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Nowadays, having full-time accessories on point is one of the best trends that Pakistani youth enjoy. On getting matching accessories, Thousands of rupees were spent. Having matching and trendy shades as eye wear accessory is a whole new fever. For that, hunting original sunglasses in Pakistan is another kind of hustle. 

In Pakistan, original sunglasses are less to find, while dupes are easily available. You can find them at any or every corner shop of your Muhalla. The thing that hurts most is that you buy 15000 worth of frames, but that is still a master copy, not original. This hurt the sentiments of people who know how to own a class. 

Original Sunglasses in Pakistan & Best sunglasses brand in Pakistan

For this purpose, we have done a hell of research. And come on this point, you can have Original sunglasses in Pakistan by original brands with the help of a few pages on Instagram. That pages guarantee and provide original products.

The story won’t end here. First, we will discuss new brands for sunglasses other than Gucci, Prada and Chanel. After that, we will disclose that website you can order without having any second opinion.  

Let’s roll our sleeves for some new sunglasses brands:

Lunetterie Generale:

Precious materials and custom-made components mix in Lunetterie Générale’s Canadian and Japanese-made Original sunglasses. Which creates distinctive and attractive eyewear that will accompany you throughout your life. Take the time to analyse the world of this high-end and inexpensive Quebec brand, which caters to a wide range of your people’s needs.

They have a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women looking for antique and unique frames.

Anne Et Valentin:

The Anne et Valentin brand aims to bring out each individual’s uniqueness and enthusiasm. Skillfully Shapes and colors mix to make a one-of-a-kind pair of spectacles. There is the pure joy of choosing from a wide range of emotions, shapes, and colors.

Lunor Original Sunglasses in Pakistan:

The Lunor brand, created in 1991 by German optician Gernot Lindner, an ardent antique collector, offers a range of eyewear that straddles the line between tradition and modernity. The company’s guiding idea is to be inspired by the beauty of antique frames to create timeless eye wear, which is popular among ladies and men who wish to look great every day.

Lunor’s attention to detail and expertise in eyeglasses result in one-of-a-kind eye wear designs that appeal to all enthusiasts of fashionable accessories. Please don’t hesitate to ask their opticians for assistance in choosing the Lunor frame that best matches your needs. Original sunglasses in Pakistan that are fashionable, comfortable, and attractive. So just allow yourself to relax.

Chrome Heart:

A former carpenter and motorcycle enthusiast Richard Stark founded his company in 1988. Originally a premium jewellery brand in a quirky environment, he now provides frames with amazing attention to detail and flawless finishes: Swords, fleur-de-lys, Celtic crosses…

Sterling silver jewellery inlaid on Japanese acetate, 22-carat gold, and leather spectacles depict the complete Chrome Hearts universe. To retain an elite, confidence, and rock’ n’ roll image, goldsmithery and eye wear design unite to create outstanding frames that are midway between a pair of original sunglasses and a priceless diamond.

Gotti Original Sunglasses in Pakistan:

Design is something that emerges from the heart. Sven Götti, a Swiss businessman, launched his company in 1993 with this assurance as a guideline. Eye wear design, in his opinion, is a long intellectual and technological process aiming at reducing style to the most basic level feasible. This basic approach, he believes, allows for the creation of timeless designs. For example, these sunglasses have a technique for folding the temples flat and are made without screws, glue, or soldering.

Lindberg Eye Wear:

Lindberg is a designer who isn’t hesitant to flaunt his work as a proud symbol of high-end Scandinavian original sunglasses. His objective was to produce a subtle and traditional beauty through products that were brilliantly simple in design. When simplicity reduces to its most basic form, The visual impact of the Danish brand is only enhanced. Did you mention that you’re a perfectionist?

Lindberg has established itself as a premium craftsmanship player by dealing with gold, platinum, and diamonds. In addition, the eyewear company uses acetate, titanium, and even horn to search for authenticity in the realm of modernity.

Lindberg is a staunch believer in the benefits of technological advancements and does not shy away from employing cutting-edge proprietary technology. The firm, based on its perfected know-how, routinely eliminates the unnecessary by removing screws, rivets, and welds. A concentration on minutiae and painstaking manual finishing results in an aristocratic collection that will appeal to the most discerning clientele. It is only 4 grammes in weight.

Lindberg can define it in three words, functionality, accessibility, and simplicity.

Caroline Abrams Original Sunglasses in Pakistan:

These sunglasses are ultra feminine for women who are a little off-beat or think outside the box.

Caroline Abrams’ collections are for ladies who desire to feel attractive, sensuous or touch out of the ordinary. Caroline creates demand, the need to have them in all colors, to combine them with your bag or your shoes, until they become a true fashion item, in answer to the expression “glasses don’t suit me.” Caroline Abrams is a French designer who isn’t short on sass. All of her eye wear models have bright and colorful personalities. Gloomy? We had never heard of it before.

Eyevan 7285:

These Eyevan 7285 series is a direct descendent of the well-known Eyevan brand and exhibits all of the know-how of diligent and enthusiastic Japanese eyewear artisans. Eyevan 7285 frames include a stylish look and high-quality materials that appeal to young people and celebrities. Their basic and clean design, inspired by ancient spectacles and telescopes, is completely adaptable to many styles. With their minimalist Japanese aesthetic, you may embrace stylish and modernism.


As promised, you can have these original sunglasses in Pakistan by ordering from drop shipped stores in Pakistan or Instagram, a few shops like Mode, The UK. These original sunglasses are way better than those master copies which cost thousands of rupees. 

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