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Healthy Skin Care Habits – Dermatologist Recommended Seven Essential Skincare Habits that will keep you, Forever Young



The seven most crucial healthy skin care habits you should be aware of to stay young forever. Young not just only in your 20s or 40s, it doesn’t matter which age you really should know these seven habits to stay and look more youthful and fresher but also definitely to improve your skin quality. In this article, I will talk about skincare guide and skincare food and everything that keeps your skin more glowy.

Healthy Skin Care Habits – Dermatologist Recommended Seven Essential Skincare Habits that will keep you, Forever Young

Today, it’s all about the seven most crucial healthy skin care habits you should be aware of to stay looking young and enhance your skin quality. Now, let’s start with number one of our seven healthy skin care habits.

1. Washing your face

You must be wondering everybody washes the face what’s new in this. But I am sure some of you must still miss washing wash before sleep. Especially when you have a strict routine, after coming back home, you feel too lazy to wash face. Well, never be too lazy. Imagine you are shedding more than 50 million cells every day, which is a perfect party playground for bacteria. So if you go to bed without removing makeup or dust particles, you can imagine what your skin will be. You will get pores problem, acne problem, and the list goes on.

 So absolutely habit is to wash your face in the morning by waking up and wash your face in the evening before going to bed. You shouldn’t just wash your face with water. You know that washing your hand with pure water is not enough, so why you should do this with your face. So wash your wash in the morning and evening ideally with a food acid wash foam and then rinse it off with natural water.

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2. Use Sunscreen

Number two tip is getting a habit to use sunscreen every single day you must be wandering oh common you always talk about sunscreen in your skincare articles. Well, guys, sunscreen is one of the essential skincare habits because eight percent of skin aging comes from UV exposure, and it’s not about UVB; it’s also UVA, which penetrates the window and happens to reach your skin even inside. Like in the previous article, we discuss the indoor tanning and learn about how to protect your skin while indoor tanning. Inside the office, inside the train, inside the car UVA ray is present, so it’s essential to consistently use sunscreen to reduce pigmentation, redness, and wrinkles.

Sunscreen is not only just important to prevent your skin against skin cancer but even most important also to protect your skin. Otherwise, you don’t even have to think about skincare ingredients because nothing will be removed if you are not protecting your skin for getting further damage. So using a sunscreen every single morning is the very important beauty habit.

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3. Use antioxidant serum

Like in a previous article “skincare routine steps for beginners,” I mentioned how important the use of antioxidant serum in your skincare regime is. Antioxidant serum protects your skin against pollution and against the free radicals which happened. It was accused of the sun as heading particles; we call them pollution damaging your skin. Therefore there is research that shows that you age quicker. There’s research showing in Asia that people without using antioxidants even using the sunscreen age quicker.

So it’s essential to use the antioxidant serum in the morning. You must be wondering what kind of antioxidant you should use. You can use vitamin C; even vitamin C is not stable. You can also use Retinol vitamin A, Vitamin E, Resveratrol and Niacinamide, etc. if you are kind of interested to know more about the antioxidant serum, leave us to comment. Look for the antioxidant serum, which is super light and not sticky and oily. So apply the antioxidant serum in a morning before applying sunscreen.

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4. Quit Smoking

It would be best to quit smoking right now; otherwise, you don’t have to apply any skincare products. Why because the smoke from the smoking is taking all the antioxidants out of your skin, but your skin actually needs these antioxidants to protect against the smoke. And if you are smoking, you take all the antioxidants away. By smoking, you are not just damaging your lungs and your overall health but also damaging your skin.

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5. Stop Popping Pimples

Most of us, whenever see the pimple, whitehead or blackhead on the face, we want to kind of squeeze it. Please don’t do this; there are plenty of methods to reduce the pimples, blackheads, whiteheads. Everybody can have once in a while pimple or blackheads, whiteheads, that really okay. So stop actually popping it, Why because when we are popping it, first of all, we will get an acute infection, and most importantly, we induce scarring. Nothing worse if the scars in the face and we regret later, not at the moment. So if you get quick relief by doing so, It will, in the long term, really give you more damage. So please stop popping any pimples or any blackheads in your face.

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6. Deal with Stress

So Professor Dr. Elissa EPEL from the University of California San Francisco, she actually figured out that people who would have stress actually age quicker. They actually just not look tired and exhausted, they actually age faster too, so stress really leads to premature aging. Be aware of your stress; try to figure out the reason for your stress and try to figure out how to reduce stress. If you have stress, try Meditation, reduce consuming alcohol, and caffeine. The best way to reduce stress is meditation; just 10 minutes of meditation will help you a lot to reduce stress.

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Improve Your Eating Habit

You are what you eat, so be careful what you are putting in your mouth will affect your skin and overall health. So be aware of when and how you eat. So eat balanced food, don’t just overeat not because you are on the phone or have stress, so you eat carelessly.  No, make sure that you sit down and have a proper meal, and while eating, you should know exactly what you are eating. Don’t just go with fast food, its not good for your health and skin.

Most importantly, while eating, chew your food 30 time. Most of us just chewing 12 to 13 times maximum, but this is bad because you need to chew before entering the further gut system. That because while chewing the food, you get the nutrition out of your food and help your stomach and other gut systems to work actually better. Try to eat organic food and try to eat regularly in a small portion.

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