Bulgari Flora Sunglasses Collection of Strength & Sensuality For Women and Men



Bulgari is one of the topmost brands globally, no matter what category you are looking for. They have distinguished names in fashion, accessories, and lifestyle. Bulgari is a lifestyle. They have their hotel and resort in many parts of the world. Bulgari sunglasses for men and women are handcrafted in Rome. And include contemporary features and Italian elegance. Optical brilliance is ensured by Bulgari’s devotion to high-quality standards. As well as the finest Italian materials and technological innovation. This article will discover 2022 eye wear line is the newest version of the Bulgari Flora Sunglasses collection of strength and sensuality. Inspired by the snake’s uncontrollable metamorphoses.

Bulgari Flora Sunglasses Collection For Women and Men

Bulgari Women Sunglasses:

Bulgari’s extraordinary jewellery design inspired this series. Which delivers uncompromising quality and superb attention to detail. In addition, Bulgari designer sunglasses reflect elegance and refinement. Integrating subtle and intriguing style into a level of unrivaled luxury.

Bvlgari Hypnotic Color Designs:

New, mesmerizing Serpenti designs emerge from a compelling combination of fundamental forms. Bright embellishments, adventurous design, and flawless craftsmanship.

Le Gemme Sunglasses:

Pink gold plated sunglasses by Le Gemme Serpenti with black irregular openwork profiles on grey gradient lenses. The mother-of-pearl inlays on the temples complement the scale-shaped décor.

B.zero1 Squared Sunglasses:

Squared Bulgari B.zero1 B.purebright sunglasses with mirrored pink lenses. And translucent acetate profiles. The front and temples are decorated with pink gold stripe pattern’ metal décor inspired by B.zero1’s architectural geometry. A natural style map of B.zero1’s most significant statements is defined by a strong sense of design. A creative breakdown of the recognizable spiral.

Serpenti Sunglasses: 

A stylish cat-eye metal frame is coupled with sinuous temples. That resemble the snake’s body in a unique and lively color scheme. The enamel snake scales that decorate the eyes are a Brand hallmark.

B.zero1 Purebright squared:

Squared Bulgari B.zero1 pure bright sunglasses with mirrored pink lenses and translucent acetate profiles. The front and temples decorated with pink gold stripe pattern’ metal décor inspired by B.zero1’s architectural geometry. An accurate style map of B.zero1’s most significant statements is defined by a strong sense of design. And a creative breakdown of the recognizable spiral.

Fiorever Sunglasses:

Bulgari Fiorever light gold double bridge aviator sunglasses with brown shading lenses. And a floral décor inspired by our jewellery masterpieces. A feminine rendition of a must-have silhouette with the flower, a classic symbol of romance. 1 soft cat eye:

Soft cat-eye sunglasses by B.zero1 with a black acetate frame and grey lenses. And the characteristic jewellery adornment in black enamel on the temples.

Bvlgari Sunglasses:

Bvlgari “On-Me” spherical metal sunglasses in pink gold colour with shaded grey lenses. And openwork jewellery-inspired décor with hand-set enamel and crystals. A fascinating new version of Maison’s double logo emerges from the lenses with the signature circular design in Bvlgari’s unrivalled whimsical attitude. 1 Round frame:

B.zero1 sunglasses with grey lenses and a round metal frame. The legendary B.zero1 rock’s golden metal studs blend nicely with a lightweight frame for a highly distinctive design.

Divas’ Dream Sunglasses:

Oval sunglasses with a tone-on-tone look created by a metal bridge and an interior spherical metal rim. The frame adorned with an openwork fan-shaped DIVAS’ DREAM décor with crystals for an unusual and futuristic attractiveness. 1 Logo Embrace:

Metal circular sunglasses by B.zero1 with green tinting to purple lenses and purple enamel temples. The characteristic spiral embraces the lenses with the Bvlgari emblem. Which inspired by the architectural designs of the B.zero1 jewellery collection. An irreverent attitude and a strong sense of design lead to a new daring rendition of the famous spiral.

Bulgari sunglasses for Men:

Bulgari flora Sunglasses edition for men has two collections; one is Bulgari Man sunglasses. They are different styles and designs of aviators, and the second one is the B.zero1 collection. So let’s dive into this collection for more information:


Bvlgari rectangular metal aviator sunglasses with a sporty-elegant double bridge. Brown lenses, and a brown spoiler For the modern man. The geometric temples with brown enamel décor, inspired by the renowned watch’s clock hands, reflect the right balance of history and avant-garde.

Bulgari Flora Sunglasses with a rectangular frame and black lenses, a sporty-elegant double bridge. And black acetate rims on aluminum metal from Bvlgari. The new Bvlgari Bvlgari Aluminium design is a timeless statement of elegance.

Bvlgari double bridge aviator sunglasses in matte black with green lenses. For the modern man, the traditional teardrop profile, paired with the new double-line temples evocative of the Maison’s. Men’s watch designs, is the right balance of history and avant-garde.

Metal rectangular aviator sunglasses by Bvlgari Man with blue lenses and a double bridge. However For the modern man, the new graphic temples with blue enamel décor. It inspired by the famous timepieces, clock hands, offer the right combination of history and avant-garde.

Rectangular BVLGARI aviator frame with brown polar lenses and a double bridge. The tubular design incorporates carbon fibre arms for a sporty look.

Tone-on-tone profiles on the frame of BVLGARI squared acetate sunglasses. The temples feature a fresh rendition of the renowned tubular style.

B.Zero 1 Downtown:

B.zero1 “Downtown” rectangular sunglasses with a brown acetate frame and brown lenses. As well as the trademark light gold jewellery adornment on the temples. Thanks to its strong sense of design. However this style is a genuine emblem of self-expression and unusual attitude.


In conclusion Bulgari Flora Sunglasses and their new collection Serpent will set fashion accessory trends for coming 2022.

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