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Khussas are the most comfortable shoes ever invented. They’re the Indian style of pumps and look well with both eastern and western clothing. Khussas are ideal for business meetings, luncheons, and weddings. They’re the top-of-the-line footwear for every occasion. There are several khussa brands in Pakistan, but before discussing them. First, we will see what material used to make khussa and how many styles and varieties are there.

Making of Khussa:

Khussa is usually made of vegetable-tanned leather and handcrafted by artists. The uppers o made of one piece of leather or cloth sewn and ornamented with brass nails, cowry shells, mirrors, bells, and ceramic beads, embellished with brass nails, cowry shells, mirrors bells, and ceramic beads.

Rich History of Khussa:

Khussa has a lengthy history and a rich cultural heritage that can be traced back to the subcontinent’s central and southern areas. During the Mughal Empire, it progressed from a simple wooden sandal to intricately embellished khussa sandals encrusted with diamonds. As fashion evolved, it became more individualised, finally taking on the shape we see today.

Mughal Ruler Jahangir, son of Akbar, made the khussa renowned by introducing upgraded variations. As a result, it became well-known as his favourite shoe, and new variants with genuine gold and silver threads, diamonds, stones, and gorgeous needlework covering the top part of the khussa began to appear.

Khussa Brands in Pakistan | Best Khussa Brands in Pakistan

Khussas are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. Several companies have included khussa in their collections. The exquisite and royal touch that a khussa offers to garments is the main reason for its appeal. It unquestionably completes an ethnic or festive look. One of the most lightweight and comfortable shoes you’ll ever own, allowing you to wear it anyplace without feeling self-conscious. They’re the ultimate saviour, whether a formal lunch or a wedding.

This traditional khussa in Pakistan made from Saraiki handmade footwear made in Multan. Making a shoe from vegetable-tanned leather is a delicate process that requires a high level of skill.

Khussa Mahal:

Khussa Mahal has been a pioneer and one of the khussa brands in Pakistan. This brand has been in the sale of khussa for a long time. Liberty Market located in Gulberg, which is in the centre of Lahore. Everyone will tell you about this place if you ask them. This location sells a variety of khussas and kolhapuri chappals.

This is the place to go for all your khussa requirements, from daily khussas to extravagantly embroidered khussas to wear at shadis.


Mochari offers a mix of traditional and modern footwear, all made by hand in Pakistan. Embellished with exquisite designs, stones, and other one-of-a-kind embellishments. The company has caught the attention of our celebrities, with nearly everyone owning a pair of their unique shoes. Offered at the Xinhua Mall in Lahore and the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. You may also use their website to place an order.

Retro Walk Khussa Brands in Pakistan:-

Retro Walk, undoubtedly, has a huge collection of khussa and good customer service. They improve the overall look of your feet and give a pleasant experience when worn to an occasion. They also provide a large selection of khussas, ranging from nawabi to designer. A luxurious leather assortment is also available.

Dazzle by Sarah:

Dazzle by Sarah khussa stylish, hyped, and demanding khussa brand in Pakistan, is undoubtedly a shoe company that has gone to great lengths to develop the nicest khussa anybody has ever seen. Each pair of theirs reflects the labour and love that went into making them and demonstrates the employees’ enthusiasm. This khussa, without a doubt, is deserving of every acclaim. In addition, their khussa are a treat for the feet.

Khussa Kherri: 

Undoubtedly, Khussa Kherri is a local company that specialises in everyday wear khussa that is both useful and stylish. Pair them with jeans and a shirt or a shalwar kameez for a more casual style. Above all, they manufacture their khussas entirely of leather, which they adorn with paints or cutwork.

La Mosaik:

The khussas of La Mosaik+69 are tantalising. Everyone wants to acquire these shoes since they are indisputably lovely and magnificent. Each piece has its personality, guaranteeing that the person wearing it is the centre of attention. The khussa below should be your next purchase if you appreciate the boho aesthetic.

Soma Khussa Brands in Pakistan:

Soma International is a shoe business that has modernised the traditional khussa. They started by renaming khussa, which contributed to its uniqueness. “Embellished ballet flats” is what it’s known as. There’s also a lot more to it, such as the vibrant colours, outstanding patterns, and lovely embellishments. The excellent quality of the khussas reflects their dedication.

Chapter 13 Khussa Brands in Pakistan:

Another business that sells its goods through Milli Shoes, Liberty Market, and its website is in Chapter 13. Designed for today’s women with sophisticated and fashionable designs. They sell embellished loafers, Peshawari chappals, slingback shoes, and jewellery in addition to embellished loafers, Peshawari chappals, slingback shoes, and jewellery. Their footwear is appropriate for a casual day, work, and, of course, any shadi.

Pro-Tip: What are the best ways to maintain your Khussas clean and safe?

High-quality khussas are undeniably expensive and need careful handling. First, keep them in a cool, dry place to preserve the leather from fading. Also, keep them in a box or bag at all times, wrapped in a muslin cloth. Finally, clean them with a damp cotton towel and dry them away from direct sunlight if they become soiled.


Khussa brands in Pakistan have varieties for both men and women, depending on the demand in the market. However, Khussa appears to be the only distinction between the genders. Men’s khussas are broad and broadened at the edge, whilst women’s khussas are more elegant and shorter in style. Men’s khussas are similarly plainer, with little or no decoration. Khussas for women, on the other hand, are often decorated with gemstones or have beautiful embroidered designs.

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