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How to Make Matte Nail Polish With Baking Soda, Baby Powder, Facial Steamer, and With Matte Top Coat



Nail polish lover must know the husslle that we want to try different color every time we apply nail polish. In my collection I have majority collection of classic high shine colors polish. So sometime I want to put matte nail polish then I search the ways how to turn regular nail polish into matte nail polish. There are few ways you can transform typical shiny polish into the matte colors of your dreams.

And one of the most famous and obvious method is to ensure your nail color collection is complete with a matte topcoat.  For top coat I mostly use OPI nail treatment matte top coat available in $9 and cote Matte Top available in $21. These nail polishes are designed to fix shine in final drying process. After application it leaves you with chic matte nails in minutes.

How to Turn Regular Nail Polish into Matte Nail Polish

You must be wondering what for those who don’t have matte topcoat then whats the other option. Its very obvious that this article is all about diy matte nail polish and in your home how to turn regular nail polish into matte nail polish.

How to Turn Regular Nail Polish into Matte Nail Polish

1 method: – Try to Mix Baby Powder into Your Shiny Nail Polish

For making this you just need small nail polish bowl, powder of choice, polish of choice, and tooth pick. Mix the small amount of these mentioned things in a separate container instead of mixing it in your full bottle of polish. Add smidge of baking powder and milled flour or cornstarch to a small nail polish container. With the help of tooth pick mix a few drops of nail color into it. Once it mixed fully then apply this with the help of brush.  After applying rinse off the brush before putting it back in the nail polish container. Because powder remnants could transform the entire bottle of polish.  This method is not my favorite method because sometime powder makes the polish lumpy and sometime it alter the color altogether.

2 Method: – Buff the Surface of your Mani

While I don’t like the idea of mixing powder with polish, lightly buffing nails post paint can do a job. A few hour after painting nails, and when your nail polish is totally cured just lightly buffer the surface of the nail until the entire are is matte. After removing the high shine finish of your nail polish color this buffer method will also smooth out the surface of your nails and will give them more fine and professional look. Make sure not to buff too much. Too much buffer can take away from the lifespan of your manicure. For this method I is Blinking Nails Buffer Block available in $13, after applying nail polish wait for bit. Once your nail polish has completely dried (you can also use fastly nail dry method) gently buff your nails from side to side using buffer block. A few swipes are enough for this trick don’t overdo it because you don’t want to fully remove all of the topcoat.

3 Method: – Steam your Nails With Facial Steamer

One of the easiest method to turn regular nail polish into matte nail polish. When you use steam while your polish is drying, it will minimize the high shine end result. For this trick use facial steamer which is safe for use on the skin. If you will use steam from clothing steamer or from clothing boiling water will pose the risk of serious burns to the skin. While your nails are still wet, hover your manicure over steam. When you pull your manicure away from steam you will see it mattified.

4 Method: – Invest Money in a Matte Top Coat

It might sound one obvious method but it’s the simplest one. Painting on a layer of matte top coat can transform practically turn regular nail polish into matte nail polish. My personal favorite matte topcoat is CND Vinylux Matte Top Coat available in market $11, which will not only mattify any mani but also ensure it last for a weeks on end too. Apply matte top coat when your nail polish lacquer has dried. Then simply brush on a matte top coat. This will turn your regular nail polish into matte nail polish

I hope you like the article How to Turn Regular Nail Polish into Matte Nail Polish by using simple hacks

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