Khaadi Bags – Get Your Favorite Khaadi Bags Online to Upgrade Your Accessories



Lady’s handbag reveals a lot about her personality. Every woman wishes to carry herself with a positive attitude of “This is who I am” every time she leaves the house. She would undoubtedly desire to slay in her personality, whether a housewife, a working woman, or a college-bound young girl. In conclusion, when it comes to purchasing bags, she chooses the most acceptable fit. For a few years, Pakistan has seen an increase in the purchase of branded and designer bags. Some famous brands of bags have become the talk of the town like  Nishat Bags, Limelight Bags, and Sapphire Bags. Khaadi Bags are also one of those famous brands.

Pakistan’s premier apparel and lifestyle brand Khaadi has been offering its exquisite hand-woven embroidered bags for years, much like the leading top-notch brands. Khaadi bags feature similar patterns and vivid hues as their clothes, which are recognized for their combination of colors and styles that complement both east and west, utilizing hand-woven motifs.

Khaadi Bags

Khaadi Bags – Get Your Favorite Khaadi Bags Online to Upgrade Your Accessories

At first, Khaadi was always grounded, but it always had a bold personality. It was changing, evolving, and expanding all the time. By 2002, it began producing women’s clothing, and by 2008, it had moved into women’s luxury clothing with the debut of Khaadi Khaas. When Khaadi decided to adapt to clients’ demands and launch colorful lawn designs in 2012, it transformed into a big retail brand. Khaadi launched furniture, bed sheets, luggage, accessories, and shoes and quickly grew into a complete lifestyle brand.

Khaadi Bags

Khaadi bags:-

When a single handle isn’t enough, shoulder straps are often added to make a purse more adaptable. Again, Loewe takes the lead in transparent bags with similar features, with a piece that lets the rest of the world see exactly what you store inside. Black Metal box clutch with embroidery The metal chain shoulder strap is stunning.

Khaadi Bags

While most of the sack handles are standard styles, with fabric straps on some and plain appearing on others, we also have the ideal pieces where imagination meets the part you hold up. We can pretty much expect these to command the road styles come February, but until then, we can relax and enjoy the shows when they appear.

Fendi paired big messenger bags with striking handles and snakeskin in floral looks, while Khaadi looks well with several saddlebags. For the little bags that can only hold the essential goods, Khaadi uses shoulder straps with silver handles.

Khaadi Bags

Khaadi Handbag with Multi-Color Fabric Tassels and Metal Coins:-

Blue is an attractive hue for this Khaadi bags series that can capture one’s attention. It’s an embroidered handbag with colorful fabric tassels and metal coins on it. It also includes an embroidered fabric strap that adds to the overall aesthetic. As the strap is detachable, it can be carried by hand or hung, according to your preference. It has a lovely floral print on the front in pink, orange, and mustard that complements any kind of clothing. This bag costs PKR 2,400, which is a reasonable price.

Khaadi Bags

The bag’s contents are solid, which will keep your belongings safe. It’s also roomy enough to hold your accessories, perfumes, and other needs. It also features a zippered interior pocket and a tiny pocket on the outside for easy access to our phone or keys. This bag gives off a more bohemian kind of vibe. 

Khaadi Bags

Khaadi Printed Handbag:-

In this list of Khaadi bags, this second bag appears to be quite elegant and is more informal. It’s a black strap bag with a robust cotton fabric that gives it a stylish appearance. Khaadi printed handbags are more sturdy and large, allowing you to effortlessly keep your novel or books, as well as other necessary items. It’s more suited to ladies who prefer to keep everything in one bag, and it may also be used as a trip bag. It includes printed front and side zippers that add to the overall look. There’s also a zippered interior pocket. The bag’s unique cut and form make it one of a kind. You can wear this purse to work every day with a sense of pride and free-ness. This bag is priced at PKR 2690.

Khaadi Bags

Khaadi Embroidered Clutch:-

Clutches are pretty distinctive and offer your personality a sassy flair. Khaadi clutches differ from other clutches in that they are embroidered and have brighter hues. This is an invaluable choice if you’re looking for a purse to go with your casual lawn suits. It’s a yellow and parrot-colored metal and cotton mix clutch that’s adorably adorable. It looks gorgeous because of the elaborate needlework and well-balanced color scheme. It also holds a gold metal chain strap that adds to the elegance of the piece. You may use it for mehndi or any other festive occasion because it has the appropriate combination of yellow, green, and pink. The price of this lovely clutch is 2490rs, which is not too expensive in my personal opinion.

Khaadi Bags

Khaadi Clutch Purse:-

This one is a hybrid clutch in series of Khaadi bags. A considerable variation to the Khaadi line. It’s a gleaming black clutch purse with a metal chain strap. With a complex pattern on the front. This one, too, is multipurpose since it may be worn for formal occasions as well as informal wear. It’s a lightweight, take-anywhere purse that will appeal to teen females who dislike lugging big bags. Small and portable, easy to carry. To give it a great touch, the borders of this clutch purse are carefully lined with a silver-colored fabric.

This handbag was tagged for 3,500rs.

Khaadi Bags

Khaadi Crossbody Handbag:-

Inner of these purses are imprinted with red and skin peachy tones. With yellow, purple, and pink embroidery, the sequence line is used as tassels, and it is a sophisticated casual wear pick. It goes well with lawn suits, which often include fabric tassels these days. This bag is roomy and highly functional, as you may carry it around with you daily. It’s extensible and easy to wash, thanks to the light fabric it’s made of. It would be ideal for college-aged girls as well as teen girls. Other females can also use it with equal ease. It’s both fashionable and trendy. This bag will cost you around 2,800rs.

Khaadi Bags


Khaadi bags add color, craft, culture, and heritage to your attire. These were always important to Khaadi’s design philosophy. To become a global ethnic brand, Khaadi took inspiration from all over the world. As a result, craft and heritage are entrenched and woven into the fabric of every garment bearing the Khaadi mark.

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