Celebrities That Help The Poor Amidst Corona Virus Outbreak!



The novel coronavirus pandemic has been wreaking destruction all over the globe. COVID 19 is now covering South Asia, including Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, in its vile grip. As a result, many public celebrities across the world have been coming ahead to do their bit to help the fightback. Coronavirus is a pandemic disease that has affected the 206 countries around the world. Every person around the world has taken part to help the poor due to the quarantine situation. In Pakistan, many Celebrities That Help The Poor Amidst Corona Virus Outbreak! Before we talk about Celebrities That Help The Poor, let’s know about coronavirus disease.

Pandemic disease crone virus is known as COVID 19. Coronaviruses invade cells through so-called spike proteins. The spike protein is the main exterior protein that binds to the receptor, which acts as a doorway into a human cell. Once the spike protein and the surface of the human cell membrane fuse together, the genome of the virus is able to enter the human cell and began infection. When this virus starts, you might think it’s a cold, and it could be, but COVID 19 could escalate. Heres what you need to know according to the world health organization china’s joint mission on COVID 19 as of February 20th 80% of laboratory-confirmed cases were mild to moderate 14% were severe and 6% were critical.

Just to know that mild case of COVID 19 is not like a moderate cold. The symptoms will still be rather critical. Anything less than wanting oxygen puts you at this level. In a critical condition, a patient may require supplemental oxygen. Let’s break down what has COVID 19 looks like day to day for each level of severity. After being shown to the novel coronavirus for the first symptom to develop, It can take as two or 14 days. This might feel like a cold or the common flu. Many patients develop fever early on.

Celebrities That Help The Poor Amidst Corona Virus Outbreak!

Feroze Khan

 Feroz Khan is a popular Pakistani actor and model. He commenced his profession as VJ on ARY Musik and then became a model. In 2014 Feroz Khan made his debut as a television actor. After that, he made his debut in Lollywood in Anjum Shahzad’s film Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay with Sajal Ali.

Actor Feroze Khan has lately not worked in the showbiz industry and has spent his life according to Islamic teachings. Now in the time of coronavirus as every person in the fashion industry is helping the poor. Same like Feroze Khan also took part in a good cause. He posted in his Instagram post that he would be making packets of ration for those who can’t afford essential food items during this lockdown.

celebrities that help the poor

Maya Ali

Maya Ali is the biggest name in the entertainment industry. In this crucial time, she has urges a lot of celebrities and fellow Pakistanis to become one nation. She advises to become one nation to fight against the coronavirus during these times of crisis. Actress Maya Ali is sharing ration bags with the destitute and needy amid the coronavirus crisis. She shared her picture on Instagram and wrote that its the first batch of ration bags that has just arrived. And also said that its the right time when we should play our role as Pakistani and help the poor and needy.

celebrities that help the poor

Anoushey Ashraf

Pakistani VJ and actress are also putting her effort into helping the Pakistani poor and needy. She provides basic ration to those who are on daily wages. And due to lockdown, they can’t feed their families.

celebrities that help the poor

Shahid Afridi

Pakistani cricketer superstar shahid Afridi takes a step to help the poor people during the lockdowns caused by the novel coronavirus. He has launched the campaign Donate Karo Na. Cricketer all over the world is donating their money and taking part in the Donate Karo Na. Boom Boom launched the campaign, and its widespread, soon his call to donate spread like wildfire as cricketers from everywhere voiced their support for the noble cause.

celebrities that help the poor


There are many other celebrities that help the poor. Now it’s our responsibility too, to help the poor and needy peoples. Try to contribute wholeheartedly. That is an only way we can win the war against the coronavirus. Last but not least, please stay at home, stay safe. Use mask while going outside and learn How To Make Mask With Cloth at home. Be well and keep our country safe.”

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