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 “watches are personal things, expression of who you are.” Primarily men and women are obsessed with watches. Here in this topic, we will see the top most expensive watches for men and why these watches are so costly.                

People are not always born dapper; it takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to look well-groomed and handsome. If you want to be a gentleman, look good, and want to steal the limelight of an event, there are some essentials that you need to carry. One of those essentials is a watch.

No matter how expensive a smartphone you carry, how expensive a tuxedo you wore, every look of men is simply incomplete without a watch. 

Watch is such a thing that singly makes you look handsome, ever look yourself in a simple dres’ shirt with beige color pants, nice shoes, you will look average but now just rolled up your sleeve and add a watch to this look, oh! You will look great and attractive. It is simply because men’s watch is not just a tool for measuring time; rather, it measures the effort men had shown by the watch he wears.

Over a decade, men’s fashion speedup and came to the mainstream, all hail to the social media. With its growing power, designers are also making great turns in men’s accessories. Making chivalry to the mainstream, watches are new sexy in town.

Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World – Expensive Watches For Men

Men are not always about shades of black, blue, brown, and grey. Some men want simple and elegant accessories, and then some men want some bling. It’s hard to choose the watch that suits the men’s personal requirements in terms of budget, style, and functionality. The best investment for any man is buying a high-end fashion watch. It’s just like buying a sports car that adds classic-ness to your persona. The expensive watches for men give précised engineering and some cultural heritage on men’s wrist.

So let’s dive into the trendiest and expensive watches for men that give you a luxurious look by setting your Instagram feed on fire.   

Baume & Mercier

In 2018 Richemont group launched a watch Hampton 10528Baume under the slogan of “socially responsible,” it officially said that recycled material used to make this watch. A watch that costs over £3,450 is famous for its rectangular Hampton model, which is a perfect appeal for formal watches. It is well balanced and crafted by experts. It is a dual-time watch powered by Swiss automatic movement. it has a black alligator strap. A grey stitching with polished stainless steel gives this watch an aura of elegance.

Expensive watches for men

Bell & Ross

 A very Limited Edition of 999 pieces from the bell and ross collection of the Renault F1 team is BRV3-RS 20. Mechanically automatic watch with caliber Br-cal 301. With a sapphire case back, steel bezel anodized black aluminum ring, and satin polished steel gives it a luxurious look. The dial made up of carbon fiber. A 100 meter tested water-resistant with a strap made up of carbon effect calfskin cost for £3,500 only. 

Expensive watches for men


Boss introduced a masculine chronograph Aero, Nomad, and Vela design that will take you guys into open skies, urban streets, and broad horizon to experience this inspiration. It is crafted from stainless steel. A black sunray dial with a black ion-plated wrist strap. This timepiece has two logarithmic scales; one is static, and the other one is rotating. It has maximum functionality with maximum 200-meter water resistance. This watch is priced at £449. To experience the expensive watches for men trend, this is your answer.

Expensive watches for men


Chanel came up with an inspiration for the yacht’s racing of the American cup. A Classic, contemporary, liberated watch. Chanel always enjoys making history by coming up with a halo watch. 

The watch is called an X-ray and the watch whose bracelet is made up of sapphire crystal. The same crystal is used for the dial, base plate, and main bridge, which makes like gear train suspended in the watch without support. This watch priced at $626000 with just a limited 12 pieces.  

Expensive watches for men


Hermes came up with a series of Arceau De la Lune with cushioned case watch as a daily wearer for men. The timepiece called H08. It’s an exotic watch that one can have as a GMT travel watch. Its latest version now has a palladium case with rose gold and grained finish midnight blue dial. It is a true work of mechanism and complicated craftsmanship. The watch priced at £15,285. Truly an elegant piece with its luxury Hermes made its way to the expensive watches for men. 

Expensive watches for men

Dolce & Gabbana

When high-end fashion brand names come, Dolce and Gabbana are the first ones to pop. They first launched their high-end fashion watches in 2012 for men. Dolce and Gabbana made a handcrafted high-end launch under the Italian name collection. Leonardo is an addition to its Italian collection in memory of Leonardo da Vinci’s 500the death anniversary. It has a solid caliber with a 30.50 mm diameter and 4mm thickness that is self-winding and micro-rotor. It has 58 hours of power reserve—highly sensitive to every single wrist movement making it an expensive watch for men. This watch priced at £67,500.

Expensive watches for men

Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis made a great launch as a “mega watch,” called Excalibur Superbia; it made up of palladium rich in white gold, with a set of 600 tetrahedra shaped and made up of diamonds and powered by a double flying tourbillon movement. The mechanism inscribed with the words “memento mori.” This new timepiece that comes in the category of expensive watches for men Excalibur Twofold a 45mm all-white number made from Mineral Composite Fiber and contains a 301-part hand-wound movement with a double flying tourbillon. It comes with a strap coated in luminous material, making the whole thing glow in the dark. This watch priced at £238,500.

Expensive watches for men


When choosing a luxurious watch, always go for something that suits your need and desire. As every man is different, so make his choices, from pointing out the direction to artisan craft mechanical watch that makes you feel like an alter is a tough choice. . So, buying an expensive watch can always be justifiable, more like functional jewelry for men. This is an art, and you are your artist.

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