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Korean Anti Aging Secrets For Looking Younger Than Your Age



When you see Korean actor or actress, you see that they always have that bright, smooth, white as snow radiant from some otherworldly light skin. Why Korean look so young? How do they have no pores, no wrinkles? Even when they are over 30. How do they have no sunspot, no freckles, no moles? We mostly ask the question of How To Keep Skin Younger And Glowing? You are at the right place. Here we are going to discuss some secret of why so many Koreans have such flawless skin and Korean anti aging secrets. So if we get better skin then why not we try these step.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets For Looking Younger Than Your Age

Use Sunscreen Diligently

Korean use a lot of sunscreens. If you want to achieve glowing skin, without sunspot, then I recommend you to use sunscreen. In Korea Men, women kids, all of them use sunscreen. Even Korean kids use sunscreen, growing up, they have this concept of skincare. They already know that sun is harmful, so apply sunscreen. If you buy Korean makeup products, you will see that all of them have SPF and usually PA++++ at least +3. One thing you should know that you need to reapply sunscreen, for it to be effective constantly. Thinking that I have applied sunscreen once in the morning is enough, and you have not reapplied it, the actual means you haven’t used it at all. You have to reapply sunscreen after two hours maximum. Disregarding how high the SPF is on your sunscreen, you need to reapply at least every two hours. Especially during the hours of 12 pm noon and 4 pm, this is when you get the most UV exposure. If you can’t reapply consistently throughout the entire day, do so at least during that time block 12-4pm.

Most people think if they aren’t at the beach, exposed to direct sun, then they don’t need sunscreen. In reality, you get exposure to UV rays even if you are indoors from LED lights or if you sit by the window. If you want to make sure you are getting protection from all the by-products of sun damage, wrinkles, sunspot, etc . you need to apply sunscreen diligently.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

Re-Apply Makeup

Korean people are always re-applying their makeup. I have never seen this in Canada, Pakistan, India. But in Japan, they also do the same as Korean people. By re-apply their makeup, they are re-applying their sunscreen. As I mentioned in tip no one that sunscreen itself is a makeup product, it keeps skin looking white and flawless.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

Seven-Steps Of Korean Skincare Regime

Korean follow the daily skincare routine that involves multiple steps. You may have heard of the seven-steps Korean skincare regime, and that is not an exaggeration. Their skincare start from cleanser, which is a two-step process called double cleanser. First, they use an oil-based cleanser. Secondly, they use a foam-based cleanser. After cleansing, they apply toner and emulsion after that they use essence then they apply serum or ampoule. Lastly, they finished with cream, day cream, or night cream. So in order cleansing, exfoliate, toner, essence, serum or ampoule, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, sleep mask, SPF. So again re-emphasizing the diligence women put into their skincare morning and night.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

Eat Kimchi

Kimchi is super-food packed with so many nutrients, and it is very high in vitamin C and one of the . It is high in vitamin C then apple or any other fruit. Korean eat kimchi with every meal, if not with every meal at least once a day. That being said that they get their daily dose of vitamin C just through kimchi. Korean also use a lot of fruit. They use fruits as desserts. The fruit is very healthy, and it got a lot of vitamins and high water content. That help to boost skin elasticity. Kimchi is korean anti aging secrets.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

Use nuts

Nuts are very beneficial for the skin; it helps in antiaging and one of the korean anti aging secrets. Nuts increase blood circulation, improve complexion, and have anti-aging benefits. Nuts are very rich in vitamins E. General skin complexion also improve by using nuts; it contains twice antioxidants.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

Use Serum

Serum regenerates collagen to help wrinkle care. Using serum help to brightens dull skin by improving elasticity. It firms skin and prevents wrinkles. It is highly effective for anti-aging.  

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

Use Ginseng Mask

Ginseng Mask Detoxes the skin. There are many benefits of Ginseng Mask like it help in anti-aging and Promotes elasticity. This mask Rejuvenates the tired skin and Nourishes parched skin. It Promotes better absorption of active skincare ingredients and also works as Wrinkle repairing.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets


Good sleep is also one of the  korean anti aging secrets. At 10 pm to 2 am; your skin is healing and regenerating new cells. Nighttime skin wounds heal about 60 percent slower than daytime skin injuries.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

Apply Night Cream

Night cream work as an overnight pack. It treats pores, improves wrinkles, and brightens skin. When you wake in the morning, your skin will be sooth and moisturize.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

Morning Exercise

Morning exercise relieves the stress and make you fresh and energized. Exercise in the morning helps blood circulation, which helps to attain healthy skin. Morning exercise helps in Instant Glow and help in Wrinkle Reduction. When you do exercise, it bring sweat on the skin and sweat is great for clearing skin

Korean Anti Aging Secrets



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