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Lip Blushing – What Is Lip Blushing? How Much Does Lip Blushing Cost? How Long The Lip Blushing Last?



As time passing the professional cosmetic industry is also getting advance. Now there are lots of skin products we use in our daily regime that we can now go outside without makeup and with a confident look. Like we use a double cleanser (oily based and foamy based cleanser), then we use toner, serum, moisturizer, sun cream, and last but not least, Lip Balm.  And now’s days another item has been adding in the list is Lip Blushing. It’s a technique that is another form of lip tattoo but a permanent one. Lip shading lasts for almost two years. It makes your life easier; you don’t have to carry lip balm all the time.

Lip Balm is one of the necessary items in all the ladies’ bags. It’s a lip salve is wax type liquid, which we apply on lips to moisturize and relieve the chapped or dry lips. Sometimes we use then cure cold sores. Different varieties of brands use different materials; mostly, it contains beeswax or carnauba wax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin, and petrolatum. Lip balm also includes fragrances, flavor, dyes, sunscreen and phenol, salicylic acid.

Lip Blushing Technique

It’s like a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique. It helps to enhance the natural tint and shapes of the lip. Lip blushing technique helps the lips to boost and glossy touch. It designed to define the outline of lips, not too actually like a fuller. In a very natural way, lip, blushing technique gives the illusion that they are fuller. Lip blushing is like micro-blading for your lips.

Instead of lip balm, you can use this technique to make your mouth look prettier. This technique called lip blushing. You can enhance your lip color with a long-lasting pigment, not like 90 eras. In the 90s era, to improve the lip’s condition, females usually used tattooed lip liner. Unlike the lip tattoos of the 90s era, lip blushing is a unique shading and pixelating technique. By now, this is not the case; you can improve your lip condition by using the Blushing lip technique makes your lips look pretty. It helps to create a healthier and fuller look. There are versatile shades available in the market which customized to match your lip color. The healing process takes five to ten days.

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How to Choose the Lip Blushing Shades

When you are choosing lip blushing shade, try on your favorite mouth blushing shades in different neutral shades of rose, coral, and brown tones to see what suits best with your skin type. Lip blushing shades should be like your lip color, but it doesn’t mean like you can’t try different lip shades.

How Long is The Lip Blushing Last?

It depends on how carefully you follow the aftercare instruction. Longevity also depends upon how many touch up sessions you have. Mainly it stays last between two to five years.

How Much Does Lip Blushing Cost?

It cost between $700 to $1500, depending on you are you are living in. Sometime touch-up and maintenance sessions included in the price make sure before getting treatment to ask the cosmetic tattoo artist. Lip blushing is a cosmetic service that requires high-level technique and skill. So remember that you should only rely on the skilled, professional cosmetic tattoo artist. You should put yourself within the hands of someone you believe.

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Do Lip Blush Tattoos Hurt?

Yes, it’s hurt a lot. But mostly artist uses numbing cream, and some permanent makeup studios offer anesthetic with extra cost. Whatever technique suits you better.

How Long This Take?

The Lip blushing session takes two hours.

How Long Lip Blushing Tattoos Takes to Heal?

After the lip blushing procedure, it takes five to ten days for the lips to heal.

Do’s & Don’t Before Lip Blushing.


  • If you are suffering from some disease, take a preventive tablet before getting a session.
  • The color you want to tattoo, bring the color picture or lipstick with you.


  • Don’t consume alcohol, coffee, fish oil, vitamin E, aspirin, and ibuprofen. Because it can cause to thin the blood and can result in excessive bleeding during session

Do’s & Don’t After Lip Blushing


  • Use lip balm a lot, don’t let your lips dry. Keep them moisturize.
  • Follow up appointment with your artist.


  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Avoid work out for two weeks.
  • Don’t eat spicy food in the 48 hours.

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