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Pakistan is the fashion hub. Lots and lots of work done for its upgrading. Designers are coming forward with new and unique collections almost every day. Lots of brands have come to the surface level in just the category of lawn. Lawn the most worn fabric or stuff in Pakistan as summer stays for quite a long time it considers working with this fabric will give you good grands in business. For some extra grands, the brand takes its shot by launching exclusive collections. Now today, we will discuss a brand that is super unique and will see the Kayseria New Collection recognized for something extra different when it comes to the line of fabric designing and stuff making. 

Kayseria New Collection

Kayseria belongs to a company name SEFAM that established in 1984 and started its retailing back in 1985. SEFAM company aims to manufacture, and retail quality fabric with embroidery, the quality of fabric should beat the best qualities in the world, but that needs to made in Pakistan. This company started its Bareeze brand embroidered designer stuff that known for its originality and quality work in Pakistan. This company owns 12 brands that deal with Bareeze embroidered fabric. Kayseria is one of the 12 brands that came under this company.

 Kayseria in Urdu means fairness, persuasion, or have a powerful symbolism. The brand Kayseri is indeed all of it. Kayseria takes pride in being an art and design studio with its deep down roots in the textile industry. Kayseria brand, all about custom and advancement inseparably connected, and this is the thing that we attempt to depict through our designs. The brand’s motivations are drawn from everywhere in the world and then carry them under one rooftop to show its clients that magnificence is all-inclusive. Every one of their design is independently created with a multifaceted design of detail that is unrivaled. That is beyond surety call as they paint masterpieces but not canvases but fabrics.

Kayseria New Collection

Kayseria launches their Kayseria New Collection, which is by far the most executive collection. With the most exclusive expectation and texture quality, this collection is best for any event or gathering. Kayseria also launched its Kayseria New Collection. We will look forward to the Kayseria New Collection to find the best Kayseria New Collection. Let’s roll to the collection.

Kayseria New Collection Categories:



Luxury Pret

Luxury unstitched


Kayseria New Collection

Kaysaria Unstitched:

Kaysaria launched their unstitched collection in the perfect hues for this season. launch is according to the taste of their beloved customers. This unstitched collection is dynamically gorgeous and perfect. The texture of the unstitched lawn collection made with pure lawn to keep you cool and comfortable during this hot season. Different embellishment was used to make them look chic.

Kayseria New Collection

Unstitched Printed:

Kaysaria bought an unstitched printed collection in the most dynamic and beautiful collection that one just can’t resist buying. Most of this printed collection is a two-piece that is a lawn shirt with organza dupatta.

Kaysaria, in their summer collection, also launched three-piece printed suits in refreshing and eye-catching prints. These will look best for minimalistic kinds of gatherings. Chunri prints are their hit code during this season. Chunri prints are best; go for Kayseria New Collection dresses. These three pieces, a printed lawn shirt, cotton printed dupatta, and dyed cambric shalwar.  

Kayseria New Collection

Kayseria New Collection

 Printed and Embroidered Three-Piece Suits:

 In this collection, beautiful floral printed lawn shirts paired with embroidered dupatta and dyed cambric shalwar. Dresses made with weaved thread work with printed base. Colors are from pastel palate for the best modest and angelic look. Best for any gathering, either semi-formal or formal.

Kayseria New Collection

Dyed & Embroidered Two-Piece collection:

In Kayseria Dyed & Embroidered two-piece collection, the front and back of the shirt is one embroidered Net where it is paired with a Dyed and Embroidered poly net dupatta. The colors and embroidered design are so eye-soothing and beautiful, giving a relaxing yet charming kind of vibes. Their Dyed and Embroidered collection is best for the upcoming event as it is a full festive look. Usually, this range starts from 8190rs. Kayseria also provides a Dyed and Embroidered three-piece set too, which will cost approximately 12990rs.

Kayseria New Collection

Stitched Summer Collection:

Kayseria stitched collection comprises embroidered and hand-embellished shirts that will be best. It is the most adorable collection. Their stitched collection is of Shirts, two-piece and three-piece suits. Let’s check few articles from this collection.

Kayseria New Collection

Stitched two Piece collection:

The two pieces stitched collection:

Kayseria New Collection

Luxury Pret:

Kayseria Luxury Pret is all about royal in your outfit to hit every note of the limelight during an event. One of the best and loveable collections in their store. Highly embellished and embroidered in all the trendy colors and designs with new cuts to slay the chic look. The fabric texture and its quality are beyond comfortable and gives a luxury feel just by touching. This is best for highly formal events like Pakistan Big Fat Weddings, especially during the summer season. Let’s check a few of the articles from kayseria luxury pret.

Kayseria New Collection

Luxury Unstitched:

Kayseria, with all its wide range in the stitched luxury collection, also has an unstitched luxury collection for those people who like to play with fabric and want to create their artistic outfit. Everybody owns the right to customization so, if you are one of them who wants to wear customized luxury clothes, grab their unstitched luxury outfit for your satisfaction and rock your event with Kayseria dresses at your own pace. Kayseria Unstitched luxury pret is also available in two-piece and three-piece.

Kayseria New Collection


Kayseria takes pride in their creativity, and no doubt they deserve it. The Ladli collection is all for young girls who are the ladlis of their mom and dad. The word itself is so beautiful and meaningful the collection, on the other hand, complements this word with all enthusiasm and creativity. So, buy your ladli a beautiful outfit from Kayseria Dresses by Ladli to make her feel special. A few articles from the Ladli catalog given below.

Kayseria New Collection

Kayseria New Collection

final verdict

Last but not least, the Kayseria, in most people’s opinion, is a little bit pricy, but for the stuff, embroidery, and uniqueness they provide, it’s worth it. Sometimes our wardrobe needs to feel extra, and that can only be done by spending few extra bucks too.

Kayseria New Collection

You can Buy Kayseria New collection from their online store 

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