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How To Protect Your Skin While Indoor Tanning – The Ultimate Quarantine Self-Care Guide



For most of the days, we are confined indoors. Many of us find it difficult to adjust to this type of routine. While sitting at home, most of us spend our time with laptop or TV. So the question arises on how to protect your skin during indoor tanning. Do we really need sunscreen even when we are sitting at home, and when sun exposure is limited? We mostly neglect to take care of the skin when we are at home. So when the majority of threats are coming from indoor, how to protect your skin while indoor tanning. Does the extra screen time affect our skin lets find out?

How To Protect Your Skin While Indoor Tanning – The Ultimate Quarantine Self-Care Guide

Why You Need Sunscreen Indoor

Applying SPF products either in the form of sunscreen, makeup with SPF, or BB cream every morning is one of the important work for any lady. Even if you don’t intend to sunbathe, SPF products are still necessary. While going outside without using SPF on the skin, can cause a sunburn. Then we start looking at formulas How To Treat Sunburn. Even an incidental exposure to UVA/UVB can cause harm to your skin. While driving a car, checking an outdoor mailbox, walking a dog, or going for groceries can become a cause of sunburn. You must be surprised to see the fact the limited exposure person can still suffer from sun damage.

Not just the sun, screens (laptops, smarts phones, tablets, or TV) are also harmful to the skin. Most of our smarts devices emit another type of light, which, according to some research, can be harmful to the skin. Studies show that high-energy visible blue light or HEV for short emitted from smarts devices could potentially be just as harmful as sun exposure. People with darker skin are mostly affected due to blue light. Blue light can cause hyper-pigmentation and skin darkening.

how to protect your skin while indoor tanning

How to Protect Your Skin During Indoor Tanning

Even when you are at home, use sunscreen daily. While choosing a screen product, make sure to buy those who also covers HEV light emitted by our digital screens. The damaging HEV rays which are emitted from our laptops, mobiles phone and from TV screen as well as overhead lighting. Research shows that HEV light is more harmful to skin the UV rays. HEV light makes skin puffy, red, and hyperpigmented. Use a sunscreen; even the sunshine isn’t on your daily schedule.

How to Protect Your Skin During Indoor Tanning

Luckily there are other products that work to block the wave of blue light. Makeup containing iron oxide can also help neutralize and repair skin damage. You can also use antioxidant-rich serums to help counter the effects of blue light. Skinceuticals Phloretin CF, contain vitamin C, phloretin and ferulic acid, which is very useful for blue light skin damage.

Moreover, to minimize the effect of blue light waves, lower the brightness level on your screen to prevent skin damage. Put your mobile phone away while sleeping because the mobile phone emits radiofrequency energy, which, according to research, is harmful to our skin and brain.  So don’t sleep with your phone in your bed or near your head.

I hope you found the article “how to protect your skin while indoor tanning” informative. If you know the better way to Protect Your Skin During Indoor Tanning, tell us in a comment box.

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