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Well, yes, a Shalwar Qameez and Kurta are not only our national dress but are also a reasonably preferred choice to wear among men in our country. So, today we decided to dedicate this article for gents kurta design for all our handsome gentlemen out there. We want you to look your faultless best! We need to know the right plan, the right color, and cloth, the right style that suits you to get that perfect tout ensemble. The thing is, women are more privileged that way! They have a lot more to assist them in achieving the look they want. Men, on the other hand, have lesser resources to get the same, so it’s harder to create that balance! Selecting your kurta can be an essential part of your attire guys if you want to get that trendy, sexy and handsome look. Clothing Brands across the country are also doing a great job at leading our fashion industry. Telling us the colors, cuts, and designs for kurtas. So let’s get into the Gents Kurta Design we have assembled for you!

List of Gents Kurta Design

Plain Gents Kurta Design

Let’s begin with the day-to-day wear. For this casual and laid back look try a few plain colored kurtas. We cannot stress enough how much the color choice would impact your overall look. Wintry colors like blue, gray, brown, black and white are the favorites! You can’t go wrong with these!

 Gents Kurta Design

Light Embroidery Gents Kurta Design

To exhibit good taste in your clothes men often favor a slight embellishment around the collar of the kurtas and the button line as well. The embroidery is usually the same color as the cloth which makes it subtle and elegant at the same time. There is the option of embroidery in a contrasting to the color of your kurta as well which of course pops it out!

Gents Kurta Design

Printed Gents Kurta Design

For the daring men reading our article and who knows how to carry a good vibe can opt for printed kurtas. Now don’t be scared, these prints would not make it more feminine- our designers are doing a great job at putting out prints that would look amazing and trendy on men. Do give it a try! You might find a whole array of new and fun clothes to wear!  We have seen some of our Pakistani and even Indian celebrities rock a printed kurta! If people can do it so can you!

Gents Kurta Design

Without Front Buttons Gents Kurta Design

We have seen a few gents kurta design out there that don’t have the usual display of button down the front of the kurta. It is an excellent alternative to the regular buttoned kurtas we wear often.

Gents Kurta Design

Gents Kurta Design With Different Cuts

Going for a kurta that has classic cuts and enhanced with some embroidery makes is stand out. This could include kurtas that have a uniquely designs pocket shapes or shoulders.

Gents Kurta Design

Gents Kurta Design With Collars

Some kurtas have a very elegantly and subtly designed configurations on the collar. This makes the neck area of the kurta prominent especially if the rest of your kurta is plain.

Gents Kurta Design

Bright Colored Gents Kurta Design

Kurta suits are considered to be a very versatile dress and can be worn during regular days but also for eids, weddings and festivals. You can try some dark or bright colored kurtas as well like these red, green, blue, magenta, purple or perhaps even orange and yellow!

Gents Kurta Design

Heavy Collar and Neck Gents Kurta Design

For those guys who like to stand out here are a few kurtas that you might like. A heavily embroidered neckline or collar can also infuse with sequences or beads. Pair it with a cute shalwar and a pair of shoes, and you’re fit to walk on a runway.

Gents Kurta Design

Gents Kurta Design For Winter

The material of your kurta changes with the change in weather. With the arrival of winter, men tend to wear warmer stuff like khadar. These materials can so comprise give you an elegant look with the right color.

Gents Kurta Design

Gents Kurta Design With Waistcoats

To add something elegant to your kurta suit throw on a cool waistcoat! There! You have a complete look now! You can wear this to the next meeting you’re attending or even for a festival.

Gents Kurta Design

Light Hued Gents Kurta Design

For a laid-back day or when you are not in the mood or its just one of those when it feels like, put on a light-hued kurta! Beige, taupe, light brown, off white, teal or light Grey are great options.

Gents Kurta Design

Gents Kurta Design With Motifs

We have young men rocks some great gents kurta designs that have a single motif boldly placed on the front of the kurta! It would definitely give off a confident and youthful vibe to all those around you. At the same time making you stand out from the crowd because who wants to be just regular, right?

Gents Kurta Design

Gents Kurta Design With Buttons

Like we mentioned before you can choose between buttons or no button on the front of the kurta. However, you can add these button on other places on the kurta to give it the appearance of being more elaborate. For example, having buttons at the shoulders or front pockets or cuffs could be a good twirl over the regular gents kurta design we get to see every day.

Gents Kurta Design

Gents Kurta Design With Shoulder lapels

Now, this is optional. However, a lot of men go for seamlessly integrated shoulder lapels as well. They also add a youthful look to the overall look. Do try these put as well.

Gents Kurta Design

Gents Kurta Design For weddings

We have some fantastic, colorful, beautifully designed kurtas for you which would prove to be attractive choices to wear for weddings. Weddings are a great time to wear this ethnic attire! Broader, Sequence, elaborate necks, collars, and cuffs can all thrown into a kurta for those weddings you attend.

Gents Kurta Design

Black Gents Kurta Design

We know we have talked about color in the aforementioned gents kurta design however we just had to put black kurtas separately. We couldn’t resist allure these black kurtas. Nothing says elegant, attractive and sexy quite like a nicely designed and stitched black kurtas. Throw one on guys if you want second looks from the ladies.

Gents Kurta Design


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