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DIY Nail Polish – How to DIY Nail Polish in 4 Simple & Easy Steps



Nail polish lover once a while want to try DIY nail polish. You can easily create your dream lacquer by using nail polish base coat and an eyeshadow palette. Every girl has a collection of eyeshadow palettes with tons of shades that she never use. So here we came with ideas to use those pigments. Luckily DIY nail polish is effortless to make at home. You need an eyeshadow palette, nail polish base coat or topcoat, and paper funnel. Below are the four steps to make DIY nail polish.

DIY Nail Polish – How to DIY Nail Polish in 4 Simple & Easy Steps

DIY Nail Polish

1. Pour Out Some of the Nail Polish Base Coat or Top Coat

Take Nailsinc nail pure base coat (we are using this base coat because this formula came in a clear bottle, so it’s clear to see how the shade is coming out as we start adding eye shadows color). Pour one-sixth of the polish to make some room for adding the eye shadow later. If you have already been using clear nail polish and have enough space at the top, there is no need to do this step.

DIY Nail Polish

2. Crush Up the Eye Shadow Color

Now select the shades from the eye shadow palette, which you don’t use. Use a cuticle pusher to crush the powder gently; pressed eye shadows will come apart reasonably quickly. So there is no obligation to put additional force, just a little bit of pressure, and it will easily crush. Make a fine powder, eliminating any large clumps.

DIY Nail Polish

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3. Pour the fine Eye shadow Powder into Your Clear Nail Polish

Now pour the fine powder of eyeshadow color into clear nail polish. You can use a cuticle pusher as a mini shovel to scoop the powder into the nail polish or make a paper funnel to pour the powder. You should do this process on a cutting board or paper towel because the little spilling is inevitable.

How much eye shadow color you put in clear nail polish is totally up to you. The more eye shadow color you will use, the more opaque your DIY formula will be. I added a full pan of eye shadow, which can create opaque polish. For more sheer color, add about half the pan.

DIY Nail Polish

4. Shake the Bottle to Mix

As you will add the fine powder in clear nail polish, you will see that the shades settle at the container’s bottom. Once you are done adding your desired eye shadow powder, screw the cap on tightly and shake it. Fine eye shadow powder should mix in just a couple of seconds. Now you have officially DIY nail polish.

If the color is sheerer than you expected, add a few more scoops of the eyeshadow powder. Regardless of the amount, you said in clear nail polish; this formula should feel less goopy than regular nail polish. It means DIY nail polish is slightly more challenging to control than traditional nail polish. When I apply DIY nail polish, it spread around the skin surrounding my nails. But I use a small clean up brush and dip it in a nail polish remover to clean that area. Apart from that, this nail polish looks like store-bought nail polish.

DIY Nail Polish


  • As you are adding eyeshadows color, do a quick shake of the bottle to see if you have reached your desired color or not.
  • Before using DIY nail polish, shake the bottle before each use.

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