Most Expensive Necklace In The World – Who Owns The Most Expensive Necklace In The World



Jewelry is every woman’s weakness. Women love to wear jewelry. Jewelry’s main items are rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earing. And any man on earth can please her women with diamond and if its a diamond necklace it’s even better. Today in this section, we are going to discuss the most expensive necklace in the world. Wearing expensive jewelry is every woman’s dream, and it’s diamond jewelry. It’s even better. Diamond is the most loyal friend of every woman of any region. If any women wear an expensive diamond necklace, it enhances the beauty and elegance of any woman. The expensive diamond ring is a symbol of love from a man, but the necklace is for women’s beauty. It gave women a royal look. So here is the list of Top most expensive necklace in the world.

Most Expensive Necklace In The World – Who Owns The Most Expensive Necklace In The World

1. A Heritage in Bloom – $200 Million

A real masterpiece, a beautiful necklace was designed by Chinese master craftsman Wallace Chan. It contains 383.4-carat precious stones with the central divine transparent diamond solo worth a dazzling $35 million. It also includes 19 more divine colorless diamonds, 600 pink diamonds,114 icy green jadeites, and 72 white mutton fat jades. All these valuable jewels help to lift the necklace’s weight to a sizeable half pound. It takes 47000 hours to complete this masterpiece. The beautiful and exciting thing about the necklace is that the necklace has a modular design that can worn in 27 ways.

most expensive necklace in the world

2. The “Incomparable” Diamond Necklace – $55 Million

The most classic necklace in the list of the top most expensive necklace in the world is L’ Incomparable diamond necklace. This necklace is precious because of its fascinating asymmetrical and unique design, and the fascinating tale behind it. The little girl in 1980 invented the diamond used in this necklace. After the discovery of these diamond for this finishing, it has been sold to many jewelers. And at last these beautiful diamond are used for necklace making.

Mouawad company use these diamond for making the necklace. This classic necklace contains a 407.48-carat diamond. This stone placed in rose gold and prominent by 91 white diamonds. The weight of this precious is an amazing 637 carats. Incomparable matches a vine as the central stone fixes from the stem. 

most expensive necklace in the world

3. The “Heart of the Ocean” – $20 Million

Heart of ocean very rare and beautiful diamond was being used in most famous movie Titanic. That is why it is very famous all over the world. Harry Winston Made this antique piece. Heart shape big blue diamond looks like the heart of the ocean. In 1998 famous actress Gloria Stuart wears this in an award show.  Beautiful Neck-piece features a heart-shaped blue diamond surrounded by white diamonds and hangs from a string of white diamonds.

J. Peterman produced an authentic movie replica that exactly matches the necklace used in the movie. These replicas have become much asked after collector’s items, and a single piece can even retrieve up to $5,000 today.

most expensive necklace in the world

4. The “Heart of the Kingdom” – $14 Million

As you see the name of the necklace, The heart of the kingdom shows that heart of someone special. The kingdom of the heart has a heart-shaped red color ruby diamond. Total rubies weight is 40.64 carat — heart of kingdom necklace made by a very famous jewelry company of the world, Gerrard. The elegant necklace made of 150 rare diamonds — it very pretty diamond necklace worn by queens.

This Neckpiece gets a lot of attention because of its deep blood pigeon red hue. The fantastic thing about this necklace is that you can wear it as a crown. The “Heart of the Kingdom” has a total of 150 diamonds. A Swiss lab has declared that the dazzling ruby is remarkably rare and very genuine. 

most expensive necklace in the world

5. Leviev’s Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant – $10 Million

Israeli diamond tycoon Leviev makes an attractive diamond necklace. It made of a big yellow diamond and colorless diamonds. The weight of the vivid yellow diamond necklace is 77.12 carat. Very attractive pendant, chain made of white colorless diamond and pendant has a big yellow very rare diamond.

most expensive necklace in the world

6. Christie’s Diamond Necklace – $8.14 Million

I am speechless after watching this marvelous diamond necklace. It made of dewdrop shape colorless diamonds. The total weight of the diamond is 104.84 carats sold in 2013. This beautiful diamond is a very expensive and rare item in the world. Christie’s diamond necklace is giving a very royal and rich look.

most expensive necklace in the world

7. Etcetera Burmese Ruby Necklace – $6.4 Million

Beautiful an attractive neck-piece, word end at this necklace. It made of red and white diamonds, which are making it more pretty. Oval shapes red rubies on side and dewdrop shaped diamond in the middle of it, and it attached with small diamonds. Overall it looks very royal and luxurious. In 2013 in Hong Kong, it sold at auction. Its total weight is 87.78 carat.

most expensive necklace in the world

8. The “Mrs. Winston” – $5.8 Million

In 2013 in the golden globes award, miss Jessica alba wore this gorgeous necklace. It features different sizes and different shapes of diamonds like dewdrop, square, and rectangle. Its total weight is 187.5 carat — one of the antique necklace in the list of the most expensive necklace in the world in the list.

most expensive necklace in the world

9. The “Red Scarlet” – $5.1 Million

James W. Currens, the world’s more famous jewelry designer, made the red scarlet necklace. In 2012 at the auction, it sold at the price of 5.1 million dollars. Red Scarlet necklace designed by using twenty-six oval-shaped rubies. Rubies approximately weight is 5.38 carats. The beautiful thing about the necklace is except pear-shaped diamond, platinum, and yellow gold also used in it.

most expensive necklace in the world

10. Christie’s Diamond Pendant – $4.8 Million

It is sold at the auction in 2001 at the price of 4.8 million dollars. Very simple and unique pendant made of a colorless diamond. It features pear shape diamond and small round diamond installed on it. Its chain made of white gold. Simple, beautiful pendant weight is 47.49 carat. The diamond pendant is giving a very beautiful and rich look.

most expensive necklace in the world

11. The “Marie Antoinette” Necklace – $3.7 Million

Queen Marie Antoinette is the queen of France who doesn’t know her beauty and her lavish life style. That beautiful necklace named after her. The beautiful necklace features a yellow and pink diamond of 1.84 carats. Platinium has enhanced the look of the necklace.

De Beers designed this beautiful necklace. This neckpiece features 1.84 carat pink rear diamonds, which are vertically lined in the center. And two yellow 5.24 carats and 7.06 carats diamonds are places in a parallel way. It also contains three precious gems that accentuated by a sum of 181.1 carats in small diamonds set in platinum.

most expensive necklace in the world


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