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Hair Loss Problem – All About Hair Loss – Reasons, Cause and How To Prevent Hair Loss



Today I will talk about hair loss, so there are many problems out there that can cause hair loss. Before writing this article, I consult with a dermatologist to know about hair loss causes and how to prevent hair loss. So let’s see what she said about hair loss.

Hair Loss Problem – All About Hair Loss – Reasons, Cause and How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Cycle

Before talking about causes or solutions of hair loss, let you know about the hair cycle. Because if you google, you will figure out about the hair cycle. And you might be wondering what it means with all the funny names of hair cycles. Hairs grow from the follicle, or root, underneath the skin. Between beginning to grow and to fall out years later, each hair passes through four stages first, one stage is the Anagen phase, which is the growing phase. Then we have Catagen Phase, Telogen Phase, which is the hair shedding and then exogen phase. Each hair is going through this hair growth cycle and could be at the different growth stages concerning other hair follicles. Over time, the length of the anagen staging limits. So It’s very reasonable to lose 100 to 150 hairs per day for the average person.

Imagine you going into the bathroom, particularly you girls, who have the heavy kind of tightening up hairstyles. Thus suddenly, you are opening up your type of hairstyle or your bun or ponytail, and suddenly you comb your hair, and you see all the hairs on your bathtub floor, and suddenly you get a heart attack. Because you think oh my goodness this can’t be true. How come? But, if you have short hairs, you don’t feel when your hair falls, but when you have long hairs, it’s the opposite. While opening your hairstyle, you see all hair fall all at once, so maybe it is not a massive hair loss, it’s perhaps just because you suddenly use a different hairstyle and let them fall off all at once.

Hair Loss Problem

Ok, so now let move toward the hair loss causes. The dermatologist said that I don’t want to talk about medical things; she said I want to talk about the things you might experience during your life so that you can relate. So, for example, think about the Telogen stage, the hair shredding stage, and if this is becoming more pronounced, so if there is more hair shedding, we call them telogen effluvium.  What does it mean exactly, and when does it happen?

Causes of Hair Loss

Telogen effluvium typically occurs due to some incidents that happened 3 or 4 months back in your life. Such as you change your diet, you did heavy huicening. So you use juices to clean up your body or lose weight, or you have surgery or maybe have a high fever. Or you have started a huge kind of exercise program. Or maybe run a marathon or you really had giving birth to a child or really had huge stress, something happen to your family or maybe to your parents. So if things were happening this way, just think about it around three months ago, this might be the cause that you are having now this heavy hair loss because of the heavy hair shedding. So it will peak at the 4th month of the end automatically stops by itself 6 to 9 months later.

Of course, there could be much more behind the reason could be vitamin D deficiency, really have medical issues or any kind of hormonal problems to really evaluate this. Then you have to see a dermatologist.

There’s another hair loss problem in which you probably are a master disaster by yourself. You remember the anagen, the growing phase, and if you lose more hairs at this stage, dermatologists call it anagen effluvium. It is the hair loss at the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle caused due to the excessive pulling of the hair follicle. All the time, as long as you have the traction, you will be experiencing this more hair loss. It could also be happening because of genetic disease, immune deficiencies, drugs, certain medications. But think about your hairstyle, hair relaxation, and harsh hair products, or harsh hair styling can be a cause of hair loss.

So What You Could Do

Well, you should look at above mentioned things.

 Don’t flat iron on wet hairs.
Don’t comb your hair in a wet stage.
And don’t do heavy and tight kind of hairstyles.
Also, don’t use heavy type ponytails.

If you look at these things, it might help. But if it does not stop, please consider going dermatologist or to the general practitioner in your city. And also consume food like eggs, spinach, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, and nuts, etc. like I say every time you are what you eat, so try to look on ingredients which are rich in vitamin D and also look at your stress level particularly your stress level increases because of social media. So it’s better to switch it off and use social media once per week. And do a bath, an oil bath to calm yourself down. There are many other hair loss problems, but we discuss the common one. So look about an incident that happened a couple of months ago. Look that you stop having traction on your hairs.

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