Limelight Bags – Women Clutches Collection & Limelight Bags Types and Material



LimeLight is one of Pakistan’s most well-known fashion retail companies. It creates a great combination of traditional and fashionable apparel for fashionistas of all ages. Limelight is dedicated to offering high-quality products at reasonable rates that keep up with the latest fashion trends. Launched in 2010, with 65 locations around Pakistan, and now making a way into internet business. Limelight is known for its high-quality, eye-catching fabric, which leaves customers wanting more. With the change of seasons, it’s time to update your wardrobe and add new items. If you’re a true fashionista, you’ll know that nothing beats a shopping binge. As the weather cools, Limelight launched its debut collection of ladies’ bags. Limelight bags fabric is soft and lightweight, making it suitable for this season’s best accessories. The collection, made up of brilliant, bold, and vibrant colors, is an absolute eye-catcher for everyone.

Limelight Bags – Women Clutches Collection & Limelight Bags Types and Material

When it comes to dressing up, everyone has their distinct color and style preferences. Some people choose to go for a bold look, while others prefer a more subdued one. Limelight has it all. Limelight bags collection has a little something for everyone. You may find everything from modest and pure elegance to vivid designs that are both unique and captivating. With fascinating materials and drool-worthy designs, you’ll be ready to steal the show. Limelight offers a wide choice of bag styles, including knotted handbags, two-toned handbags, quilt design handbags, metallic finished handbags, and small handbags, all in brilliant hues.

Limelight bags types and material:-

As we all know, Limelight is mostly a clothing brand for men, women, and children, but it also offers a large variety of women’s bags. Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Clutches, Casual Clutches, Formal Clutches, Wallets, and Backpack Bags are examples of women’s handbags. Most bags made of faux leather, resin, canvas, denim, metal, fabric, crochet, nylon, and synthetic materials with matte or glossy finishes, among other materials. The design selection is extensive, with sizes, types, colors, and designs to choose from.

Colour range with quality:-

The best part about limelight clutches is that the embellishments and accessories don’t rust or fade, so they’ll last longer if you treat them well. Choose from a color palette that includes glossy pastels and rich, strong red, pink, and brown tones, among other options. Limelight dressy clutches are also available in gold, copper, and silver richly decorated varieties, best suited for truly formal occasions.

Limelight bags available in a wide range of colors, from strong Copper, Orange, Blue, Black, Red, Brown, Pink to pastels like Beige, White, Grey, Peach, Cream, etc. In addition, bags in golden and silver colors available in both decorated and primary varieties.

The best part of having Limelight bags is how affordable and high-quality they are. The majority of these bags are roomy and include many compartments. Although these embroidered and embellished ones are more expensive, they are still within reach of the bulk of Pakistani buyers. The stitching, embroidery, stonework, chains, handles, slings, buckles, clasps, zips, and other bag accessories are all high quality. They don’t rust or fade, and if used correctly, they’ll last a long time.

Limelight Casual Clutches:-

For young girls and women, the brand offers a variety of casual clutches. For a splash of glitz, these clutches either essential or delicately embroidered. Eyelet detailing, buckles, metal closures, crochet detailing, stitch detailing, metal handles, wooden handles, and textured or laser cut design all featured in these casual clutch collections. These clutches available in several solid colors or in a two-toned version that is even more fashionable.

Let’s see few clutches below:

Cutwork Clutch:

This color casual clutch handbag. This bag has a flap with a cutwork pattern and a dull gold base. It fastened with magnets. A Shoulder strap included a single storage compartment. It also has an inside pocket with an attached zipper for securing the compartment.

Limelight Bags

Metal Logo Clutch:

A beige color casual clutch. This has a magnetic snap closure on the foldover flap. Inside, there is one zip pocket—metallic hooks on a detachable shoulder chain strap. 

Limelight Bags

Fashion Clutch:

With a gold textured and metallic V-shaped flap, this clutch bag a fashionable—press lock made of metal. One zippered pocket, a single storage compartment, and a chain shoulder strap. This is Black.

Limelight Bags

Printed Clutch:

Limelight also has a grey snake printed casual clutch. It comes with a shoulder strap, a gold-colored chain. Magnetic fastening on the flap inside for making it secure, there is one zip pocket.

Limelight Bags

Limelight Formal Clutches:-

Limelight offers dressy clutches that carried to evening gatherings and holiday occasions for women who enjoy the bling. Limelight’s range of dressy clutches usually incorporates metal, imitation leather, resin, and glossy materials. Threadwork, metalwork, masonry, dabka kora, sequence work, embroidery, rhinestones, rivets, diamantes, chains, slings, buckles, handles, clasps, zips, and other embellishments adorn the majority of these garments. The preponderance of the items in this collection has fashionable round metal handles, long chains, magnetic and non-magnetic clasps, and so on. Few Formal Clutches collection listed below:

Pleated Satin Clutch:

The body pleated satin with a metallic clasp at the top. Inside there a tiny pocket. A single storage compartment Gold Chain Strap that can removed Purple is the color of choice.

Limelight Bags

Satin Boxed Clutch:

The body of this Army Green clutch is satin with a metallic clasp at the top. Inside there is a tiny pocket—a single storage compartment with a Gold chain strap that can be removed.

Limelight Bags

Suede Classic Clutch:

  Black color suede body clutches with a silver clasp in the style of handle. Inside there a tiny pocket—a single storage compartment with a gold chain strap that can be removed. 

Limelight Bags

Limelight Handbags:-

Limelight handbags are the brand’s centerpiece and a perfect option for fashion-obsessed women. In addition, there are ornate and formal-looking pieces appropriate for weddings and informal occasions, making excellent gifts. To complement most clothes, colors generally muted golds, silvers, greys, and beiges. A typical handbag would contain either intricate leather, suede, or a combination of all of these elements. A few handbags collections listed below:

Knot Tassel Handbag:

This pink handbag with a top handle and a magnetic fastening Shoulder strap may be adjusted. Inside, there are two chambers. Zip pocket on one side.

Limelight Bags

Textured Hand Bag:

On the Textured bag with hook and metallic fastener opener. Shoulder strap made of leather. Inside, there are Three compartments and One zipped pocket, One side pocket. Orange is the primary color for this series.

Limelight Bags


Limelight bags are from a range of stylish, trendy, and reasonable-priced bags for women and young girls. Limelight, a local apparel store, features a choice of casual to formal clutches that range in price based on the design. Their casual and formal clutches also available regularly, with costs reduced to appeal to a wider audience. These elegantly adorned formal clutches are perfect for weddings and formal gatherings, as well as making a terrific present. Casual clutches are ideal for everyday use as well as for more casual situations. Despite its excellent designs and embellishments, Limelight has remained a cost-effective brand.

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