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Basic Hair Care Tips For Maintaining Healthy, Growing Hair



Today we are going to share bad habits you may not be aware of and maintaining healthy hair and scalp and basic hair care tips. Habit a long, settled behavior from our everyday life. Brushing your hair and dying is also a habit. Aren’t you all curious whether or not you all are having a good habit or bad habit? If you guys interested and want to know about your good or bad habits, then read the complete article below about basic hair care tips. And you can learn about proper basic hair care tips.

They mostly ask the question is when do you wash hair. And mostly the reply is not every single day. So when its a perfect time to wash your hair. So, guys, it based on your hair type or scalp type. It might be useful to wash your hair twice a week. If you wash your hair too frequently, then your scalp may become even more dry.  Also, if you have a dry scalp, washing your hair on a daily bases is not good.If you have an oily scalp, then it might be useful to wash your hair more frequently. If your hair feels extra oily or if you have sweated a lot during the whole day, then it’s OK to wash your hair twice a day.  

But if you are going to wash your hair every day, then it’s best to wash your hair at night. Because sweat and pollutants are piled up on our scalp every single day, if we do not remove them and go to bed, then dust and oil will clog our pores and can cause a problem like dandruff and inflammation.It can even cause hair loss, and if these dust and pollutant rub all over your pillow, then it could cause skin problems on your face and neck. If you clean your hair in the morning, then its essential sebum will be removed, and it takes three to four hours for your vital sebum membranes to recover. If you are exposed to UV light before this membrane is created it cause skin trouble and infection. Our unconscious behavior can damage our scalp and hair.

Basic Hair Care Tips For Maintaining Healthy, Growing Hair

Poor Hair Washing Habit

basic hair care tips

  1. The use of more shampoo can be harder to rinse it off thoroughly, and leftover shampoo may stimulate your scalp.
  2. Do not shampoo your hair right after you soak it. If you shampoo your hair right away after you soak your hair, you can’t roughly rinse off the dust and waste on your hair and scalp. If you got a lot of waste on the surface of the scalp, then there will be less foam. And if you want more foam, you will use more shampoo, right?? As a result, as I mentioned in bad habits, first, you will stimulate the scalp more than necessary if you comb your hair and soak your hair for one or two minutes before shampoo. Then it will be easier to clean off the waste with clean foam.
  3. Do not apply shampoo directly to your scalp. It’s better to make foam lathe on your hands before you apply it directly on your scalp. Direct application of shampoo on your scalp may cause inflammation and dandruff. It is more important to remove the waste on your scalp than your hair. So clean your scalp first.

Proper Hair Washing Tips

basic hair care tips

Now I will share proper hair washing tips and basic hair care tips

  • Shampoo as if you are massaging your scalp with your fingertips. Be careful not to stimulate your scalp with your fingernail. If you scratch the scalp with fingernails, the germs under your fingernail can cause infection on your scalp.
  • If you stand up and shampoo, the upper scalp will me soaked with enough water to rinse, but the lower scalp might not be rinsed perfectly. So don’t forget to shampoo with only one posture.
  • Wash your hair with body temperature water. Over 80% of hair made up of protein, and the protein hardens when it gets warm. So if you wash your hair with warm water, the hair protein hardens and decreases treatment effect; on the other hand, washing hair with cold water lower cleansing efficiency. And the residue of shampoo is prone to be left on your scalp.
  • Do not apply conditioner or treatment on your scalp. Most of the treatment of conditioner products contain silicone to make your hair soft and glossy. The silicone ingredient is hard to rinse, and if it piles up on the scalp, and will cause allergy and inflammation, which can even cause hair loss. Treatment or conditioning products should be applied from the end of your hair at least five centimeters away from your scalp.

Hair Dryer Techniques Basic Hair Care Tips

basic hair care tips

  • Many of you let your hair dry naturally or spend time with your hair wrapped in a towel. If you let your hair dry naturally because you think hairdryer is terrible or if you keep your hair up in a towel for a long time. Your scalp will be left in a damp environment. In this case, the germs increase and can cause scalp dermatitis or even hair loss. Also, the more your hair stays wets, the more it will absorb water and damage the cuticles. Unless you dry your hair with hot air, it’s better to dry hair quickly and efficiently. So use the hairdryer.
  • Remove water from your hair as much as you can before the hairdryer. If you do not remove moisture enough, you will have to use the hairdryer for longer rather than rubbing it. It is better to pat using the towel gently. It’s also good to use the absorbent towel.
  • Apply hair essence or products to protect hair from the heat of the hairdryer. The end of the hair has less nutrients and moisture. Make sure to apply essence first to the tips of the hair.
  • Dry your scalp first, the wind should be blown from the roots of the hair. The cuticles that protect the surface of the hair overlapped like fish of scales. And they are directed from the roots to end of the hair. So if you dry from the end of the strands so then the cuticles will be lifted, and your hair will feel frizzy and crunchy.
  • Even if you have no time to dry hair, do not use hot air to dry your hair quickly. Because hot air increases the scalp temperature, and it stimulates the hair follicles. Also, it dries the scalp and destroys the water-oil balance of scalp use the hairdryer from a distance and try to dry with cold air if possible. When you finish off a blow dry with cold air, it will maintain the style of your hairs longer.


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