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Nail Polish Dryer Methods – How Can I Make My Nail Polish Dry Faster at Home



The worse feeling is that getting a manicure but is smudge before leaving the salon. Almost all of us know that specific feeling; messing up freshly painted nail polish is eye-roll inducing at best. We are living in a fast world, and nobody has extra time to waste on manicure mishap. But fortunately, there is a different method to avoid the manicure mishap. Keep scrolling down and see the nail polish dryer methods that will make your life easier.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods – How Can I Make My Nail Polish Dry Faster at Home

How Can I Make My Nail Polish Dry Faster at Home

Run Nails under Cold Water

The first nail polish dryer methods are run your hands under cold water. This method will help speed up the dry time.  While moving your hands under cold water, the go option for steady water flow but not a heavy one because super-fast water can also smudge the nail polish.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

 Blast Your Wet Nails With Cold Air

The second method of nail polish dryer methods is to blast your wet nails with cold air. You can use a fan or blow-dryer that will help the polish harden faster. If you are using a blowdryer to dry manicure, be sure to press the cool shot button continuously while drying because warm air could melt your nail polish.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Hold Your Hands In the Freezer

Some of us hate feeling cold, but when it comes to our nails and the chance to avoide the smudged polish, we are willing to do what it takes. After applying manicure, hold your hands in the freezer for two minutes. The freezer’s cold air will help solidify the top layer of polish so that you don’t have to be careful immediately after a manicure.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Try a Fast- Drying Nail Polish

There is different fast drying nail polish out there in the market that requires zero extra steps to speed up drying. Because the nail polish manufacturers caught on to the face that most people wish polish would dry faster. Fast-drying nail polish is easy to apply. You simply paint it on and you will see your nails dry by the time you finish your last one.

Choose your color wisely (if you have a shorter time or you are in a hurry) If you are in a hurry, select your nail shades wisely because some color dries faster than others. If you are in a rush, reach for sheer or metallic shade. Sheer or metallic shades tend to dry faster and typically require fewer coats.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Try Using Quick Dry Drops

If you have quick dry drops at home or at the salon, using it can help polish dry faster. OPI’s Drip Lacquer Drying Drops are hit among ultra-shoppers. These drop help to dry nails polish in one minute flat.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Drop of Olive Oil Onto Your Nails

Well, you must be thinking it’s insane to put drop of olive oil onto your nail polish. Well, just like the quick-dry drop method, olive oil can also help speed up drying. There is no rocket science behind this nail polish dryer method. Anyway, if you fail, at least your nails will be hydrated.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Soak Your Nails In an Ice

Above a mention, cold air, freezer, and cold running water can help dry the nail polish faster. Same when you soak your nails in a bowl of ice water, your polish will dry faster than you imagine. While it might seem like soaking the freshly painted nail in water would rinse the lacquer away. But it’s the opposite; it will shock the color into place; it’s all thanks to temperature. Just make sure not to let your nails touch any of the cubes because that would smudge the polish.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Paint in light, Thin Layers

Applying thin layers will help them dry faster. To paint your thinnest layer, be conscious of how much polish is on your brush. The best way is to swirl it around the opening of the bottle to remove any excess lacquer.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Increase your Wait time between Coats

Increasing the wait time between the first and second coat makes a world different. It will help decrease the chance of bubble, and it dries faster—a few extra minutes between first and second coat worth avoiding twice that time to fix smudge.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Finish With a Spritz of Hairspray

Hair spray help to intricate hairstyles in place; just like that, it also helps dry nail polish faster. Remember that quick spritz help to harden the top layer of polish, and it does not work on drying the base layer below. So you can bump your nails aggressively for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Cooking Spray Hack

If you don’t have hairspray at the moment, then head to the kitchen and take PAM natural, fat-free original oil spray. The oil-based products help to dry the top layer of nail polish in a cinch. But it leaves the fingers a bit greasy.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods

Use Dedicated Nail Drying Spray

Some products in the market are designed specifically for speeding up the nail drying time. Ultra Professional nail dry is the safest option to dry nail faster. This spray set polish to avoid smearing, but you still have to avoid the major bump to avoid dents because the base layer is still not hardened.

Nail Polish Dryer Methods


We have mentioned 12 different methods to dry nails, but if you don’t want to try these, you can go with the option that is past time with your favorite show or call with your best friend. This method will not help your nails dry more quickly, but it will make time go by faster.
My favorite Nail Polish Dryer Methods is to watch a show or sometimes put my polish hands onto the freezer, so tell me in a comment what your favorite method to dry nail?

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