tops and shirts, a jacket and coat dresses.

In April 2019, SELFI’s “Devine Femme” collection was showcased at SA Fashion Week. Latest Devine Femme collection explores the stability between pistillate and vigorous energy within the self. The Divine Feminine is away from gender. It is the latest compassion and most classic of innocence. S E L F I is nurturing, kind, forgiving, non-judgmental, procreative, intuitive, receptive.

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5. Tsotetsi KL

Khothatso Laurence Tsotetsi established a bespoke designer wear brand in 2007. This brand manufactured in South Africa. The TKL brand illustrated and articulated well by sheer fabrics like silk, chiffon, mesh, and lace. TKL gives the chic, refined look to the design. TSOTETSI KL adds a unique style to every women’s life. This brand has developed a reputable distinction over the years because of its high quality, good material, and unique designs.

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6. Imane Ayissi

Imane Ayissi, the famous dancer, model, and fashion designer, was born into a family of musicians and sportsmen in Cameroon. In 1990 he moved to France and worked as a model for Lanvin, Givenchy, and Dior. In 2004 he found his own label and became so famous over the years. Angela Bassett and Zendaya have worn his designs. Now Imane Ayissi had become a stylist for the largest workshop in Ready-to-wear manufacturing of the country. one of his interviews, he said, “It’s My Mission To Show How Hugely Diverse African Cultures Are.”

african fashion brands

7. David Tlale

A South African fashion designer David Tlale is very well known for his design. It’s been 15 years since the Tlale launched his brand and showcased his supreme designs at all the awarded fashion week platforms and engraved his mark as a favorite on the South African and African fashion landscapes. He won a prestigious award like Lifestyle/Style and Fashion Icon Achievement Award and Continental style & fashion influencer (male).

David Tlale has taken excellent work around the world and get a lot of attention and praise. In the anniversary of 92 years of Nelson Mandela’s life, David Tlale presented his quintessential “Made In The City” Collection. Nelson Mandela bridge used as the runway, and David Tlale sent 92 models down the Nelson Mandela Bridge. It was the most extended ramp in the history of South African fashion.  

  african fashion brands

8. Rich Mnisi

In 2015 a South African based contemporary multi-disciplinary brand was founded. RICH MNISI was founded by a young fashion designer who wants to explore the treasures engraved within Africa. He aims to tell the unique and heritage stories of fashion to the world of modern culture. RICH MNISI produces new stories and visions inspired by sources outside of the realm of fashion, including art, film, and nature. In a short period of time, RICH MNISI has grabbed the attention of both local and international media. The brand RICH MNISI appears in the Fashion Glossary UK, Vogue China, editorial pages of Marie Claire, Vogue Russia, Vogue Italia, BBC, and  Sunday Times, and many more.

african fashion brands

9. Lisa Folawiyo

A Nigerian fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo is best known for fusing classical West African textiles with modern tailoring ways with an emphasis on beading and sequin trim. In 2005 Lisa Folawiyo started her label “Jewel by Lisa” from her home. Now she owns a showroom in New York and Nigeria. Famous celebrities such as Issa Rae have worn her pieces. Her collections also showcased in the UK, Nigeria, the US, and South Africa. In 2012 he won Africa Fashion Award in 2014. One of eight rising talents by WWD Women’s Wear Daily, and in 2015, she won Featured in the BOF500 award.

 african fashion brands

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