How To Wear Men Boots ? That Express Your Personality


Wearing shows the personality of the person, and you can see a person internally by observing its personality. The personality of a person mainly depends upon the wearing style of a person. So we are going to discuss How to wear men boots and different types of boots. There are thousands of boots styles are present, and everyone wears boot according to his choice.

There is a significant thing that I want to convey that you should match the combination of your boots with the clothes you are wearing. For example, a person has all types of boots but don’t know how to wear boots or what combination is best for him, then all kinds of boots are useless. There is also another thing that styles of boots changed along with seasons. In the summer, most people don’t like to wear boots, but on the other hand, in winter, everyone wants to wear boots. There are many categories of boots such as Hiker boot, Duck boot, PAKKER or logger boot, cowboy boot, chukka boot, Water Shoes and so on.  Here we are going to explain some best combinations of boots and How to wear men boots:

Famous Men Boots

1- Ankle boots

How to wear men’s boots

How to wear men boots is a main question everyone ask and answer is here.The one of the most popular boots overall in the world is ankle boot. Boots are very simple boots that reach your ankle or above the ankle. This is one of the best footwear that you can wear with jeans or casual even with trousers. Once you wear these boots, then it will provide you with a decent look. When you are going to wear ankle boots, then you should prefer only black or brown colors because these colors made ankle boots more beautiful. If you are looking for the shoes to attend a function, then ankle boots are the best boots that made you different from the others.

2- Hiker boot

How to wear men’s boots

As we can see that hiker boots name suggest that these boots made for hikers & still a question which boots express your personality even when you will go to hike and how to wear men boots. These boots specially designed for hikers, and their laces are longer than other standard boots even reaches the toe. In this way, these boots become loose, and your feet will feel comfortable even on the rocks. These boots made by pure leather, and internally these boots are very soft. There are individual cuts that are drawn on the sole to prevent it from slipping.

3- Logger boot 

How to wear men’s boots

Logger boots are the very oldest type of men boots, and these boots almost reach half of your leg. Initially, these boots used by lumberjacks, but after 1800 mostly people use these boots for horse riding. Logger boots have long laces, and they also have a thick sole along with cuts on the bottom. There are following some makers of these boots:

1)    Nick’s boot

2)    White’s boot

3)    Viberg men boots

4)    Wesco men boots

4- Roper/ cowboy boot

How to wear men’s boots

Now there is a different type of men boots and known as cowboy boots. These are the typical American boots and made with unique and plain leather type. Ropers have a very soft shaft, and these are very comfortable boots. A zip is attached to these boots so that, we can easily pull off these boots. Mostly cowboy boots have heeled sole, and sometimes these boots are decorated with stylish stitching that increases its beauty. There are following some best makers of these boots:

1)    Yuketen men boots

2)    Red wing men boots

3)    Viberg men boots

4)    Lucchese men boots

5- Jodhpur boot

How to wear men’s boots

Jodhpur boots are the first boots that were worn by polo players in 1920, and these boots originated in India and if you are looking for how to wear men boots then I suggest you can buy jodhpurs pair of shoes. One of the most prominent splendid features of this boot is that it has a double buckle that wraps your ankle. Jodhpur boots have plain toe and leather sole with a short heel. These boots are classic boots and provide a beautiful look to your feet. You can also wear these boots with jeans or trouser. Now there are following some excellent producers of Jodhpur boots:

1)    John lobb men boots

2)    Carmina men boots

3)    R.M Williams men boots

6- Chelsea boot

How to wear men’s boots

There are Chelsea boots in front of you that made of pure leather, and these also known as classic British boot & this is one kind of classic men boots that will make your personality more decent. Why or how to wear men shoes? because Chelsea boots are identified by their elastic closure that is present on both sides of your ankle. The uniqueness of this boot is that it is made up of a single piece of leather that made it different from other boots. There is also a pull tab is present that is similar to other boots. Chelsea boots are one of the best men boots that will make you gorgeous by wearing it with your jeans. There are following some excellent makers of this boot:

1)    Viberg men shoes

2)    R.M Williams men shoes

3)    Carmina men boots

4)    Meermin men boots

5)    Blundstone men boots

6)    Crocket and jones men boots

7)    Rider Boot Co. men boots

7- Combat boot

How to wear men’s boots

Combat boots specially designed for the soldiers and one of the best men shoes from its kind , and they wear these footwear during training or parades or combat you can say Combat boots are fight shoes or war boots. These boots manufactured very carefully and designed to protect the foot along with ankle. These boots covered your complete ankle, and your foot will feel easy during fights. Sometimes these boots made with water proof leather, and the hard sole is used to make these boots. Nowadays people are attracted to these combating boots and wear these boots with jeans.

How to clean your boots?

How to wear mens boots

When you are a boot lover, then it is your responsibility that you should clean your boots yourself. Here are some essential tips that help you to clean your shoes. There are different types of boots, and similar material does not make all shoes. Some boots made by pure leather some made of woven leather, and other materials make some boots.

When you pull off your boots then, first of all, you should clean your shoes with a rough cloth and remove all the dust from it. After this, select a soft brush that will not affect your boot’s leather and polish your boot. When you clean your boot, then place your boots in a cupboard. One of the most important things is that you should assign a proper place to store your boots. If you follow this method to clean up your boots then you will ever get a fresh look of your shoes, you can also apply these points to other shoes such as school shoes or sandals, etc. Above we see different type of shoe and How to wear mens boots also how to clean shoes, i hope you like it.


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