Mashriki Clothing Stitched and Unstitched Collection 2022-2023



Mashriki women exude grace, confidence, and dignity as they promote freedom. Always youthful, with a solid desire to boldly wear Mashriki clothing. Their goal is for women to feel good about themselves. This brand is all about high fashion and setting trends for this year’s best festive and summer clothing.

Mashriki, as a brand, gives a vibe that can get in competition with Generation. However, they are just newbies on the fashion list. But still have a firm grip on their designs, cuts, embellishment and fabric stuff. That makes them popular among young girls, especially working young ladies. 

Mashriki Clothing Stitched and Unstitched Collection

This brand specializes their dealing in two categories:




Their stitched articles range from single shirts to two pieces and have matching separates. Moreover, they launch different collections from festive wear to basics. This article will discuss Mashriki clothing festive 2022 collection named Mahbano in detail. But, first, let’s dive into their trendy collection for women. 


A regular-fit barn red kurta with embroidered neckline. And sleeves is teamed with a finely embroidered red organza dupatta.


A lemon yellow regular-fit panelled kurta with embroidery along with the panels, combined with a gorgeous hand-ombre dyed dupatta in contrasting colors and sprinkled with gold sequins.


Emerald green regular-fit Kurta with intricately embroidered organza dupatta in the same shade of green.


A tea green regular-fit panelled Kurta with embroidered neckline and sleeves teamed with a beautifully embroidered green organza dupatta.


A tea pink regular-fit panelled Kurta with embroidered neckline and sleeves teamed with a tea pink embroidered organza dupatta.


A regular-fit kurta in jet black with an embroidered collar teamed with a digitally printed silk dupatta in contrasting colors.


Burnt orange flared peshwas with embroidered constructed sleeves and buttons around the neckline, teamed with block printed sharara trousers and a green digitally printed dupatta.

Here comes the end to their festive collection. Mashriki clothing brings the best winter essential collection for 2022. Their stuff is currently on sale. Hop on to their website for the best offers:


Let’s dive into the Basic winter collection by Mashriki:


A mauve regular-fit shirt with contrasting embroidery on the neckline looks stunning.


Our iconic wide-legged culottes with tilla embroidery are matched with a vermillion red regular fit shirt with puffy sleeves and same-colored embroidery on the collar and back of the shirt.


An embroidered and stitched squash orange regular-fit shirt with a little embroidered button feature on the collar and embroidery and stitching embellishments on the sleeves.


A regular-fit medallion yellow shirt with embroidered throughout and lace embellishments on the collar and sleeves.


Regular-fit kurta in glossy black with exquisite schiffli embroidered sleeves and buttons at the collar.


A long shirt in garnet maroon with a finely embroidered Kashmiri neckline.


A kurta with puffed sleeves and a finely embroidered collar in contrasting hues in a sweet apple red regular-fit kurta.


A long panelled shirt in jade green with pearl buttons on the collar and embroidered organza embellishments on the sleeves.


A burgundy regular-fit long shirt with finely embroidered pockets and collar tilla decoration.


The neckline of this turquoise green regular-fit long shirt wonderfully embellished with contrasting lace and embroidered accents.


Our traditional cropped pants in the same hue are coupled with a crepe pink regular-fit shirt with embroidered collar.

Some basic articles from Mashriki clothing Brand:


A crepe pink panelled long shirt with pearl buttons on the collar and schiffli embroidered sleeves in a regular fit.


A black straight-fit panelled shirt with fitting sleeves and top stitch decoration on the collar with delicately embroidered patterns.


An off-white to aqua blue ombre hand dyed standard fit shirt with hand embroidery on the neckline, stitching, and frayed ends on the sleeves and hemline.


A loose-fitting lime green kurta with delicately embroidered shoulders, lace accents on the sleeves and panels, and hand embroidery around the neckline.


A loose-fitting caramel yellow kurta with frayed ends on the sleeves and embroidered detail on the neckline and panels.


The exquisite hand embroidered decoration on the band collar, pocket, and sleeve foldings add to the Fuschia pink straight-fit shirt with a round hem.


A loose-fitting oxford blue kurta with embroidery and sheesha detailing at the neckline. The panels have lace insertions, and the sleeves have ragged edges.

Stitched Separates:

Mashriki, as a brand, takes good care of its customers by providing a wide range of matching separates for them. They have pants and culottes in primary colours with different designs always in high demand. In addition, they have a pants only category, which comprises other basic pants for ladies. The fabric used is cambric with some linear hemline details or sometimes contains embroidery on the hemline.

Unstitched collection:

Mashriki brands came with thrilling and filling summer unstitched collections. Therefore, This will take you to another level of summer festivity. Mashriki unstitched collection is all about intricate and eye-catching designs which bring a true sense of aesthetics to your wardrobe. Few articles from this collection will leave you drooling.


Shirt with a finely decorated lawn in a bright yellow colour. Schiffli embroidery adds a special touch. Floral is enumerated. The shirt’s border adorned with paisleys that continue. The front and back have Schiffli embroidered organza borders. It features a constructed back that has been digitally printed. Floral and paisley elements are nicely rendered. It’s coupled with a yellow chiffon dupatta with white embellishments that are digitally printed. It’s paired with a cambric trouser that’s been coloured off-white. It also comes with digitally produced sleeves. Finishes might include lace, metal coins, and beaded tassels.


The lawn shirt has a barn red tint with beautiful embroidery in deeper tones. The shirt embellished with sequined embroidered spray and two embroidered corner patches on the front. A broad, modest bohemian border for the shirt hem and a matching frame for the sleeves complete the look. The exquisite maximum embroidery on the neckline centered with two embroidered Patti. A lavishly decorated chiffon dupatta in red and charcoal black complements the soulful pattern. A cambric trouser in a similar red tone included with this ensemble. The rear of the shirt has a little embroidered design with two stitched Patti in the middle. Lace is used as a final touch to give the ensemble a sleek appeal. Necklines and dupatta corners can be adorned with tassels. For the holiday gatherings, this outfit will be enough.


In conclusion Mashriki clothing brand is a new brand that brings elegance and modernity to eastern wear. However Compared to many former brands, they are working great on women’s fashion, following the latest fashion trends, and Above all, keeping them in the best eastern style for women who want to wear eastern. 

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