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Makeup is essential for girls. Girls don’t feel confident going out with bare face especially liner, face powder, and lipstick. When you are going to an office, these necessary things are essential. Here your one problem is going to be solved. You can choose the best eyeliner brands and prices.

When you are doing a party makeup or bridal makeup eyeliner play a vital role. The eyeliner is one of the Makeup product that girls can’t live without even if you don’t want to put makeup just simple eyeliner will complete your look. It is a product that uplifts and highlight the eyes. Women who can’t live without liner here are the top best eyeliner brands, and prices are very reasonable.

Eyes are an significant part of our body. It can change dramatically even by putting a slightest makeup or liner. Not even modern people Ancient people also tried to find the simplest way to decorate eyes. Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt first invented eyeliner.  Almost twelve thousand years ago eyeliner was first discovered by Ancient Egypt. Then its fashion moves all over the world. At that time both men and women wear eyeliner to decorate their eyes.

In 1970 several fashion brands introduced eyeliner in a new way. Punk and Gothic Mostly use eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. It wears the most used cosmetic product in the 1980s. Ever since the eyeliner looked in the modern fashion, it became trendy among the female community who adopted it and never let it go. Here you will find the long list of eyeliner brands and prices that will help you to choose the best eyeliner.

Best Eyeliner Brands And Prices

MAC Fluidline gel eyeliner ( $17.50)

MAC Fluid line gel eyeliner is ultra smooth and soft texture; it stays up to six is in broad range color and texture. It smudges proof can apply this eyeliner using a brush. Its price is $17.50.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

L’Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza ($33.76)

Superliner Gel Intenza comes with a brush it is an extended stay product it stays up to 36 does not fade, it is not waterproof, but water resistant. The user can apply superliner with ease. Its price is $33.76.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner  ($35)

I love the Maybelline gel eyeliner formula. It stores in the glass pot, not in a plastic jar. Gel eyeliner in the pot comes with a brush, and you don’t have to buy a separate brush. It is easy to apply; you can create a thick or thin line with it. Gel liner looks pretty, and their smudge proof and waterproof quality give an elegant look.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eyeliner ($45.95)

There is a different kind of Lakme eyeliner products, but here we are talking about Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eyeliner it gives a glossy look.user can merely apply this bright eyeliner because of its fine tip.this is not for those who are looking for the matte look. Its price is $45.95.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Almay Intense Liquid Eyeliner ( $35)

Made your eye color fantastic with dramatic, contrasting color. It is effortless to use applicator, glides on smoothly. And it evenly suitable for sensitive eyes.  Almay Intense Brown Liquid Eyeliner lasts up to 16 hours, Water-resistant formula without sensitivity.  It is available in the different shade like brown, blue hazel and green colors.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner ( $7.12)

Revlon color stay liquid eyeliner one of the best is waterproof and not easily has 0.1mm skinny tip applicator-long lasting color stay formula. Its price is  $7.12.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

LA Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil ($37.73)

Makeup wearers no longer have to decide between the comfort of application in an eye pencil. And it is smooth feel liquid eyeliner. The new Glide liner has the soft and gliding feel of liquid that comes in a pencil that can sharpen. It is Available in 19 highly pigmented colors. LA Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil designed for makeup lovers and trendsetters who are watching for the best products on the market at a low price.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Prestige Liquid Eyeliner, Envy, 0.1 Ounce ($20.69)

It is an Hour extreme long lasting and waterproof. Liquid eyeliner creates an ultra-fine, dramatic line graphic design all over. Fiber tip applicator provides control for a quick and easy application perfect to the line and defines eyes.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Dolly Wink Super Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($12.99)

The unique eyeliner that does not smudge. The most always in dolly wink series effective in bleeding by sweat, water, tears, and sebum ultra-fine. The elastic brush of tip 0.1 mm added moisturizing beauty serum ingredients.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ( $25)

It is available in different colors. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is waterproof and smudges proof. The cost of Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is 25 dollar.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Colorbar Just Smoky Eye Pencil ( $14.89)

Color bar just smoky eye pencil gives the most dramatic look. It is more smudgeable and fine quality eyeliner.  It is long lasting eyeliner. You can apply it under the lashline as a kajal, it instantly going to give a smudged and blended look. It has the very powdery soft formula that is easy to blend and easy to smudge.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Nars Eyeliner Stylo ($22.00)

Nars Eyeliner is a modern take on the liquid liner and provides perfect defined lines in just one stroke. Its super precise tip is precise for definition, and Your eyes will look super cool. It lasts up to 24 hours and is highly pigmented. It is color pigmented and long lasting also easy to apply.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

NYX The Curve Eyeliner

The great NYX, The Curve Eyeliner, has an innovative ergonomic frame that gives the application of the liner comfortable and with no blunder. The holding zone provides just the right hold for accurate and secure use, making it easy. NYX The Curve Eyeliner is the best eyeliner brands and prices is very low. The eyeliner doesn’t smudge.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

Sephora Contour Eye Pencil

It is an eye pencil that can build any look like thick, sharp, light, etc. It is super soft and makes the user comfortable and effortless. This silky formula and waterproof, heat, and rain, and guarantees up to 12 hours of smudge-less wear. It is incredibly light in weight, and It is effortless to apply.

Eyeliner Brands And Prices

It’s the end of the list of Best Eyeliner Brands And Prices. I hope it help you to choose best eyeliner.


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