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A particular fashion statement dominates every decade- be it for dresses, sunglasses, shoes or makeup. Fashion, as we have all noticed, comes and goes in cycles. Something that was in vogue a few decades ago can quite possibly come back to be very much in fashion again. This “new thing” could be just a smidge different from all the years back when it was in style making it good news for people who grow fond of a particular style; something that suits them perhaps. Don’t we all have a style that’s our absolute favorite, after all? Women’s fashion including dresses keep evolving every few years. So this time around “Short frock dresses” are all the rage and the “in” thing leaving behind the time when you had to carry long flowy dresses.

Those frocks, trimmed short, not only give a quite traditional look, but we have to say, they make us girls look adorable as well! This trend is not only loved by women of all ages but also looks great on everyone! They highlight your curves and also give the illusion of being taller. Nowadays our Pakistani designers are doing a marvelous job at guiding us towards better fashion sense with their professionally designed clothes. To help decide and pick your dresses, here we have categorized short frock dresses. Read on and have fun selecting. We hope it all turns out to be great and the following dresses would make you look beautiful! Just remember though you are pretty and elegant no matter what!

Short Frock Dresses With Floral Prints

Short frock dresses with floral prints can be used diversely. They’re popular among teenagers and young women. These prints with flowers would look super casual and give off a laid-back vibe. You can always tone it up with a few embellishments such as laces and sequences to turn it into a formal dress without losing the comfort of a traditional and evergreen floral design. Throw on some sandals, a sling bag and a pair of sunglasses, and you are ready to rock the summers.

Short Frock Dresses

Umbrella Style Short Frock Dresses

To give your short frock dresses and extra oomph go for an umbrella cut. It includes a perfectly circular flare with firmly packed and neatly arranged pleats all around. We are sure you’d love having a “twirl boomerang selfie” in one of those umbrella cut frocks.

Short Frock Dresses

Georgette fabric Short Frock Dresses

Perhaps next time for an event or a function you can select Georgette as your fabric of choice for a frock. This material would have a great fall keeping your frock, and it’s pleated in place. Georgette would also look fantastic and elegant if embellished with sequences and beads.

Short Frock Dresses

Silk Short Frock Dresses

Short frock dresses in silk, would again, have a great fall and make your whole look put together.

Short Frock Dresses

Net Short Frock Dresses

Net in your dresses is a choice that can use diversely and in a versatile manner. You can cover the flare of your short frock dresses with a layer of net. The net can further covered with beads, embroidery or laces.

Short Frock Dresses

Embroidery Short Frock Dresses

Embroidery has been a timeless embellishment. So why not on your short frock as well? You can have the neckline or the hem of your frock covered with embroidery of your choice. It would not only give your frock a traditional look, but it would be great for people who avoid wearing too heavy dresses.

Short Frock Dresses

Waist belts Short Frock Dresses

Here’s another idea! Keep the bodice and the flare of your short frock relatives plain, however, you go crazy on the waist of the dress. Decorate it with beads, sequences, embroidery or laces. It would create a unique look for you.

Short Frock Dresses

Banarsi fabric Short Frock Dresses

You want a perfect traditional look then you can always utilize Banarsi fabric for your frock. Pair with a traditional stalwart, patiyala shalwar or a sharara- a frock with banarsi material would look great with anything! It’s a classic!

Short Frock Dresses

Unique and Unusual Cuts Short Frock Dresses

How about this? Next time you want to turn heads select a short frock with a rare or unique cut. Thinking out of the box, choosing a dress that stands out and sticking to the plan; we are guaranteed as soon as you step into the room you’d asked about your dress. People might not say it out blatant, but they’d surely wonder and silently appraise your confidence.

Short Frock Dresses

Short Frock Dresses and Capris

Pairing these two can give you a very chic and elegant look. Using a Capri with a short frock or perhaps a cigarette pants has gained popularity with the young girls and women since it gives a hint of modernity as well.

Short Frock Dresses

Short Frock Dresses With Uniquely Cut Hems

You can vamp up your short frock compared with a hem cut differently instead of the dull old round one. Add a slant to the hem, or get a wave like a hem with embellishments at the edges such as large motifs or designs.

Short Frock Dresses

Short Frock Dresses and Ghagra

These two would give you an entirely traditional and south-east Asian look! Add some gotta kinnari and golden tassels and voila! You’d look like a Hollywood actress!

Short Frock Dresses

Short Frock Dresses With Bell Bottoms

Alright now! Do we even need to emphasize or highlight how great these two loom together? I doubt it! If you’re confused what to pair your short dress with then close your eyes and go with bellbottoms! You can go wrong with this one!

Short Frock Dresses

Short Frock Dresses in Unusual Colors

Use vibrant and alive colors to showcase your confidence and youth! This one is for all the teenagers and young women out there who are ready to make a dent in the world!

Short Frock Dresses

Monochromatic Short Frock Dresses

Whatever you pair your short frock dresses with, perhaps the next time you can try going monochrome. Trust us; it’ll add an element of elegance to your look!

Short Frock Dresses

Short Frock Dresses and Jeans

Looking for another laid back and casual style? Throw on a pair of jeans. But make sure to wear fabric and design that complements and goes well with that cute pair of jeans.

Short Frock Dresses


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