How can Men Style up For Eastern Look – Casual Style Tips for Males Who Want to Look Decent and Stylish



On festivals or on casual occasions, just like female males also want to look best. To pop your style and charm and revive the fashion sense, we bring How can Men Style up themselves on any occasion. What kind of dress cuts, colors, and fabric would be best for this summer? Let’s clear the restriction on men’s styles and set new trends for men’s eastern wear this time with every possible available choice. Style your outfit most traditionally and ethnically. let’s take a look How can Men Style up For Eastern Look

How can Men Style up For Eastern Look – Casual Style Tips for Males Who Want to Look Decent and Stylish

Nowadays, several brands are working in the field of Men’s fashion. This time a lot of brands have already launched their spring-summer Eid collection. Pakistani kurta for men is recognized worldwide. Even in our neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh, Pakistani kurta has quite a fan base. Indians use Pakistani Kurta for their Holi and Diwali occasions because of the sense of ethnicity they represent. 

Like women, men are also giving importance to themselves, which is the best shot with this advanced era. Self-love is the best love. Loving yourself will make you happy, and you glow differently when you are happy. So, one way of self-love is giving importance to your dressing and style. To dress uniquely and to be able to steal the limelight is a new trend. Wearing a stylish outfit takes a lot of hard work. Men become extremely cautious when dressed up for any formal, semi-formal, or religious gathering.

So, in this modern world, to stay fashionable and up to date, one should never compromise on dressing styles and trends because that makes the impression of one personality.
To achieve a full eastern look on different Muslims occasions, we will bring a few brands and their products on the list. Do check them out.

How can Men Style up

How can Men Style up For Eastern Look:

White Shalwar Kameez

White Shalwar Kameez is the best outfit for the namaz. They are giving you the classiest appearance for this day. White color is the best color to beat the summer heat and will never go wrong for the special day.


How can Men Style up

So many brands came up with white shalwar kameez as it’s the best-selling code from their collection. White shalwar kameez only add more and more elegance to your personality. In the latest summer collection of Alkaram launched White shalwar Kameez in the fabric of cotton and blended stuff.

How can Men Style up

 Like Alkaram, Junaid Jamshed, Khas, Khaadi, and many other brands launch white Shalwar kameez because of its high demand. To add a little more details buy white shalwar kameez with embroidery details on the neck and round open sleeves or low bottom round ban with embroidery details on sleeves; it will look extra decent with classy-ness for any occasions.

How can Men Style up

Vibrant Vibe

As it’s an era of some loudness, loud colors are considered new trendy in Pakistan. People prefer loudness as a statement in life. Some of you probably won’t go toward wearing light color dresses at events. This is because people don’t prefer to go for dull colors on dynamic events. For ease, Men, brands have bought revolution by bringing vibrant colors on rolls for people who want to slay their look. J. Khaadi, Khas, Akaram, and so many others have a wide range of these incredible tones’ kurta in shades of yellow, green, blue, pink, maroon, purple, and orange. These kurtas can be worn with white pajama or shalwar as per your choice without any doubt.

The above kurtas are by Almirah range from 2800 to 3700rs.

How can Men Style up

How can Men Style up

Overall Embroidered Kurtas

Everything doesn’t look as cool as plain; sometimes, a little detail makes a statement outfit that you would love to carry around your event. For this purpose, go for some overall embroidered kurta. Men look exquisite by keeping the style and effortlessness in ideal agreement with one another. It doesn’t matter if you are a youngster or a middle-aged man; both will rock embroidered look with decency and adore the kurta for more upcoming events.  Designers bring comfortable fabric with embroidery for clients to wear all day longs in beautiful shades to not overdone the look.
The best-embroidered kurta for summer is by Sapphire and Almirah. You can check out J. Khas, Khaadi, and many others too.

How can Men Style up


Nowadays, the scenario is that men wanna look astoundingly attractive on events, which is by every means is their right. The most asked question is, How can Men Style up for an eastern look? The answer is just to add a waistcoat on boring shalwar kameez because it will help you complete your look. Adding detailing to boring dresses and breaking the stereotypes of old dressing, just pair your simple kurta with a quite dynamic piece of cloth called a Waistcoat. It’s traditional, but nowadays, a lot of designers bought a revolution in waistcoats in terms of fabric, colors, design, cuts, and embroideries.

How can Men Style up

These waistcoats will be a total enchantment to your formal or semi formal looks. Almirah brand got an extensive range of waistcoats which will be pretty hard to choose the best one. Let us list a few for you, guys. An overall woven waistcoat in maroon color to state your black dress.

Pure cotton waistcoat with slit ban neck giving a vibe of decency.

How can Men Style up

If you wanna go extra with your dressing, don’t forget to grab this tie dye waistcoat, as tie-dyes are new and trendy in the fashion industry; thus, it will be keeping you on the pedestal of a trendsetter.

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