Latest Groom Wedding Dress in Pakistan – Men Wedding Dresses for Mehndi, Barat, and Walima



Wedding event is the most beautiful movement of everyone’s life. Wedding placed on earth but designed at the sky. Everyone wants to look more gorgeous and make memories of their wedding day. At present, men or groom are equally preferred their wedding day like brides. In the past, men chose simple dresses, but now we have many Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male. 

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male – Men Wedding Dresses for Mehndi, Barat, and Walima

In Pakistan, some groom wears according to traditions of their province. Every province has their custom and traditions, so they prefer to wear simple dresses instead of classy outfits. Stylish and embroidered dresses are so trendy nowadays; these dresses are portraying the tradition as well.

Groom wears more trendy outfits according to the advancement of time. Here we have a lot of varieties for groom wedding dresses. Mehndi and barat demanding a more traditional look, and the groom wears the modish outfit with khussa, which enhances their beauty.  

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

Sophisticated Mehndi Dresses for Men

Mehndi’s event is more cheerful than other wedding events. Kurta pajama with colorful dupatta, embroidered kameez, and waistcoat with colored kameez are more trendy dresses, and men wear according to their wellness or comfort zone. 

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

Stylish Kurta and Pajama for Mehndi

Traditional wear looks on the event of mehndi mesmerized the audience. Moreover, kurta with pajama look classier and enhance men looks at the mehndi event. This style is considered the best traditional perspective and, this style never goes out of fashion. 

Moreover, the decorations of the kurta with monochromatic prints or motifs with light colors enhance their look. The pajamas and cuffed rolled sleeves are usually, in contrast, will make the mehndi dress more attractive. The dupatta colors are matched with the embroidery or motifs that will make complement the dress. This mehndi dress will stitch in silk fabric; the dress’s shine will be matched with the night function. 

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

Embroidered Shalwar and Kameez

In Pakistan, the shalwar kameez considered the most traditionally used basic dress. In Pakistan as well its tradition to wear kameez at their mehndi function with floral embroidery. Embroidery as floral or motifs enhances the beauty of the mehndi event dress.

 White or off-white colored kameez with unique colored embroidery will make the groom’s personality gorgeous. Men look more sophisticated and graceful in white and off-white color outfits. These types of outfits are worn at the nikkah ceremony are trendier. Moreover, the kameez and embroidery’s contrasts will make the groom’s appearance special from the entire crowd.

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

Kurta with an Embroidered Waistcoat

Waistcoat works like a beauty enhancer in the Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male; whatever the function, it may be a nikkah or mehndi event. The groom should use the waistcoat to increment their shalwar kameez grace. Embroidered Waistcoat is enough for the possibility of mehndi dress whatever you wear at the underlying clothing. Your underlying dress is more superficial, or even it may be a white or off-white colored waistcoat with darker shade look stunning. 

The waistcoat with central motifs and side-to-side embroidered will give the groom an extraordinary look. In the market, printed waistcoats are also available with floral designs over them. The fabric of the printed waistcoat will work as a beauty enhancer for men.  

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

Men Wedding Dresses for Barat Day

Barat day is the most important and memorable day of everyone’s life, and your outfits will make a more beautiful and unique day for you. Some wear traditional or some wear trendy outfits according to their comfort level. Here we have different design outfits with a huge variety for men’s barat day.

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

White Sherwani for Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

Barat is the day of celebrating massive things. Men like to wear the sherwani on their special day. Sherwani is the first choice for men’s wedding day, and it also trendy. White-colored sherwani or embroidered sherwani both are equally attractive choices for men’s outfits. Groom has prominent places from the entire; the white-colored will make men’s appearance on their special day incredible.

White-colored sherwani with colorful dupatta looks stunning. Self-printed sherwani with contrast dupatta looks fascinating; it will enhance remarkable groom personality. The additions of sehra and dupatta on the special day of men look pretty stylish.   

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

Fully Embroidered and Decorated Sherwani

For a fancier look, men have to choose fully embroidered and decorated sherwani for their wedding day. Fully embroidered sherwani will make men look royal. Moreover, the fully embroidered sherwani with floral and vines artwork provide the groom with princely looks. 

Men have to wear sehra on the head and colored dupatta on the shoulder for an essential look. For traditional looks, men have to wear khussa with fully decorated sherwani and enhance the beauty. Black sherwani fully embroidered with dark skin color and silk pajama of embroidered colored look fantastic on the wedding event. 

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

Coat Style Incredible Sherwani for the Wedding Day

The coat style sherwani is the amalgamation of the eastern and western suiting styles that will make one iconic wedding outfit for men. These coat-style sherwanis are now in trend; these refined into describing new dresses for the men. Coat style sherwani amalgamation of embroidery and the embellishment on them look stunning. 

Pakistani Wedding Dress For Male

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