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Here we are going to discuss fashion and designing of the world and especially in Pakistan. We all know women are more sensitive toward fashion designing than men. Women want to remain up to date all the time. And they get fashion in everything such as in clothes, shoes, etc. In Pakistani Fashion Designers increases day by day. Pakistan became one of the most popular countries in the world in fashion designing. Initially, Pakistan was not prominent in fashion and, but later Pakistani fashion designers start work in fashion designing.

Pakistani Fashion Designers got great fame overall the world. They struggled hard in fashion designing and made Pakistani fashion designing unique from other countries fashion. In Pakistan, many schools created to spread the knowledge of fashion and designing.  There are thousands of fashion designers in Pakistan, but we are going to discuss top fashion designers of Pakistan.

Zainab Chottani

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Zainab chottani is a Pakistani fashion designer and one of the most famous fashion designer. In 1999 She started her profession from bridal wear. Simultaneously increases in other fashion and designing. She works with traditional colors and uses embroidery with complex cuts to form new designs. She is the only lady who presents her creations in Pakistan as well in many other countries such as Dubai, the USA, and London. Zainab Chottani mainly worked on bridal dresses and got lots of success in it. She started with bridal, and she designed bridal gowns. That bridal dress resembles with the old fashion designs such as old Mughal Era dresses. Mughals wore heavy dresses, and these dresses were full of broidery and colors were very simple.

Zainab Chottani started her brand Aqua and Mera Pakistan, and she launched her brand in 2012. Her brand specially made summer dresses. Her dresses mostly liked by all the women even outsides of the country. After this, she launched a new brand Mera Pakistan, the only purpose of this brand to introduce Pakistani culture to the ladies. She did her first show with FARIHA ALTAF and discussed all the struggle difficulties during her journey. Now we will move toward second fashion designer.

Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Now there is a second most prominent name in front of us which is NADIA HUSSAIN. Nadia is the most famous Pakistani Fashion Designers. And also an actress, TV show host, and model of fashion designing. Talented lady started her career from 19 years as a model and even did her practice of the dentist. She is the only lady who was called by RIZWAN BEYG for her Sarajevo fashion week. Nadia also worked in many drama serials, and she even got much fame as a model. Nadia Hussain also worked in the dresses of the women, and she also provides a collection for women dresses including lawn and many other types of suits.

Maheen Khan Pakistani Fashion Designers

Pakistani Fashion Designers

There is a prominent Pakistani fashion designer who got fame overall the world. Maheen khan started her career in 1972 and designed many costumes for the movie. She also started many fashion shows in Pakistan and presently she was a CEO of Fashion Pakistan Week. She is a costume designer, especially for the Pakistani film industry. Maheen Khan also an award winner of fashion such as THE EMBROIDERY HOUSE, MAHEEN, and GULABO. The Lady Maheen khan made embroidery for the film Snow White and the Huntsman and TV series JEWEL IN THE CROWN. MAHEEN KHAN also presents her collection in Milan Fashion Week. She got the title of COCO CHANNEL OF THE EAST from the audience of that show.


Pakistani Fashion Designers

Maria B is a brand name in Pakistan which consists of the clothing brand. MARIA.B brand owned by Maria Butt. Maria.B has original name Maria Bilal butt and business started by Maria. Lady Maria was graduated in fashion designing from Pakistan Institute of fashion and designing in 1999. She graduated from Lahore and started her business with a single shop which is consists of a few machines. Initially, Maria spends few thousand rupees, and at the end,  got a big reward such as at present. She was the best fashion designer in Pakistan and provide different types of fabric such as linen, cotton, and embroidered fabrics also. She has her main headquarter in Lahore, and she also provides accessories along with clothing. Maria B too famous for her following brands:

  • Mkids
  • Cotton by Maria.B
  • Evening wear by Maria.B
  • Maria B lawn
  • Maria B linen
  •  Embroidered by Maria.B

Khadija Shah

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Here prominent Pakistani fashion designers who also got fame through fashion and designing. Khadija Shah got inspiration from her mom Aneela Shah. Who also had a lot of experience with clothes. Khadija growing up by seeing her mother’s fashion and designs and these fashion and designs made her love the clothes. She is the only lady who is behind the biggest brand which is ELAN. She went to London to complete her education and returned to Pakistan. When she returned to Pakistan, then she organizes an association with name ELAN. This is the only brand who got great success even in a little passage of time. After this Khadija Shah worked hard on ELEN brand and made it a powerful brand. Nowadays that brand beat all other biggest brands of Pakistan.

ELEN brand made in 2006, and that brand provides high-quality unstitched clothes, and there is a piece of small information for you that people love ELEN brand’s lawn by heart. Khadija worked hard for her brand, and at the end, she got the reward, and now her brand became one of the biggest and popular brands. ELEN lawn is one of the most purchased fabric in ELEN brand. Most people reserve her brand’s lawn before the collection presents.

Sadaf Fawad Khan

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Sadaf Fawad Khan is a Pakistani celebrity, businesswomen and fashion designer. She launched versatile fashion and clothing brands. In 2012 Sadaf Fawad Khan (SFK) Bridals debuted earlier as Silk by Fawad Khan. The brand SFK began with an particular focus on silk designs in chic and classic silhouettes. SFK later evolved as an impeccable design house. In 2016 they offered for both men and women bridal and formal couture under the label -SFK Bridals. SFK Bridal designs show a wide range of innovative styles with parts of both traditional and modern influences.

Mina Hasan

Pakistani Fashion Designers

The Mina Hasan brand is one of the popular brands in Pakistan. Their philosophy is to give women more courteous and aware of their style. Lady Mina Hasan herself assumes clothes to be just one aspect of this. It is a usual sense of poise and grace that Mina promotes, which doesn’t just come with enrobing a beautiful outfit but also carrying it with elegance and femininity. To this end, she has lately opened a salon in collaboration with her niece Natasha as an continuation of her brand’s philosophy and style. Ultimately, the Mina Hasan brand aim is to become a wider-reaching lifestyle brand to add interiors, decor, furniture.

Saira Rizwan

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Saira Rizwan founded in 2007, and it is high-end luxury brand. Since 2007 Saira earned a leading name in the Pakistani Fashion Designers. This brand becomes famous due to its diverse array of designs for modern women of Pakistan. From traditional, contemporary to fusion designs that highlight the precise cuts that are in keeping with continuing trends. Saira brand collection range from pret to ready to wear lawn, formals, bridals, winter jacket, mehndi collection.

Shehla Chatoor

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Shehla Chatoor is the most famous name in Pakistani Fashion Designers. She graduates from the University of Houston. Lady Shehla is the most skilled designer of Pakistan working her brand “Shehla” all over the world. And she also won the Lux Style Award for Achievement in Fashion Design. Her designs are unique, stylish, and color combination is up to a point make her brand more attractive. People remarkably like her dresses designs not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

Sania Maskatiya

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Sania Maskatiya graduate from Karachi prestigious Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and Pakistani Fashion Designers. In 2010 Maskatiya started her business with partner and director Umair Tabani. Her main motive was to create a different, eponymous, clothing label that has gained the fashion industry by storm. The brand having praised with four prestigious Lux Style Awards, Luxury Pret 2018 and also the Designer of the Year Award at Hum Style Awards 2018. Sania Maskatiya runway show at London Fashion Week (LFW). Bollywood famous fashion icon Sonam Kapoor wore a piece from the brand’s collection on the cover of Indian Cosmopolitan.

Sadaf Malaterre

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Sadaf Malaterre is a Pakistani Fashion Designers. Since 2005 she has been running her eponymous label in Karachi. She started her career from the modeling and modeled for some biggest brands and fashion magazines. This brand is known for her unique styles and bright colors. Sadaf Malaterre also recognized for applying local embroidery techniques to create modern textures.

There are thousands of many other brands that are good, but the best and excellent brands explained above.


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