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How To Become a Fashion Designer & What Subjects Are Needed To Become a Fashion Designer



There are three ways to start your fashion designer career. One goes to school, gets a bachelor of fine arts, an accredited university or college. Put your resume and portfolio together, and look for a job. Number two is to start your own business. Number three become a freelancer and work on the project by project basis for a variety of companies. Now, these last two options you can go to schools to get started, but you don’t need to, but you do need to educate yourself. Here I put a study plan for you, and this plan resembles the fashion school programs. And also I will include something schools don’t talk about enough in my opinion. If you are looking for an explication to how to become a fashion designer, then you must surely want to become a fashion designer. If you’re going to become a fashion designer, then I suggest reading two books before getting started, one is color theory, and the other is human anatomy. But the question remains how to become a fashion designer below you will get the answer to this question.

How To Become a Fashion Designer & What Subjects Are Needed To Become a Fashion Designer

To Become a Fashion Designer, there’s no need to get a degree or certificate. But that doesn’t make the feat any more accessible. To become a flourishing fashion designer, you need to educate your self, read a book-related fashion designer. You need to know drawing, sewing, knowledge of the fashion industry, and design skills. You’ll also need to build a robust fashion portfolio and strengthen your understanding of business and finance in general. but the question remain how to become a fashion designer ? read below and you will get the answer of your question

how to become a fashion designer

Three Ways To Start Your Fashion Designer Career

1. Put your resume and portfolio together, and look for a job

2. Start your own business. If you want to start your business, you don’t need to learn how to draw a ton aim. You do not need to be masterful in fashion illustrator to run your own business. You need to practice the basic communicating designs, and efficiently that’s what you need. And more importantly, flats learn how to draw units. As a company owner, you need to learn how to do flats.

3. Work as a freelancer and work on the project by project basis for a variety of companies. If you want to start as a freelance career, you need to set up an online portfolio as a designer to get attention. You need to learn how to illustrate. So you can attract attention. One of the famous sayings is that beautiful illustration starts conversations, and it does because we are we buy into visually appealing. Six technical designs, aka product development, which means drawing flats learning, how to spec out garments, and how to create a tech pack off a template flat drawings. They are drawings of clothes. I suggest you practice creating tech packs for a few garments. This is how you bring your ideas to life.


Important Subject Of How To Become A Fashion Designer

Subject One: Designing

If you have great ideas about fashion and styling, that’s good, but it’s not a good start. The design process is about taking those ideas and developing them, refining them, creating whole collections, and learning processes and merging it with your methods and ideas. You can create even more plans and more often teach yourself how to recognize good designs and to work around creative blocks.

how to become a fashion designer

All kinds of things that make you a better, more well rounded, well-honed design machine at your average fashion school. A student will take four to six design classes before they graduate. There are, on average, two to three design projects per category. Each project is from inspiration to colors, fabrics, design development, and final boards. That’s become 8 to 18 projects, and that is a lot of projects. I encourage you to explore different seasons, different color stories, different kinds of customers, different price points, and different clothing categories.

how to become a fashion designer

Subject Two: Colors

Why is studying color is so important? Color is such an important factor in people purchasing decisions. There is an entire industry devoted to color services. Given everything else is perfect, if an item of clothing is not the perfect color for you. You are not gonna wear a dress with faulty color, and I think you are not even gonna buy it: every single art and major design study of color theories. I will suggest you read designing with colors by Chris Jarosz jr Watson because it has the theory but also has tons of examples of actual design applications in toys, in fashion, in graphics. All kinds of applications you can find in this book.

how to become a fashion designer

Subject Three: Fabric

The designer needs to know about the fabrics. Fabrics are designers of true media. If you are drawing design, then stop asking the question of how to draw or what type of marker I should use. I would suggest you take any professional-grade marker and get to work and then go study fabrics.

 Fabric and textile technology is the future of fashion. Read the book fabric for fashion, visit fabric stores, and check the materials. Check out the fiber content; it’s usually listed at the end of the roll. And check out what is expensive, feel things in your hands. Also, check out the doest expensive fabric feel goods in your hands. Look for how things wrinkle? How things fray and how things stretch. Go to clothing stores and feel the materials and take note of their fiber content. All those tags have the fiber content listed.

how to become a fashion designer

Every design project you work on, deep dive into one new category of fabrics for each project. Maybe you do a fall-winter collection for moderately priced women’s wear and deep dive into walls for the project. And then you can roll your wools knowledge into your next one as you deep dive into another category subject for sustainability encompasses eco-friendly materials and processes as well as ethical and fairtrade approaches to production and labor. If you think this area of study is optional, you need to wake up; it is 2020. Zero waste fashion design is a good book to start this one sustainability in fashion and textiles. The second one focuses on zero waste or low waste pattern cutting, and they are great.

Subject 4: Graphic Designing

Adobe illustrator and Photoshop learning, these programs are a must in the current fashion industry. Adobe products are the industry standard. Procreate is becoming popular as a digital drawing tool. Still, procreate is compatible with adobe, so that’s you need to teach adobe illustrator to draw flats at the very minimum you need to create flats in illustrator to insert them into your tech packs and your line sheets. Basic Photoshop skills are necessary to become a fashion designer.

how to become a fashion designer

Subject 5: Garment Construction 

Garment construction by this, I mean pattern drafting, draping, and sewing. This is another area where the level of learning depends on what kind of designer you want to be. I suggest you learn draping and sewing basics. So you can speak intelligently with your sample making team. In production facilities, if you start your line, do you need to learn garment construction. The more you know, the more command you have over your products. 

Another important aspect of learning construction and quality is to go shopping in person. If you don’t want to discover how to cut patterns or so, what you absolutely must do is visit stores in person. Online shopping will not help you. Go to stores look at the quality of the construction of the clothes. The quality of fabric feels them. Look at the colors and look at the stitching, look at the insides how well it’s been lined. What material they use for lining. You know how good the pockets are and look at the price. And think about whether the price reflects the quality. 

Make your notes and apply that to do your design project. There are many creative boundaries; you can push leaning. How to draft patterns and drape. The more you learn about construction, the more Avant grade of a designer you can be. You are pushing the boundaries of creativity. How much you learn is really about what kind of designer you want to be. 

how to become a fashion designer


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