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Women around the world have found and followed fashion trends for ages. These trends observed ways to beautify women; one of the ways they’ve seen to do that is by painting their nails, Summer nail designs are very in. Applying colors on nails has been discovered to be a present in different cultures and civilization throughout time.

In various cultures, it showcased higher status in the society. Even Cleopatra is believed to have painted her nails. Us millennial have found a way to make a spin on Cleopatra’s nail fashion, so to speak, making it elaborate and even more beautiful. Nothing says prim and proper like manicured hands and nails. Some say nails that look like they’ve been taken care of says a lot about one’s personality and self-care. A great transition has been seen about nail designs over the years. Nail art had taken a front seat in nail care and designs. We have gathered some awesome and beautiful summer nail designs for you!

List of Summer Nail Designs

Ombre Nail

We wanted to start with ombre since we are so in love with it for this summer! Using pastel tones for this summer nail designs would make you look trendy, elegant and beautiful! People who’d see this design on your nails would for sure know you keep in touch with the new trends! It creates a gradual and seamless transition from a light almost ash white color to a pastel nude color of your choice. Our favorite ombre colors for this season are peach, sea green, lilac, and lime. You can even create this simple look all by yourself at home as well.

All you need is a sponge, a few nude and pastel colored nail paints and a clear top coat. Apply a layer of white nail paint on the sponge with a few layers of pastel mail paint next to it. Dab the sponge on your nail while it’s still wet on the sponge. Keep dubbing till you get an even ombre look! Finish it with a top coat and voila you have an in-style nail design.

summer nail designs 2019

Neon Nails

Guys! Neon nail colors are very much this summer, and we are very excited about these! They look vibrant, trendy and alive!  Give off a fresh, youthful vibe with these neon colors. Carry a matching handbag with these perhaps.

summer nail designs 2019

Rhinestones Nails

Now, these have been around for a bit and who doesn’t like them rocks huh? Adding these Rhinestones for your next summer nail designs, can get really up to your game! They add a high fashion statement to your look!  Rhinestones can be used in a versatile way! Ladies! Go ahead and add as many as you want to.

summer nail designs 2019

Matte Nails

Matte nail paints are a new addition to the nail art world. We want to thank whoever came up with this brilliant idea! We believe these give you a specific elegant look! Put a deep dark color underneath and finish it with a matte clear top coat or use a matte nail paint. Both would look fantastic!

summer nail designs 2019

Pastel Nails

Nudes and pastels would never be out of style it seems. You can adorn your nails with a beautiful pastel base and have intricately designed flower pattern on top to have a very feminine look!

summer nail designs 2019

Polka dots Nails

Another design that would never be really out of style. Polka dots!  These can arrange however you want to, but of course, a typically designed classic polka dot manicure is our favorite!

summer nail designs 2019

Metallic Nail Paint

This can use to cover your entire nail which looks stunning however you up your game by creating geometric shapes and patterns with a metallic nail paint over a plain base coat. If you aren’t the one for geometric patterns, you can always go for other designs like feathers or flowers.

summer nail designs 2019

French Manicure

Yeah, a typical French manicure is elegant,  however, twist it by adding colors to your nail tips! It could be rainbow colored, or you can pick one color! Get this modern and trendy French manicure to give the illusion of paint-dipped nails.

summer nail designs 2019

Themes Nails

We all have something we like or are a fan of or perhaps have strong sentiments for! Nail art has become a new way to display your sentiments about something! You want to show you support a school of thought of another -ism or feeling patriotic. Anything! It depends on your creativity. You can use those nail colors to draw whatever it is that you love! We have some nail art for Pakistani flag, or for a Harry Potter fan, a cartoon theme nail art. The nails are your canvas! Draw your inspirations in them!

summer nail designs 2019

Glitter Nails

There’s no such thing as excessively much glitter – that’s what we believe in! For those girls and ladies out there that love them some sparkle, this one is for you! You can either cover your whole nail with all that shine and sparkle or can add some neutral color with it to make it extra sassy.

summer nail designs 2019

Half Moons Nail Art

You can leave these half moons at the base of your nails bare of your could add some color! Use a lighter color for the half moon and add a bolder color to the rest of the nail!

summer nail designs 2019

Baby Boomers Nails

This look gives off a vibe of utter elegance! It incorporates a light pink hue in an ombre design often opted in a gel nail coat.

summer nail designs 2019

3D Nail Art

This new trend has been on the rise recently. Gel nail paints are the best to work with for these designs. It gives a raised and intricate look to your nails. We are sure everyone would have eyes only for your nails if you get this 3D nail art design.

summer nail designs 2019

Motifs Nail Art

Decorate your nails this summer with a cool motif! Now, you can either use this motif on all nails or just a couple of them! A tiny motif on the ring finger speaks elegance like no other!

summer nail designs 2019

Chevrons Nail Art

This design makes our summer nail designs 2019 because we consider it to be chic. You can do this design with glitter or metallic nails to give it that extra oomph! And this works great with long and short nails!

summer nail designs 2019

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