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Best Food For Skin Glow – According to Dermatologists 13 Miracle Foods for Glowing Skin



Did you know about the food that can give you a significant skin glow? If you don’t know about the food which is good for skin glow, then you are in the right place. Because today we will discuss the best food for skin glow. Skin supplements are the next beauty obsession not only among females but also in males. Before, we had talked about the What Supplements Should I Take daily? But not everyone can afford the expensive supplements for their skincare regimen. Luckily there are plenty of foods that Allah has made for us that are very good for skin glow. You can add these important foods to your daily diet to boost that all-important luminous complexion from inside out.

Natural foods are a much safer option than supplements. Most supplements contain minerals and compounds which are not easily digestible. Instead of supplements, food intake is a more enjoyable, more reliable, economic, and realistic approach to a sustainable lifestyle targeting healthy skin. Different studies show that the whole plant food based diet helps to improve skin health. Taking food that keeps our blood and sugar under control with essential minerals and vitamins will leads to healthier and glowing skin.

best food for skin glow

Recent research shows that there is a secure connection between a healthy gut and healthy skin. Leafy vegetables, omega three fats, soluble and insoluble fiber, and whole foods can have a good impact on gut health. In part by enhancing the gut motility fiber can also muddle to and excrete surplus hormones that subsidize to poor skin health.

Best Food For Skin Glow – According to Dermatologists 13 Miracle Foods for Glowing Skin

To help you in your healthy eating habit, we consult with a nutrition expert to show the best food for skin glow that will help your skin look it’s glowing best.


Lemon Water

Fluid intake in one of the essential health basic, and it’s one of the vital elements for healthy hydrated skin. Every cell of our body needs fluid to function well. Dehydration is one of the causes of dull-looking complexion. Daily intake of freshwater with freshly squeezed lemon is good for healthy and glowy skin. Lemon help to increase the quantity of collagen in your skin. That signifies you’ll create fewer wrinkles. Vitamin C in the lemon can also work against toxins that generate breakouts. 

best food for skin glow


Oyster provides zinc to our body, and the oyster is one of the rich sources of zinc. The minerals of oysters help to maintain the structural integrity of the skin. Zinc helps to lessen free radicals damage. It protects lipids in the skin. Oysters are rich in vitamins A, C, and E and the mineral selenium. Vitamin A, C, E, and mineral selenium is the best skin nutrient. Take three to four oysters at one sitting, and have once per week.

best food for skin glow

Oily Fish 

Sardines, salmon, trout, and herring are rich in omega-three fatty acid that gives the anti-inflammatory compounds called prostaglandins. This compound helps to reduce and control the inflammation. Oily fish also rich in vitamin E and zinc, which are essential for glowing and healthy skin. If you suffer an inflammatory condition, you should take oily fish three times per week.

best food for skin glow

Papaya Fruit 

Taking papaya once a week is good for digestion and skin. Papaya is a good source of vitamins A and C, which help in digestion and hydrates the skin. Our skin is a reflection of digestive health. And vitamin A helps to maintain the integrity of both the inner and outer layers of skin. Vitamin A and C also play a vital role in assisting the sun damage. 

best food for skin glow


Different research shows that taking flaxseed each day reduces skin sensitivity and improves skin barrier function. Flaxseeds are high in fiber, protein, and minerals; that way, you can also benefit from the whole food and its other nutrients properties. We should take 1.5 teaspoons of flaxseeds per day.

best food for skin glow

Dragon Fruit 

Dragon fruit is a high source of vitamin A, E, and C and also provide magnesium. Magnesium required for some 300 enzymes in the body and  enzyme helps to speed things up, including cell regeneration. Right magnesium level in the body, helps to improve all the cellular processes, including hormone balancing. Taking three to four dragon fruit help to maintain skin health and also control the aging process. Dragon fruit are best food for skin glow and for stomach.

best food for skin glow

Dark Chocolate

Antioxidant properties of dark chocolate help to prevent skin damage. The bioactive compounds in dark chocolate may also be high for your skin. It helps to improve the blood flow to the skin and also increases skin density and hydration. You can take 1 or 2 small bar of dark chocolate per week. 

best food for skin glow


Antioxidant properties of barriers are essential for supporting collagen structure in the skin. Berries help to reduce skin wrinkling and skin aging. It also helps to improve the blood sugar and insulin response and helps to control the cholesterol levels. We should take a cup of barriers daily.

best food for skin glow


Avocado is rich in vitamin E, and as you all know that vitamin E is good for skin health. It also has antioxidant properties that work to protect the skin cells from damage from free radicals. We should take two to four avocados per week.  

best food for skin glow


Almonds are rich in selenium and zinc; Pistachios are also rich in potassium and high in protein, fiber, and antioxidants, walnuts are rich in omega-3 and six fatty acids. These nuts help to purify the blood and nourish the skin—these nuts help to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Take a small handful of nuts daily and make your digestion super easy and your skin super healthy. Nuts are best food for skin glow.

best food for skin glow

Sweet potatoes

It helps to keep the skin healthy, prevent sunburn, cell death, and avoid the dry and wrinkling skin. Sweet potatoes rich in beta carotene, which adds the warm orange color to your skin. And also contribute to an overall healthier appearance.

best food for skin glow

Red or yellow bell peppers 

Like sweet potatoes, red and yellow bell papers also contain a high amount of beta carotene. Which our body converts into vitamin A. They are also one of the best sources of vitamin C. vitamins are useful for creating the protein collagen, which keeps the skin firm and healthy. Taking one of the chopped bell paper reduces the risk of wrinkled and dry skin.

best food for skin glow

Green tea

Green tea protects our skin from damage and aging. Potent compound catechins in green tea work to improve the health of your skin in several ways. One study shows that women who take green tea daily have less redness during 25 % sun exposure. It also improves the moisture, thickness, roughness, and elasticity of the skin.

best food for skin glow


What you eat can significantly influence your skin vitality.
Make sure you’re taking enough necessary nutrients to protect your skin. The foods in the above list are great options to keep your skin firm, strong, and beautiful. i hope you like the”best food for skin glow” article.  if you like it leave us comment below and share with us your diet.


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