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Microblading eyebrow, How Long Does Microblading Last? Microblading Eyebrows Before & After Care



In the microblading eyebrow article, we will learn about what is Microblading? How Long Does microblading eyebrow Last? Microblading cost, How Long Does it take for microblading eyebrow to heal? Extending the life of microblading eyebrow, skin type consideration, and healing time. Whether you are someone who has uneven arches, sparse brows, or no brow hairs at all, it’s good that you are here and learning about microblading.

Microblading eyebrow, Microblading Eyebrows Before & After Care

Microblading eyebrow

What is Microblading?

You must have heard about cosmetic tattooing techniques; Microblading is one of those techniques. Once you have made your dream’s brows tattoo, it will last for a longer time than regular brows pencils, pomades, and pens. The reason why microblading is best other than simply tracing brows with a temporary color because this technique relies on multiple needles aligned in a row to print pigment under the skin to mimic the look of excellent hairs. There is no other way to get fluffy, natural hair-like brows that are built to last. To get more knowledge about microblading, we consult with brows experts and keep scrolling to find out what they say about micro-blading.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Mostly we assume that microblading brows will not last too long or forever since it’s a technical tattoo. However, that’s not true, and the expert told us that the best microblading is only expected to last between 1 year to 3 years. And mostly microblading lasts for around two years. The brow tattoo will start to fade gradually during this mentioned period. Expert suggests that when brow tattoo started fading, a touch-up session is required around four to eight weeks. Because the strokes are not as deep as a permanent tattoo, the pigment can lighten or fade during the healing time. And when we do a second round of touch-up sessions, we seal the deal.

Microblading Cost

The microblading price varies in the different regions depending on location, experience, popularity, and competition of artists. But mainly microblading cost ranges between $400 up to $1000. But if you are looking for cheap, it can cost you $200.

How Long it Take for Microblading to Heal?

As you already know, a regular tattoo takes time to heal; just like that, microblading also takes some time to heal. According to the expert, the most outer layer of the epidermis takes 14 days to heal. However, the underneath skin will continue to rebuild itself for several weeks. Your recovering time increases or decreases depending upon your care after microblading. After microblading, ensure post-treatment and proper care; the tattoo will heal properly and last as long as possible.

One major thing you should keep in your mind that after microblading upper surface heals in a maximum of two weeks, inner layers take four to six weeks to heal. During this period, the brows tattoo looks noticeably faded, but that’s by the end of the healing process. After this period, the fluffy hairs like strokes will look excellent and will reveal themselves in full.


Things to Avoid While Microblading

While microblading healing processes, there are things you should avoid. Firstly avoid getting brows wet. Do not go to direct sunlight. Make sure to resist scratching them because all three mentioned actions can increase scabbing potential and irritation.

How to Prolong the Life of Microbladed Brows

As you already know, after reading How Long Does Microblading Last? Those microblade brows are designed to last for two to three years. But after microblading, there are things you can do to extend their life as much as possible. First of all, protect your brows from too much sun exposure by applying SPF cream daily. While healing process, avoid using harsh exfoliants as well as other chemical products on the skin.

Microblading Technique for Dry Skin VS Oily Skin Consideration 

As you are thinking about microblading techniques, you should also clarify that skin type likewise affects the longer or shorter tattooing period. It’s possible to meet with different people with other points of view about the microblading technique because they may have different skin types.
Expert says that dry skin type and standard skin type take to microblading the best. On average, to dry skin, hair strokes expand during the healing process, and in the end, it heals nicely. But when we talk about oily or think skin microblading is not for that type of skin. The strokes will fade out and blur rather quickly on oily or thin skin than usual to dry skin. Oily skin will normally have an insignificantly more diffused effect on hair strokes because of excess oil and regular cell turnover.
But if you have oily but mature skin, you can get tattooing cosmetic treatment. Mature skin tends to be relatively thin and less firm; that’s a reason it requires a more gentle approach.


Before doing microblading treatment, you should know some facts mentioned above in How Long Does Microblading Last? If you weigh whether or not you should do microblading, keep one thing in your mind that’s not a permanent solution. It is intended to fade over time, not like a permanent tattoo. The pigment used in the microblading technique tends to fade over time. The strokes created with microblading are much thinner, more delicate, and require less ink saturation, so they may soften, lighten and shrink over time.

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