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Estée Lauder says that perfume is just like a new dress; it makes you quite simply marvelous. It put a finishing touch to your elegance. The scent is one of the essential accessories. Without perfume, it’s like something is missing. It’s like a fashion very much a product of its time. Lastly, we discuss the great smell of the 90s. Today we will see the popular perfumes of the 80s. The aromas of the 80s were great fragrance to go with a big shoulder, pads, and big hairs. 80s perfume goes well with the power suits, cigarettes, and hair spray. There the few iconic 80s fragrances that you can buy. That will bring you to the glitz and glamour of the 80s.

List of Top 10 Iconic Perfumes of the ’80s

  • Yves Saint Laurent Opium – $62.00
  • Ex’cla-Ma’tion Coty for women – $8.07
  • Stetson Coty for Men – $23.97 
  • Love’s Baby Soft Perfume – $38.96
  • Giorgio Beverly Hills Perfume – $ 20.98
  • Electric Youth By Debbie Gibson Perfume – $4.49 
  • Malibu Musk Perfume – $14.95
  • Poison Perfume – $ 96.38
  • Jovan Musk Perfume For Women – $9.90
  • Designer Imposters Perfume – $ 5.09

Popular Perfumes Of The 80s – Top 10 Iconic Perfumes of the ’80s

1. Yves Saint Laurent Opium – $62.00

In 1997 Yves Saint Laurent Opium perfume was introduced, signifying Yves Saint Laurent’s fascination with the Orient and his novel perception of a woman’s hidden emotions. Leading notes of Opium are Sandalwood, Coriander, Cedarwood, Tangerine, Lily, Rose, Carnation, and Opoponax. Its an enchanting, mysterious, magic, and intriguing fragrance. Opium fragrance stimulates the senses with an fascinating blend of lush florals, rich spices, and deep wood notes.

popular perfumes of the 80s

2. Ex’cla-Ma’tion Coty for women – $8.07

Ex’cla-ma’tion by Coty was launched in 1988. Even if it is vintage, it still smells like a powdery gourmand. It has excellent longevity. Top notes of ex’cla-motion are apricot, green notes, bergamot, and peach. Base notes are amber, sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, musk, and cedar.

popular perfumes of the 80s

3. Stetson Coty for Men – $23.97

It’s the best evening wear perfume made with a rich blend of rugged woods and spices. Stetson fragrance designed by the house of Coty and introduced in 1981. Stetson top notes are lavender, sage, clary, bergamot, lemon, and lime. Base notes of Stetson are vanilla, musk, amber, Tonka bean, and honey. This scent has been about for a long time, and people are still enjoying this classic fragrance.

popular perfumes of the 80s

4. Love’s Baby Soft Perfume – $38.96

Love’s Baby Soft fragrance is a soothing, powdery, and soft perfume. It described as clean, baby-smell, which is, however, enough “mature” to be sensual. It carries notes of geranium, jasmine, rose, lavender, patchouli, vanilla, and musk, among others. Very light fragrance introduced in 1974 with a provocative and controversial ad “because innocent is sexier than you think.”

popular perfumes of the 80s

5. Giorgio Beverly Hills Perfume – $ 20.98

Giorgio is one of the attractively lively and serene as the sunbeams. It decorates with yellow stripes of joy. Giorgio Beverly hills perfume representing in 1981. Bob Aliano created it. The top notes of Giorgio are peach, orange blossom, apricot, and trails. The middle notes are seductive, tuberose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, orchid, and rose. In the 80s, this perfume was a symbol of luxury, memorable and long-lasting and was often banned from restaurants due to its intensity.

popular perfumes of the 80s

6. Electric Youth By Debbie Gibson Perfume – $4.49

Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson is the fragrance for the young generation of the early 90s. It was launched in 1980 and created by the famous 80s pop icon Debbie Gibson. The Revlon Company then manufactured electric youth fragrance. The main notes of electric youth are amber, wood, sweet, flowers, and fruit. This perfume highlights contemporary and one of the popular perfumes of the 80s. Its vibrancy shows the passion and vitality of beautiful young ladies. This fragrance is best for summer and spring season.

popular perfumes of the 80s

7. Malibu Musk Perfume – $14.95

This perfume came out in 1989, and since then, it became famous among the teens. It advertised as “instant California sun.” Malibu Musk contains notes of musk, flowers, aldehydes, melon, and peach, blackberry, and grapefruit. This fragrance considered the most expensive perfume in the world and one of the most popular scents of the 80s.

popular perfumes of the 80s

8. Poison Perfume – $ 96.38

Poison Perfume by Christian Dior, Poison an iconic and popular perfumes of the 80s labeled as gloomy and mysterious. This chic perfume was released in 1985 and designed by Edouard Fletcher. The deep, juicy aroma of plum acts as the core accord for this cologne amalgamated with the subtle sweetness of mixed berries. It then takes a floral turn, the dreamy scents of carnation, jasmine, and incense, making up the heart, topped off with a cinnamon’s hot hint. Poison polishes on a warm note with a base that features amber, heliotrope, cedar, and vanilla. This scent is available in 3 different. And it comes in a dark-colored bottle capped with a crystal-like cap.

popular perfumes of the 80s

9. Jovan Musk Perfume For Women – $9.90

Jovan Musk fragrance launched in 1972 that available in three different sizes. If you want to experience the sexy feeling with the mysterious fragrance, go and choose Jovan Musk. It will unleash your natural powers of seduction. The main notes of Jovan Musk are neroli, bergamot blend with the earthy, and jasmine. Seductive musk is in its composition.

popular perfumes of the 80s

Designer Imposters Perfume – $ 5.09

Designer Imposters Confess Perfume by Parfums De Coeur is one of the popular perfumes of the 80s. Let loose with your hidden illusions and open your mind with Designer Imposters Confess. A fantastic women’s body sprays by De Coeur. This pleasant fragrance blends citrus and floral accords for a delightful and refreshing aroma that will have you spilling mysteries and setting your mind at peace. Relax into top notes of green basil and other botanical tints, redolent with the greatest of Earth’s bounty.
Meanwhile, the addition of durable, white jasmine lends a refined and feminine element that leaves a beautiful aroma lingering in the air behind you. This fragrance is perfect for daywear. Designer Imposters Confess Perfume fits smoothly into your purse or bag for close approachability.
 popular perfumes of the 80s

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