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List Of Nutritious Foods To Eat Every Day – Eat These Foods Daily (or at least often)



You will see many clashing nutrition philosophies whenever you search for a list of nutritious foods to eat every day. You will see plenty of inventory of nutritious foods to eat every day that it can make your head explode. I learned this when I send my week-long diary to two different nutritionists with opposite backgrounds—guest what I received two wildly different feedback from each. If you are interested to know what list of nutritious foods to eat every day that nutritionist has suggested to me, read the complete article.

There is some super food that every nutritionist can agree on. In the super food, the list includes eggs, barriers, and fruits. These  supper food are best food for skin glow. When it appears to conflict, there is a long list in it. Some think soy is perfectly healthy, but some believe its very unhealthy food. Some think dairy is the devil and a terrible option for weight loss. But others believe yogurt is the nectar of the gods. And I could go on for days to count these differences.

List Of Nutritious Foods To Eat Every Day

These different options can make you frustrated. Even you start thinking like also is anything healthy for me. That precisely the question we are going to answer today. I have consulted with ten different nutrition’s from all diverse backgrounds and ask them to name healthy foods every day. Then I cross-referenced their feedback and put a master list of nutritious foods to eat every day. Keep scrolling to find the meals that nutritionists can agree on and which are suitable for your health.

List Of Nutritious Foods To Eat Every Day 

  • Blueberries
  • Dark, Leafy Greens
  • Avocados
  • Beans
  • Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Chia Seeds
  • Sprouts
  • Quinoa
  • Wild Salmon

List Of Nutritious Foods To Eat Every Day – Eat These Foods Daily (or at least often)

list of nutritious foods to eat every day


There is not a single nutritionist who argues with the power of blueberries. I called it brain barriers. In blueberries, you can find almost fifteen different types of phytonutrients. And all of them are high antioxidants that protect our every system of the body. Blueberries are not the only kind of internal network but also good for the skin and brain. One of the nutritionists told that the antioxidants in blueberries guard against damage to cells, muscles, and tissues. It is also essential for cardiovascular health, exercise recovery, and brain health.

Blueberries also provide healthy fiber-rich carbs, which help in digestion and weight management. It also loaded with tons of vitamin minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, C & K, and potassium. These healthy ingredients help build and maintain strong bones and help fight against heart and cancer disease.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day

Dark, Leafy Greens

Dark leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, Bok choy, and mustard green is another category of food that no nutritionist disagrees with. Leafy green vegetables are good for weight loss because they contain low calories. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamin, K, C and A, folate, potassium, calcium, iron, lutein, fiber, and magnesium. 

Kale and spinach, in particular, are beloved by nutritionists. These veggies contain high levels of antioxidants, which help to prevent many diseases. Kale also helps in lessening the cholesterol level. It also promotes liver and digestive health, and it is excellent detox food.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day


Avocado is one of the best super foods in the list of nutritious foods to eat every day. All the nutritionist named avocado as one of the top three healthiest food in the world. I called avocados ‘God’s Butter.” It is the perfect and best food. It is rich in vitamins K, C, B5, and B6. Avocados also contain minerals, potassium, and fiber. It helps to maintain digestive health.

The mono saturated lipids in avocados work as “cell membrane protectors. When your cells protected from free radicals damage, then they function better. And that helps to brighten your skin and faster your brain and also help to give more energy.

When you buy avocados, make sure to choose blackish green, and the pebbly surface has avocado. These avocados are higher in healthy fats and lower in carbs than the bright smooth green avocado. You can add avocados into your diet in so many different ways. You can slather on toast or mash up a quick batch of guacamole.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day


Beans are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are a good source of plant-based proteins and high ends fiber. It helps lower cholesterol levels, weight management, blood sugar management, and exceptional ability to keep the digestive tract running smoothly. All type of beans is excellent and rich in iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and zinc. So cook dried beans at home and choose salt-free varieties of canned beans or frains and rinse beans under running water.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day


Garlic is also one of the particular food that all nutrition experts can agree on. It contains healing properties like allicin, a phytochemical. We can call garlic fighting off viruses, bacteria, and fungi and fight against the common cold. Garlic contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals like manganese, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. it is also beneficial in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. Take garlic daily, and it’s the best way to take when it’s fresh and crushed, not overcooked. Because allicin in garlic is less impactful when cooked for more than ten minutes.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day


You will not find any nutrition who doesn’t approve lemon to add in your daily routine. It contains a long list of super importance minerals and vitamins. This juicy ball of sunshine good for digestion and the immune system. It’s also perfect for skin, hair, and heart. Lemon also protects our skin from free radicals because it contains vitamin C. The nutrition is lemon help to reduce the inflammation and also increase the proper cholesterol levels. Use lemon juice daily basis also use lemon juice on the salad to replace calorie and preservative packed dressings.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day

Chia Seeds

This super food loaded with omega 3s and antioxidants, which is very good for promoting optimum health. Chia seeds contain 40% of fiber; they are one of the best sources of fiber. For weight loss, chia seed is the best option because it helps you feel full while maintaining your digestive health. Not just the digestive system chia seed is valuable to the bone because it contains calcium and magnesium.

Add chia see in your daily diet, try to sprinkle chia seed on your cereal, to make a smoothie or adding them into the stir fry. Do not consume chia seed dry, instead add liquid to them.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day


It’s much-unexpected food, but 80% nutritionists approve of sprouts. Sprouts contain a high amount of sulforaphane, a biochemical nutrient that works against cancer. It produces anti-cancer enzymes in our body. You can grow sprouts yourself; they are super easy to grow and take very little space. So you can regularly have them on hand for salad.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day


It is a beautiful plant-based protein. Quinoa is a perfect protein source that contains the ideal proportion of nine essentials. It is an excellent source of naturally gluten-free protein, high in magnesium, fiber, riboflavin, manganese, and vitamin B, which help the body transform food into energy. Nutritionists recommend that replace rice with quinoa.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day

Wild Salmon

Do not confuse the wild salmon with farm-raised. Farm-raised salmon contain a high amount of toxin like PCBs, which are not right. Wild salmon is rich in omega-three fatty acids, which help to lower the toxin. Omega 3 is essential because it reduces the risk of heart disease and boosts your body’s energy level. Not only is this omega three also useful for reducing cancer, depression, and overall cognitive function. Wild salmon also loaded with amino acid and vitamin B. protein in wild salmon good for glowing skin, vibrant energy, and toned muscles.

list of nutritious foods to eat every day


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