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Hairline Microblading – Hairline Microblading Costs, How Long Does Hairline Microblading Last? Benefits and Side Effects of Hairline Microblading



In the hairline microblading article, we will learn about what is hairline microblading? Hairline microblading costs, how long does hairline Microblading last? Benefits and side effects of hairline microblading. Also, you will get to know how to prepare for hairline microblading? Aftercare, and lastly, we will compare hairline microblading vs. hair transplants.

Hairstyling is an essential key in your look because the way hair frames a face can make a huge variance in your overall look. A great stylist knows precisely which cut works with the specific face. But for an ordinary person, it’s not easy task. Different countries are using various techniques to get the best hair styling techniques; among these countries, South Korea is far ahead of other countries. In Korea, this hair framing concept has gone totally to the next level. If you ever visit Korea visit, you should visit lash queen; she is one of the best artists in soul to get hairline microblading or eyelash extension.

Hairline Microblading

What is Hairline Microblading?

Hairline microblading is a tattooing technique, just like brows microblading. In this technique, a semi-permanent pigment applies onto the skin by using the thin blade to create a fuller and thicker hairline. A master therapist of microblading, Michelle Wu, describes microblading as a transformative treatment where strokes on the hairline replicate hair strands that give realistic natural-looking hairline. This also helps to create the appearance of volume hairs.

The ladies who are worried about their forehead are too big or those concerned about that hairline tops back to the top portion of their head in some area hairline microblading technique is very helpful for those ladies. This technique also helps those who don’t love their hairline and how it frames their face look. In the U.S. hairline microblading process is called micro scalp pigmentation.

Hairline Microblading

Hairline Microblading Cost

Hairline microblading treatment can cost around $700 to $1,100, depending on the scalp area and size. In Pakistan, scalp microblading costs around 15000, and this price varies because of skin type to the scalp area, which needs treatment.

How Long Does Hairline Microblading Last?

It’s technically a tattoo, so it doesn’t last for too long. It lasts for 6 to 18 months depending upon the care, pigment color, and skin type.

How to Prepare for Hairline Microblading?

There is not much required for this technique or treatment on your end, which means no preparation is necessary. You just need to sit still for a while because treatment can take one to two hours. The area before treatment will be numb, so there is no discomfort.

After Care

Just like eyebrows microblading aftercare, hairline microblading also need care. To help keep the tattooing in the top shade avoids direct sunlight, skincare products, picking, swimming, and makeup around the area just for ten days. It’s also recommended to prevent extensive exercise or to sweat for five to ten days after treatment. After treatment for around one week, refrain from washing hair to ensure proper healing and color retention. Once this period is over, there’s no extra care necessary.

Benefits and Side Effect of Microblading


  1. It gave a natural look.
  2. Help to reduce micro scalp pigmentation.
  3. The hair look thicker naturally.
  4. A less receding hairline.
  5. Gave illusion of thicker hair.
  6. It helps to create defined hairline.

Side Effect:

  1. It doesn’t last for too long, and the result stays for up to a year.
  2. Little bit expensive.
  3. It could look unnatural if you don’t go to a good artist.

Hairline Microblading vs. Hair Transplants

For years, many of us are looking for a treatment to correct a receding hairline. And before, we don’t have options except for hair transplants. In 2005 microblading started in Korea and Singapore, while in western countries, it started only by 2010. Microblading is a much more accessible, less expensive treatment than hair transplant. It is a less intensive procedure without the high costs. Microblade typically runs under $1000 per treatment, while hair transplant vary wildly in price but can cost up to $ 15,000.

Hairline Microblading


I didn’t get my hairline microblade, but I have to say that according to my research and expert consultation, microblading is the best technique. After the treatment, the hairline looks a little more symmetrical somehow, and at the end, you will get fuller-looking hair.

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