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Latest Eid Mehndi Design for Girls


Every festival has its charm and celebrates in different styles. But, Eid is an important religious event which celebrated by Muslims all over the world after Ramadan ( Holy Month of Muslim when they are fasting). Ramadan is a month in which wholly dedicated To worshipping God and asking for forgiveness. Beside this religious occasion, it is an extraordinary event which brings happiness to us. At this event, family, friends are all together and enjoy this event. Everyone enjoy but Girls more excited because they are passionate about mehndi and bangles. Mehndi has become part of Eid, Basant, weddings, etc. So, On these events, women search for beautiful mehndi designs on the internet as well as from other sources. Here is a wide variety of splendid Eid Mehndi Design, you can select here for Eid.

Striking Mehndi Style

Here is one of most beautiful and fantastic design for Eid that you can apply to your palm as well as backhand. This striking design is gorgeous so you can quickly get the eye-catching attention of anyone when you use on the backhand.

Eid mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi is very popular among girls. The best thing about Arabic Mehndi design is outline which gives your hand a gorgeous look.  Ladies who have artistic aptitudes, they like Arabic Design. Arabic Mehndi Design mostly uses in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, etc. In Arabic Mehndi Design, many designs included like some design start from your wrist and some are diagonal lace patterns. Whatever design but it gives you trendy look.

Eid mehndi Design

Lines And Patterns Mehndi Design

Many Girls Want flying animals designs that make the appealing look of the hands. Lines and patterns designs are best for those ladies on Eid. When lines and cases get together, they make a procedure and framework. This mehndi design covers almost all your palm, so this design is also for those who like the heavy design of mehndi.

Eid mehndi Design

Roses and Net Design

Many women and young girls love nature and flowers. They want to apply those mehndi design which mesmerizing them.  Roses and exclusive mehndi design is one of the best options for those girls. You feel so peaceful and enchanting when you apply flower mehndi design on Eid.  A big flower can make in the middle of the hand and some short on arm and fingers with the net design.

Eid mehndi Design

Mehndi with Beads

Beads mehndi design is very famous in these days among girls. Mehndi with beads which make your design more attractive. Mostly teenagers attract to this sparkly mehndi design. You can use beads even on simple mehndi design. Different color of beads can fix on the design which provides a charming look of your hand.

Eid mehndi Design

Classic Mehndi Design

Classic tail mehndi design is best for those women who make dishes for family members.   It is a simple design which starts from finger and ends in the shape of the tail. This design is not just for eid, best for working women who attend some big events like anyone’s wedding.

Eid mehndi Design

Bewildering Mehndi Designs

Bewildering also included in our list of Eid Mehndi Design. This mehndi design is a charming and striking mehndi look. It is difficult to apply but the loveable design which mostly likes in the Middle East, India and Pakistan. It is the unique design which covers all your hand. Hope you will try this unusual design.

Eid mehndi Design

Punjabi Mehndi Design

We can’t forget to add Punjabi Mehndi Design to the list of Eid Mehndi Design. Punjabi Mehndi Design is considered one of Standard design. A peacock look is one of Punjabi Mehndi Design which gives you engaging look. Punjabi mehndi design does not take too much time to draw, and you can get the perfect design in short time. Mostly Muslim girls like this design in all over the world.

Eid mehndi Design

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Intricate Paisley Design

Paisley mehndi design is also one of unique design for Eid. In this design, hand arm and wrist included, ring-like outline on the back of the hand gives you unpredictable look. Typically this design is for a wedding but, now famous on Eid as well.

Eid mehndi Design

The Dark Mehndi

Dark mehndi Design is the kind of Arabic mehndi design. Many girls like dark mehndi design with flowers designs in the middle of the hand. Your hand will wholly cover in this design, and even you can’t see space on your hands.

Eid mehndi Design

Eid Mehndi Design

Sr. No Eid Mehndi Design
1 The Dark Mehndi
2 Intricate Paisley Design
3 Punjabi Mehndi Design
4 Bewildering Mehndi Designs
5 Classic Mehndi Design
6 Mehndi with Beads
7 Roses and Net Design
8 Lines And Patterns Mehndi Design
9 Arabic Mehndi Design
10 Striking Mehndi Design

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