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The jewellery trend is rising in Pakistan with the arrival of the wedding season. Everyone, especially designers, is in the hustle of creating a unique collection that can stunt the buyer. In all that hustle, we hear a rising jewellery house named, Kohar. Kohar jewellery Pakistan is an idea of two ambitious young men, Ahmed and Danish, who have won over celebrities and collectors with their gems in a short period. Known for its unique items adorned with exquisitely cut gems and ooze elegance. 

This brand beautifully derived its name from the old scriptures of Armenia. In the Armenian language, kohar means jewel. This infusion of old language in a modern setting sets the mood of this jewellery brand.

Kohar Jewellery Pakistan | Artificial Jewellery Online

Kohar jewellery Pakistan inspired by history, just like its name. The designs are old-school. In this modern era, people love to enjoy old art, especially the art and designs inspired by the Mughal era. The Bollywood themes from the ’60s, aka its golden era and old dead scriptures of renaissance art, the age of learning, still inspire the modern artist to take inspiration and create jaw-dropping art pieces.

Their basic inspiration is from images, paintings and artifacts of the Mughal and Renaissance eras. They especially curate a design according to the event and select the type and quality of the stone.  

Ahmed and Danish always describe their jewellery designs to be timeless. Timeless enough to be loved and accepted by the generation. So many designers in Pakistan create designs that will be loved for years. That’s the main goal of kohar jewellery Pakistan. In their making, kohar uses the best class stones, and most of their jewellery pieces are handmade. Their philosophy behind the designs is to make customers feel royal in their look, beautiful, and comfortable enough they feel unique with every single piece. 

In Pakistan, the wedding season is at its peak, so designers are on the hustle to bring unique designs to the market and are about setting new trends in the fashion lines. With new trends, wedding scenes are evolving in Pakistan. Brides are spending more time making their look regal and making some serious investment in their bridal look. From makeup to dress, accessories to shoes and their photoshoot sites, brides are doing some serious research and making decisions on it. Bringing new themes and going according to that theme is a tough challenge for designers, especially for jewellery designers.

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Some traditional regal events like nikkah, Barat on which royal themes regarding the great Mughal era were loved. Kohar jewellery Pakistan fulfils this need with their collection of Salam-e-Ishq

They have a special collection for mehndi and dholki function full of colours and emerald, ruby, and naurattans made up of polki. Jhumkas are more dangly and sets made up of meenakari, which gives pure dreamy feels. 

Kohar jewellery Pakistan has special Valima and Formal stunning pieces made of pearls, sapphires and diamonds. Handcrafted geometric designs diamond chokers that are hyped well and are everyone’s favourites.

Their stunning designs got them fame in Pakistan and across the border. India’s iconic personality and our all-time favourite singer Alka Yagnik chose them to be part of her family’s most important day, her daughter’s wedding day. Alka Yagnik personally wore Kohar pieces at her daughter’s wedding and even appreciated Ahmed and Danish craftsmanship in making those pieces outstanding.

With all the different kinds of statement wedding designs, Kohar has a wide variety of rings for all age groups of ladies. Rings are something that every woman loves to own and will always own, as they are like a personal statement to ladies.

Ahmed and Danish claim to take a strict stand against intellect theft regarding design. According to them, it is against work ethics to copy someone else work or design for your fame. One can only appreciate other artists’ work but should never take credit for it as it is not acceptable. These work ethics show their greater self. 


As old designs are trending nowadays, we can proudly say Old is Gold. Kohar jewellery Pakistan has every type of heirloom piece that can add a statement to your outfits. Their pieces are the pure and perfect combination of traditional eastern wear.

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