Carrera Sunglasses for Men | Who Manufactures Carrera Glasses?



This article is about the Carrera sunglasses for men collection and how’s it transforming the accessories line of men’s fashion.

Who Manufactures Carrera Glasses?

Wilhelm Anger, an Austrian eyeglasses pioneer, renamed his company from ‘Wilhelm Anger Werker’ to ‘Carrera,’ taking inspiration from the Carrera Panamericana. There used to be an open-road racing event in Mexico in the early 1950s, widely regarded as one of the world’s most hazardous car races.
Despite the perils and risks of this almost 2000-mile race, it quickly became an enticing draw for drivers and vehicle fans worldwide. Carrera sunglasses is one of the Top Sunglasses Brands in the World.

Carrera Sunglasses for Men | Who Manufactures Carrera Glasses?

Anger’s choice in 1956 was inspired by the adrenaline rush, immense enthusiasm for racing, and desire to push the boundaries that marked Panamericana. These characteristics continue to distinguish Carrera sunglasses today.

Let’s discuss Carrera sunglasses for men’s five essential components that play a major role in its making:

Five Essential Components of Cerrera Sunglasses

1. Design:

The design Philosophy behind Carrera Sunglasses is as follows:

  • It has a unique Italian style and sports origins.
  • Carrera designs sunglasses for men that come with individuality, expressing the distinct characteristics of people who don’t necessarily seek attention.
  • A reoccurring theme pushed by innovation is that quality is a must-have.

2. Shape:

From the realm of athletics to day-to-day living. Carrera sunglasses are a fresh aesthetic take on the ski goggles that speak to the brand’s roots and have made Carrera the unchallenged worldwide market leader. A distinct and identifiable feature.

3. C-Plaque

Carrera was the first brand to position its iconic trademark in the centre of the front, as only true trailblazers do. A distinct aspect of the character that is always changing but never obtrusive.

4. Flag:

These are the original stripes from the first version of the ‘Bullet’ ski helmet, inspired by the lines and colours of early 1970s automobile races. The colours are black, red, and black.

Carrera’s ever-present flag accent that personalises the brand’s eyewear has been around since then. 

5. C-Tips:

Never undervalue this particular component of Carrera sunglasses.

The temple tip has been upgraded from a practical part to a standout feature.

It was created with the renowned Carrera emblem in mind, defining its silhouette as though framing perfection.

Let’s Dive into Carrera Sunglasses For Men Collection to have a better understanding of this brand:

Carrera Sunglasses For Men Collection

Hyperfit 21/S

Men’s sunglasses are sure to draw attention with their athletic appeal and rebellious attitude. They feature the most recent version of Carrera’s cutting-edge HyperFit hinges, which provide an ultra-flexible, customised fit that adjusts to any face shape. The large rectangular frames are made of injection-moulded polyamide and have integrated side shields to reduce backside glare. The matching bracelet, which features a Carrera Flag pattern, is the ideal finishing touch.


These mask sunglasses are the most daring embodiment of Carrera’s design principles and make a huge style statement. The large rimless front and injection-moulded polyamide endpoints are for a non-slip fit, coupled with elegant metal arms. The rich leather trim on this unquestionably stylish pair is enhanced with the trademark ‘C’ in low relief and proudly positioned front and center, adding an ultimate touch of distinction.


These sunglasses for men are part of the Carrera 65th anniversary edit and feature a remastered version of a famous design. The huge mask profile is incredibly light Optyl and features a prominent brow bar that adds to the creative, modern vibe. In addition, the trademark writing along the slim arms and the brand’s distinctive ‘C’ positioned proudly front and center assure quick recognition from fans and style connoisseurs.


Celebrating Carrera’s 65th anniversary, these sunglasses update the classic style with dramatic volumes and fresh accents for a more sophisticated look. Distinguished The full-rim aviator shape by the metal insert along the brow bar and the iconic ‘C’ positioned proudly front and center and crafted from exceptionally lightweight and durable Optyl. In addition, the brand’s trademark writing runs down both arms and the left lens, adding to their allure.

Carrera 256/S:

These men’s sunglasses will lend a signature Carrera touch to your sunny edits, updating a vintage form with a modern sensibility. The intriguing design mixes a layer of lightweight metal with injection-moulded polyamide rims and arms for a cool contrast. Detailing The strong logo, Carrera’s characteristic ‘grid’ pattern, and a sophisticated three-dimensional design decorating the outer temples provide an unmistakable touch to the style.

Hyperfit 18/S – Carrera Sunglasses for Men:

These sunglasses are great for those who want a dynamic and performance-driven look. The dramatic full-rim shape made wonderfully comfortable owing to the Hyper Fit hinges, a cutting-edge technology that allows for a flexible, customizable fit. The complementary bracelet accentuates Carrera’s red and white Flag and adds the finishing touch. Is there a bonus point? When not in use, you may wrap them around your neck.

Cool65Carrera Sunglasses for Men

These sunglasses honor and celebrate Carrera’s 65th anniversary and are a contemporary statement-maker. Thanks to the full-rim rectangular shape and flat brow bar, they’re ideal for men and women with a sense of adventure. Moreover, they’re a compelling reinvention of a classic style that will stand the test of time, with a sleek metal trim, the brand’s iconic ‘C,’ and logo written down the arms.

Hot 65 – Carrera Sunglasses for Men:

These Carrera sunglasses for men have been particularly made to commemorate Carrera’s 65th anniversary. They are a contemporary recreation of a bestselling model. Their full-rim mask silhouette honors the brand’s history, while various unique embellishments make them appealing and relevant. The sleek metal inserts along the brow bar. The distinctive ‘C’ on the prominent front, and the logo written down the sides assure eye-catching impact from any aspect.

CHANGER 65 – Carrera Sunglasses for Men:

These sunglasses emphasized fitting fashion and were imbued with Carrera’s distinctive outspoken attitude. Due to its aggressive silhouette and unusual finishing touches. Such as the graphic, three-dimensional ‘C’ decorating the front and brand writing on the temples, the full-rim aviator profile is a fan favorite. In addition, the eye-catching lenses provide a contemporary contrast, ensuring that all eyes are on you in this stunning style.


Carrera is more concerned with character than with his age. Carrera sunglasses for men are timeless classics that come in various sizes and color combinations, making them ideal for guys who wish to seem older than their years because it’s never too early to begin directing your narrative.

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