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How to Use Argan Oil For Hair Growth- Tutorial



Hair is significant for men and women; their personality goes down without hair or due to hair loss. Hairs make any man and women attractive and charming. Both girls and boys have very concerned about their hair and use different beauty products. Here I will tell you How to Use Argan Oil For Hair growth. You don’t need to do a several experiments by using the different hair growth products.

As you know that hair loss effect unfortunately many men and women around the world. And Argan oil is one of the best oils to prevent and try to slow down hair loss. Argan oil is a plant oil generated from the kernels of the argan tree and comes from Morocco. This oil is beneficial when applying it consistently. Because Argan oil carries different and useful vitamins such as Vitamin E, Fatty acids, and various nutrients. Thes vitamins help to improve micro blood circulation making your hair sensibly stronger.

Even if you don’t have hair loss, this oil will improve the condition of your hair. And will strengthen your hair follicles and reduces the damages created by wind, sun, and chemicals in aggressive shampoos. It can also help you to decrease the dandruff, its use can help you to remove the free radicals from your hair and repair damages cell on the scalp, and your hair feels smooth.

What Are the Gains of Argan Oil for Hair?

While argan oil praised as a product which can transform your hair care, Here are some benefits of using of argan oil
When you dye your hair with permanent dyes, its result is damaging your hair. Your hair breaks quickly, and it becomes rough and stops growing. So in this situation, argan oil is the best option, it protects your hair from color damage.
If your hair is too dry or too greasy or you have an oily scalp argan oil is the solution of your all problem. In these days dandruff is the primary issue, even usage of expensive shampoo can’t help it. Argan oil is thus an active antidermatitis agent. It maintenance to balance out sebum making it mean the natural oil produced by your scalp. Argan crude, therefore, is an active antidermatitis agent.
Argan oil has a quality to soothe and hydrate the dry scalp. It can also use as the moisturizer for dry and rough hairs. It improves the hair texture and gives shines.

How to Use Argan Oil For Hair Growth

Following the argan oil to apply on your hair and it stimulates your hair growth. Before and after your regular shampoo, put argan oil in your hand palm and massage it on your scalp skin using fingertips. I recommend that you to use organ oil half an hour before shampoo. Argan oil can stimulate your hair growth and promotes the production of vitamin E on Scalp. And make your scalp more elastic to produce new hair.

Five Things You should consider before buying Argan oil

Sadly with argan oil growing popularity more and more, companies are jumping on the band began using the oil names to launch cheap cosmetics. Most of these oils are entirely fake diluted or over the process in a lab. They contain the tiny proportion of organ oil and rest of the bottle made up with synthetic ingredients and nastic chemicals. But how to identify this product and distinguish them from real one.

1.The Ingredients: Quite merely these should say 100% argan oil or 100% argania Spinosa kernel oil. If anything else is listed, it’s not pure, and most likely it undergoes the process in laboratories.
2.The Bottle: The genuine and only way to preserve the oil is to keep it in the dark colored glass bottle. Be acutely aware of the products sold in clear plastic bottle.
3. The Price: Giving the significant number of hours required to make just a small bottle of 100% argan oil, it takes a minimum of 25 dollars for the 100ML bottle. This is an extremely intensive process, and there is no such thing cheap argan oil.
4.The Smell: Moroccan produce cold-pressed argan oil has a mild nutty scent. You should, of course, avoid the oil with the strong smell.
5 The Result: One hundred percent pure organ oil Should be smooth and silky absorbing into your hair and skin in just a few minutes.

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Argan Oil for Hair Recipes

Argan oil mix with other ingredients will help to get the better result. I am going to share some famous argan oil hair recipes with you.

Argan Oil and Egg Hair Cream

Take one tablespoon egg, and two tablespoons of argan oil also add the half tablespoon of lemon juice. Stir all the ingredients thoroughly and apply it on your hair. Leave this paste for one hour and after this wash your hair. It will make your hair smooth, and shiny; lemon will help to remove the dandruff from hair.

How to Use Argan Oil For Hair

Argan oil and olive oil Hair Mask

Take two tablespoons of olive oil and ten drops of argan oil. Add three drops of Rosemary Essential oil you can also use Eucalyptus Essential oil. Mix well all the ingredients, massage this mixture on your hair. Wait for one hour and then wash it out.

How to Use Argan Oil For Hair

Argan Oil and Coconut Oil

Take two tablespoons of coconut oil to add a half tablespoon of argan oil. Add three drops of Eucalyptus essential oil, it has a strong woody scent, and it loaded with antifungal properties. This oil help hair development, it increases blood flow in the scalp. Mix them all and store it in a bottle. Apply it before half an hour to take a shower.

How to Use Argan Oil For Hair

Aloe vera Gel And Argan Oil

For this, you need Alovera leaves, Vitamin E tablets and Argan oil. Cutting aloe vera leave and get aloe vera gel. Make sure to take seven to eight tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Add 2 to 3 drops of argan oil also add two vitamin E capsule. Now take this mixture and dip your figure into it and start to apply this mixture very gently on your hair and scalp. When you done run you comb or hairbrush on your hair few times. To make sure that all of your hair evenly covered with a mixture. When your hair absorbs all the mixture wipe your hair with the wet towel. This will make your hair very soft and incredibly silky. You have to use it three times a week to see the difference; You can also store the mixture into a bottle and put it in a refrigerator.

How to Use Argan Oil For Hair


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