Is Jimin Facing Forwards or Backwards? BTS’s Jimin Made a Puzzling Move in the New Teaser



BTS’s Jimin Made a Puzzling Move in the New Teaser for “Boy With Luv” Starring Halsey
right now we should be focusing on BTS and Halsey collaboration that is coming our way with BTS new song “Boy With Luv.” Instead, all we are concentrating on one moment at the end of the latest released “Boy With Luv” teaser that arose question that the BTS ARMY can’t appear to answer: Is Jimin Facing Forwards or Backwards?

Is Jimin Facing Forwards or Backwards?

Let’s break this down.

So the story is that in teaser “Boy With Luv” we see Halsey what looks like a theater ticket booth and walking on, stop for a moment only to look to her left at BTS, who are all lying on a sofa. The teaser then cuts, and the next boys are standing in front of a large neon sign that reads “Love.” They’re all backlit and look to turn their backs to us as they lift their hands at the same time.

Fans instantly noticed that something was up with the position of Jimin’s feet, which appear to turn forward, and his head, which looks like it’s turning away from. You laugh, but this is a serious issue. The question arose whether Jimin is facing front or back in this “Boy with Luv” teaser is dominating BTS Twitter to the point that a “#FrontorBack hashtag has already gone viral with fans trying to decide what’s going on. If you stare at his feet, he’s facing the front but if you start to look at his torso then you can clearly see how he turns back, if you watch it on loop for a while it must change.

In my point view, he’s spinning himself with his left leg, and his right leg propels to the back, so back..


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