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Servis shoes were founded in Lahore in 1959 to bring footwear that fulfills the entire family’s needs. Just like the concept of the one-stop-shop. Servis has grown a network of over 500 retail shops and 1500 independent retailers in its wholesale network by delivering high-quality footwear. This brand maintains its leadership in its unique products for all age groups, design, and personal taste by bringing innovation in design and style trends. Servis Shoes Pakistan is the largest local footwear manufacturer, with a great selection of shoes for men, women, and children. With a high level of excellence control, they can maintain the level of their products.

Servis Shoes Pakistan has been able to export their goods over the years, not just with a local interest but also by hitting international markets. This is a true testimonial to the brand. With a low price point, they are affordable to a far more significant part of the Pakistani population. 

Servis Shoes Pakistan for Ladies and Gents – Top Shoes Brands in Pakistan

Servis Shoes Pakistan has set out to provide consumers with the best service possible at a reasonable price. Men’s and women’s footwear are equally vital, and Servis offers both. Yes, there is a large selection of newborn shoes available in the store and online. The company has been operating in the country for several decades. 

Servis Collection For Men

Servis Collection For Men:

Calza and NDURE are the brands that designed the Servis shoe solely dedicated to the collection for men. This collection intended for formal and office use. This men’s line is also worn at festivals and other special occasions. For males, the signature series in the Servis shoe collection is well-known. This range features luxurious and fashionable trendy men’s shoes. This collection is significant because of no laces, as these shoes do not have laces; Servis Loafers & Moccs men’s shoes are effortless to wear. This collection is appropriate for both business wear and Shalwar kameez dresses. In Pakistani rupees, the price ranges from 1199 to 2499.

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Men’s Sandals

Men’s sandals from the Servis brands Calza and Ndure come in a wide range of styles. The most acceptable choice for the summer season and outdoor footwear collection is not only lightweight but highly comfortable. They always go in their new sandals.

Servis Shoes Pakistan

In Pakistani rupees, the price ranges from 799 to 1899, making Servis Sandals affordable for gentlemen.

In the general statement, we can say that men’s shoes are more expensive than women’s shoes since they are constructed entirely of leather. Servis Shoes are less costly in Pakistan than most local and foreign brands because the brand’s slogan states, “Shoes For Everyone,” and they proudly claim it and on it; that’s why the shoes are both inexpensive and of high quality.

Servis Shoes Pakistan

To divide up the many types of shoes, Servis company has created a few labels. The original Servis brand, which has a broad inventory of shoes for men, women, and children, has the most significant section. They have the ‘Cheetah‘ label for sports. Don Carlos‘ is a high-end men’s formal footwear brand. There is a label called ‘Liza‘ for women. The ‘NDURE label is a major label that caters to the urban lifestyle. ‘Shoe Planet,’ ‘Lark & Finch,‘ ‘Calza,‘ and ‘T.Z‘ are among the other labels.

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Servis Collection For Women:

Servis Shoes Pakistan has an extensive and wide range of shoe collections for women. These Shoes brand always bring exciting women’s collections for formal, casual, sports, ceremonies, and festival occasions. Women want to purchase sandals, slippers, fashion, and comfort shoes. For formal gatherings, the Servis Block shoe line for females is a highly appealing collection. Women’s Liza brand for all seasons, block shoes intended explicitly for special occasions. Among other things, your personality is celebrated in this collection. Servis women’s shoe collections are a range of the most up-to-date styles for all events and seasons.

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Among other things, the servis collection always welcomes your personality. Servis women’s shoes are the most trendy styles for all seasons and occasions. In all wedding ceremonies and other cultural events, they have quite a very appealing design of women slippers, sandals, and chappals that boost your individuality. 

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Servis Fashion Shoes For Women are incredibly soft and flexible on the inside, making them ideal for delicate women. They have light and airy sneakers that make walking feels like a breeze in any situation. Liza is the most significant collection for comfortable walking shoes. 

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Servis offers PVC shoes for women that made specifically for household usage. These shoes are entirely waterproof and composed of soft materials, which makes them comfortable. Ladies’ PVC shoes are also suitable for an outside stroll. Servis provides a fantastic selection of women’s flat shoes. These soft and lightweight ladies’ shoes are ideal for the winter season as well as semi-formal occasions. Servis also has rear open flat shoes, which are a new addition to the Servis shoe range. Servis sandals provide a wide range of women’s shoes, including flats and heels. Ladies’ sandals come in a variety of styles for all occasions and seasons.

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Servis Collection for Kids:

Servis has a large variety of children’s shoes that are suitable for all seasons and events. The Servis brand prioritizes colour-filled, trendy kid’s shoe designs. Servis understands that without the presence of children, party gatherings seem colourless; to add colour to parties, Servis has the most up-to-date designs for both boys and girls.

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Toz and Skooz, these two Servis brands, are designed specifically for children’s footwear. Top brand offers the most up-to-date casual and dressy boys’ shoes at an affordable price. Long shoes, striped shoes, and buckled shoes are among the various colours and patterns available in the boys’ winter collection. Similarly, there are exquisite sandals and slippers for boys in the summer collection. In Pakistani rupees, the range begins with 399 and ends at 1799.

Servis Shoes Pakistan

Toz and Skooz also offer an extensive collection for school girls, and their price range starts from 749 to 949.

Final Verdict:

That concludes the Servis shoe Collection, which includes the entire variety of finest shoes. Servis also carries the most recent summer and winter collections for men, women, and children despite those mentioned above. Servis shoe collections sold at Servis stores around Pakistan and on the company’s website.

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