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In this article, Ethnic Jewellery Online Pakistan, we will see how artificial jewellery in Pakistan shapes fashion with new trends.

Women of all ages have an obsessive yearning for jewellery. Beautiful jewellery enhances every element of your body, increasing your beauty and making you stand out. Due to incredible demand, there is a wide range of artificial jewellery on the market.

Artificial jewellery is a type of accessory produced from various synthetic materials. It’s also known as ‘fashion jewellery,’ maybe because it allows individuals to experiment with new designs and trends for the most smallish amount of money. Unfortunately, because of the high cost of the raw materials like gold required to create ‘real’ jewellery, such items cannot be acquired at the start of each new season without burning a hole in the wallet. However, experimenting with a broad array of patterns and styles is feasible with artificial jewellery. This makes it such a coveted fashion piece to have in one’s closet.

Artificial Jewellery in Pakistan – Artificial Jewellery Online

If we see deep, we know the glamorous impact of precious metals and gems such as gold, diamonds, emeralds, and pearls may not be attained without a significant financial investment. These artificial items look expensive, with ornate patterns and exquisite settings. However, you can get the current styles for the coming season without breaking the bank because of the many options.

These artificial pieces, beautifully sculpted in both eastern and western designs and styles, are presently sold by many respectable and trustworthy firms. So we’ve saved you some time today by compiling a list of brands that deal with artificial jewellery in Pakistan that is affordable.

Banana & Kale:-

Banana & Kale began a year ago and has grown in popularity over time. Known for their beautiful jewellery and merchandise photography. Their jewellery is one-of-a-kind because there are just a few pieces available. Banana & Kale has everything in their Instagram store, including various trendy necklaces and earrings. Their primary and minimalist designs make them one of Pakistan’s most distinctive online jewellery brands.

To shop Banana & Kale Artificial Jewellery Online Visit BK

Needles Jewellers:

In the year 2012, this business was established. It is the most popular online jewellery retailer in Pakistan. It offers a diverse range of handcrafted designs. In their work, they use a lot of zircon and Kundan. The most incredible thing about this brand is its glittering collection provides something for ladies of all ages. Any lady may seem lovely and appealing by wearing needle jewellery.

Needles has designed bracelets that are brilliant, beautiful, and inviting. Needles offers a broad range of pricing points, allowing everybody to find something within their budget. Customers appreciate purchasing from this business. A bracelet may be useful for weddings, meetings, work, routine, and celebrations. Made of silver, gold, rhodium, and platinum, among other metals. Wristbands made of waterproof plastic are also available in a distinct category.

To shop Needles Jeweller Artificial Jewellery Online visit

Bukhari Accessories:

Bukhari Accessories, a jewellery company, created by Syeda Isra and has locations on Tariq Road and Zamzama, as well as a successful Instagram store, understands how to sell jewellery and what jewellery to sell. They ship jewellery worldwide and have a large selection of styles and jewellery items. Their collection isn’t limited to a particular form of jewellery; it covers everything. Even though their items are a little pricier, their quality and designs are unrivalled.

To shop Bukhari Accessories Artificial Jewellery Online visit

Chandi Mahal:

Chandi Mahal is a well-known silver jewellery brand based in Karachi’s Nazimabad neighbourhood. This brand offers both a casual and a formal range. The best aspect of the brand is that it is reasonable and accessible to anyone. Chandi Mahal’s extensive assortment includes anklets, earrings, bangles, zircon bracelets, chooriyan, and much more.

This brand will almost certainly have anything you’re looking for. Their selection and merchandise can viewed on their Facebook page, which named “Chandi Mahal fashionable silver jewellery store.”

To shop Chandi Mahal Artificial Jewellery Online visit chandi_mahal111

Jewellery City:-

Worried about your Nikkah Mehndi or Walima’s jewellery? You don’t have to be concerned since Jewellery City has covered you with the best artificial jewellery in Pakistan.

They provide a large selection of jewellery, including rings, bagels, necklaces, and zircon, so you can quickly discover what you need on their website. Moreover, the prices are reasonable, and you can obtain complete jewellery set for a reasonable cost.

To shop Jewellery City Artificial Jewellery Online Visit

Ak collection:-

Well Known for their versatility. They provide their customers with ethnic and western jewellery in unique designs that enrich and add elegance to their appearance. Tika, anklets, nose rings, bridal sets, attractive pendants, bracelets, and earrings are among their alternatives. Moreover, they carry a lot of beautiful bridal dresses as well as fashionable ones for everyday wear.

Ak collection always offers an enchanting experience of beautiful artificial jewellery at affordable prices that anyone can purchase, whether it’s students looking for something trendy for their friends’ birthdays or a bride-to-be looking for something traditional for her big day.

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The Alara Shop:-

If you like bold, clean designs, Alara Shop should be the next page you visit. Because of its trendy designs, Alara is quite popular among celebrities. They have the best artificial jewellery in Pakistan with distinctive designs sure to turn heads.

They have everything, from lovely heart-shaped rings to hefty rings. In the long run, online Jewellery Brand prices are pretty reasonable.

To shop The Alara Shop Artificial Jewellery Online visit

Orb & Gravel:-

The more unusual Orb & Gravel’s name is, the more unique their jewellery is. Orb & Gravel page has everything from purses to bracelets to bangles. In addition, they offer Chandi and gold jewellery available, all at highly reasonable costs. Considering their selection, it’s useful to conclude they’re one of Pakistan’s best jewellery brands.

To shop Orb & Gravel Artificial Jewellery Online visit moonandgravel


This list of brands that deal with artificial jewellery in Pakistan has a tremendous amount of unique designs with excellent quality. It’s a good concept to go shopping for these artificial jewels. The classic styles and traditional designs may transformed into stunning artificial items. Heavy jewellery such as Kundan, Thewa, Meenakari, and Polki, as well as latticework gold pieces with paste stones, fall into this category. Furthermore, a couple of the businesses on the list also provide modern-style jewellery with ethnic motifs, such as lovely pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

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