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Natural Nail Care Routine – Nail Care Routine at Home Step By Step



Nowadays, we people get so busy in our life that grooming ourselves is becoming a big deal now. A well-balanced diet, careful beauty regimen, and basic personal hygiene can help us achieve this grooming. When it comes to self-grooming, taking care of your hands, especially nails, is very important as they represent your whole personality. Due to busy schedules we can’t afford to go to the saloon regularly. To have salon-quality nails is a fraction of the cost and chemical burden anyone will face. Are getting a manicure isn’t t only way to take care of your nails. Here we made list of Natural Nail Care Routine & techniques to keep your nails naturally tidy and appealing without using chemicals.

Natural Nail Care Routine – Nail Care Routine at Home Step By Step

Your nails need your attention every day. Here are a few easy tactics and suggestions to get you to start your natural nail care routine. Nails that are entirely natural look 100 times more and more attractive. Below is s list of 10 techniques to keep your nails naturally tidy and appealing without using chemicals or spending a lot of money. Take a peek around.


Hand washing is excellent for keeping your nails clean on the surface, but they’ll need some more care to get clean and white below. 

Natural Nail Care Routine

Hack The easiest way to clean them is to scrape baking soda beneath each nail with a moist toothbrush. Then, combine few drops of lemon juice if you need extra whitening power.

Cut & file:

If you ever had long nails, you’ve almost certainly experienced broken nails at some point. That makes it an incredibly unpleasant experience to have your nails broken. They’re also bothersome, and the habit of picking aggravates this situation.

Natural Nail Care Routine


 You are learning to keep your nails well-trimmed; the only way to avoid them being damaged. 

You already know how long your nails will survive, so there’s no use in lengthening them to avoid a painful break when doing house chores and dishes.

Gentle Nail Paints:

Nail polish commonly contains toluene, dibutyl phthalate, dimethyl and diethyl phthalates, camphor, and formaldehyde. Thankfully, some nail paints brands like OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen, and Revlon do not include these chemicals but still read back labels carefully before buying. 

Natural Nail Care Routine


Go for Water-based polishes that are simply available. Yet, this solution doesn’t last as long as oil-based polishes but is the safest natural nail care routine option.

Cuticles moisturizing:

Your fingernails may not require moisture, but your cuticles and fingertips certainly do. Although cuticles are a naturally challenging part of our skin, they are susceptible to cracking and drying, irritating. If you’re searching for a simple, natural moisturizer for your cuticles, try best from natural nail care routine DIY herbal body lotion:

You’ll require:

1 cup rosewater

3/4 cup oil carrier (almond)

beeswax, 1/2 oz.–1 oz

a blender and double boiler (both)

essential oils, 

clean glass jars

Natural Nail Care Routine


1: In a double boiler, slowly heat oil and beeswax until beeswax melts. Fill blender halfway with oil mixture and set aside to cool to room temperature. The mixture will thicken and get hazy.

2: Turn blender on high speed and gently pour water into oil at the center of vortex in the smooth, thin stream once the mixture has cooled. If your blender gets hot, stop and let it cool before continuing; otherwise, heat will re-melt oil and beeswax, preventing suitable emulsion.

3: When the mixture turns white and has a thick consistency, keep an eye on it. As cream becomes too thick to take anymore, the blender will begin to stutter. It’s alright if you don’t use all the water.

4: If you want to combine essential oils, do so now by gently folding in 1–2 drops.

5: Using a spatula, scrape all creams out of the blender and in glass containers. Close the jar and keep it somewhere cold and dry. Creams will keep for up to a month if kept in the refrigerator.

Pro tip:

we’re talking about cuticles, don’t clip them. Trimming your cuticles, which are living parts of your body, is a sure way to get sick and get nail injury.


Quoting personal events, I never used to buff my nails until one of those mall salesmen selling hand and body care packages encouraged me to do so. They grabbed my hand and put some magic block on my nails for about 30 seconds before showing me, and I was slightly impressed – they were extremely smooth and shiny. I ended up purchasing a buffing stick, which I now use before every manicure at home. This is meant to extend the life of your nail polish. Of course, a smooth surface and little more shine help to improve the appearance of bare nails.

Natural Nail Care Routine

Natural Ways to Protect Your Nails:-

Because you’re reading this Natural nail care routine, let’s assume you don’t use many household chemicals for cleaning. This is beneficial to both you and your nails. However, if you haven’t completely overcome this habit, you should consider wearing gloves to protect yourself. Household chemicals can damage and discolor your nails over time if they are used often.

Choose Some Decent Nail Polish Remover: 

Acetone-free nail paint remover is readily available and kinder on your nails. Some brands sell removers made entirely of soy and maize, whereas No-Miss’ Almost Natural has fruit acids and vanilla in it.

Healthy Diet:-

Healthy nails need d well-balanced diet. Protein and omega-3 fatty acids are required for good health. In addition, biotin-rich diets help to avoid brittleness, whereas selenium-rich meals help to prevent whitened nail beds. 

Nail-strengthening treatment:

In this natural nail care routine, let me share this nail strengthening treatment from Gillian Deacon’s book, There’s Lead in Your Lipstick.

You will need:

One tablespoon wheat oil, 

Two tablespoons castor oil, 

Two teaspoons salt.

Combine ingredients in n tightly sealed container and store.

Apply a tiny amount on your nails and massage it with your fingers. The process should take 3 to 5 minutes to complete. Using the wet towel, wipe away residue.


In the Natural nail care routine, we mentioned few steps that you can do at home regularly, which make your nails and hands even more attractive. Take these tips as nail and hand food and make your life easy.

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