Girl Sunglasses Brands in Pakistan, Khaadi Sunglasses, Nishat Linen Sunglasses, ECS Sunglasses, & Space Bound sunglasses



There are a number of accessories for girls. With high fashion demands, there is a wide variety of accessories that add glam and keep girls in trend. Being in trend is being sexy in town. So, one of the main things in girls’ accessories are girl sunglasses. Now you will be like, are you kidding? Where we are not. Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan are on rising nowadays. Full filling fashion trends and following all-time risen western trends.

Sunglasses are made to provide eye protection as well as make a stylish statement on your occasion. Whatever you wear can only be completed with a trendy pair of sunglasses. In this article, we will first discuss Pakistan’s very own local brands easily available in Pakistan. Either online or outlet, both mediums will be discussed below.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan, Khaadi Sunglasses, Nishat Linen Sunglasses, ECS Sunglasses, & Space Bound sunglasses

Anyone can get eyewear, but a significant factor that needs to be kept in mind is what kind of frame complements and enhances your characteristics based on your face shape. There are many frames, from round, cat eye, large frame, frameless, rectangle, hexagonal, trapezoidal, to aviator-style. But trendy and Girls favourite one is cat-eye, round and frameless. 

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Most leading brands provide diamond-studded, rhinestone, diamante, or floral-detailed sunglasses for girls who want bling kind of accessories. These are high-end sunglasses that frequently fall into the category of limited-edition items. Leading Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan include Khaadi Sunglasses, Nishat Linen Sunglasses, ECS Sunglasses, anna lou paris sunglasses & Space Bound sunglasses. 

Anna Lou Paris Sunglasses:

Anna Lou Paris a brand by Waliya Najib. Her brand’s sole purpose is to empower young girls to be confident. Confident enough that they should start feeling comfortable in their skin because that is their only home. Their items are ethically produced and made for a girl on the go, and they take a holistic approach to fashion with meticulously picked details. Where the goal is to provide her customers with the latest trends at affordable pricing. #ALPclub is a varied group of women who enjoy fashion with elegance, refinement, and zeal.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

In ALP, we find five major categories, Good Karma, Money honey, Spectrum, and Chains. 

Good Karma Collection:

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan


Waliya Najib, our favourite influencer and Anna bae, recently hit 1M on her Instagram, making her deserve all the fun in the sun she wants. Because you can’t do epic things with simple sunglasses, this 1M sleek rectangular, hexagonal frame comes in three colours: Rad, Peanut Butter, and Disco.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan


Buzz gives the vibe of something that is far from mainstream. ALP buzz will kill it or steal the vibe of the stage. Make yourself a powerful statement while running daily errands because it says ‘ tera buzz mujhae jeenay na dy’. Buzz is highly addictive, just like Badshah songs.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Spectrum Collection:

Spectrum is all about ‘Girl Boss is life now.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Girl Boss:

Take command of your days as a king or queen. These fashionable female boss sunglasses have ALP basic metal frame and a unique soft octagonal lens shape. These are offered in three color options: black, faded brown, and subdued reflecting pink, and are designed for a girl on the run. So just show them how you dominate the world by adding these sunglasses to your regular appearance.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Space Bound Sunglasses:

Sunglasses of Space bound aren’t for some faint of heart, as they make a strong statement. So you may have your moment in the bright spotlight. With big glass temples and a straight brow bar, these sunglasses are dramatic and enormous.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

A trendy glam appearance is created by tiny silver studs that run across the frame. In the shade, I’m wild, I’m careless and confident; in the shade, I’m amazing. These sunglasses are the absolute addition to any outfit, from doing errands to boarding a flight.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan


ECS Sunglasses:-

You can’t underestimate the importance of a good pair of sunglasses, whether you believe in having a whole wardrobe of them or wearing the same pair every day. At the same time, eye protection is essential, especially when you are out in the sun.

ECS Sunglasses

With that, your sunglasses should also reflect your style. But, again, there are a variety of stores offering distinctive patterns, ranging from conventional circles to slightly trendier squares.

So your stylish ECS eyewear will last you for years to come. 

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Nishat Linen Sunglasses:-

Nishat Linen incorporates shifting styles and societal characteristics into their designs and ideas. While dressing for some events, we’re in charge of putting together outfits that reflect our sense of style. First, Nishat Linen bought a massive collection of girls sunglasses designed to protect your eyes from dust, harsh weather, and ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. With all this protection, the following primary purpose of those sunglasses was to give you a pure fashion vibe.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Nishat Linen is a fantastic brand to have sunglasses made for you. Nishat linen brings you to your design box of Nishat Linen girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan with a broad choice to pick and embrace your style and get yourself satisfied by the dream.

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Khaadi Sunglasses:-

Khaadi Sunglasses are not only stylish but also well-textured. Nice, attractive, and elegant Sunglasses for girls in hot, dusty weather. Khaadi has created beautiful accessories for children, ladies, men, young girls, and boys of all ages. Their sunglasses are constructed of high-quality plastic and metal. Khaadi girls sunglasses are also available in various colours, making them look even more elegant and appealing. So no matter your form or budget, we’ve scoured the most fabulous pairs of sunglasses brands in the market. So why wait to experiment with what other shapes go with your face, do it. 

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan

Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan


Girl sunglasses brands in Pakistan give new hope to upcoming changes in the fashion market. New brands are coming forward with a strong vision. Strong vision and big competition, which will be good as they will set recent fashion trends. Who would have thought that a bit of change in accessories can matter a lot? 

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