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Things You Should Never Put On Your Face Dermatologist Recommended Five Things



Today I will talk about the most common things you should never put on your face. Its dermatologist recommended five things you should never put on your face or do on your face. The dermatologist told us in her interview that she almost got a heart attack when she sees people putting these things on their faces. Have a look at the list of things you should never put on your face, and really don’t put these five things on your face.

Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

things you should never put on your face


Lemons are high for eating and drinking. So if you put a little bit of fresh lemon in your water or put it in warm water, drinking in the morning is a great thing to do. But lemon has nothing to do on your face. So you must be thinking why? Everyone thinks its nature, so it’s great. But sorry to say, but nature is chemistry and physics, and physics and chemistry in nature. So nature wouldn’t exist without chemistry and physics. Lemon is citric acid.

If you look at the PH scale, you already know that our skin PH is 4 to 4.5, but citric acid means lemon is very low in PH; its almost 2. So if you put lemon on your skin and leave it for a longer time, actually, you are harming your skin. And above all, if you apply lemon in a day, it will damage your skin even more, and you will get burn and hyper pigmentation.  You can get so many more bad things out of putting lemon on your face rather than having something good out of it, and thus putting lemon on your face it’s a big no. Eat it drink it, but don’t put it on your face. 

things you should never put on your face


This is considering an great product for very dry skin. You put Vaseline very pleasantly on your face to reduce the dry patches of skin. Every time we try something with the skin without knowledge, we may be shifting the skin balance. And when we shift a skin balance, certain bacteria’s certain fungus can overgrow on top and making you suffering from skin problems.

So Vaseline is something fatty, and it’s really a covering agent. When we put it on the skin, we are making it kind of glasshouse on the top, and the bacteria and germs over skin get covered by Vaseline. In this way, we give acne to grow underneath. If you are putting Vaseline because you have dry skin, then stops doing this. Because there are better agents and basil to avoided the dry skin problem. While putting Vaseline, you are actually heading up the skin redness, which will become more visible and get more pimples.

things you should never put on your face

Baking Soda

he dermatologist told us that she almost got a heart attack when she sees people putting baking soda on skin. The only thing baking soda does for your skin; it’s harming. Most people think baking soda is a nature ingredient, as I already mentioned that nature is chemistry and physics and physics and chemistry in nature. So baking soda is NACO3. When it mixed with water, its PH becomes 9, and when we put it in our skin, we are actually moving our skin to a more alkaline and which imbalance the skin, so this let’s grow certain bacteria and fungus. This will cause the water loss of your skin and increase irritation with blistering and redness. So what I want to say is baking soda is supposed to be in your kitchen but not on your skin.

things you should never put on your face


Toothpaste is excellent for exactly brushing your teeth. But this is not the thing to put on a pimple or actually on face. You know why dermatologists get a heart attack because people came and asked which tooth is best for the skin.

Toothpaste contains calcium carbonate, its something very abrasive. So it takes out the paque. You don’t want to take something off your skin harshly. Secondly, inside the toothpaste sodium lauryl sulfate, which makes is very blubbery, and it irritates your skin. Most of the time, spear-mint pepper menthol is a mental inside, which gives your skin a tough time. Especially when you are doing this experiment in a day time, it causes more irritation because it combines with the UV rays present in the environment.

So please, toothpaste is something for your teeth, not for your skin. So no toothpaste on your skin or pimple, it’s not the right way to reduce skin problems.

things you should never put on your face


Oils are excellent for eating. Putting oil on your face will cause more breakouts and cause more redness; as mentioned earlier, our upper skin layer contains bacteria. When you put something greasy or oily, you are allowing certain bacteria to overgrowth. In this way, the redness becomes more visible.

 So what you do with oil is make coverage. So to oil and Vaseline, it’s a big no. Never go on bed with oil on your face because you will get more pimple because you are covering the bacteria. So putting oil on hair is best never go to bed with oil on your face. And if your skin tendency of redness, rosacea, and acne then do an especially care because you will make it even worse.

Any type of oil is bad for skin, even its coconut oil or olive oil, etc. these oils are only for the kitchen. You can remove your makeup with oil. This is the right way because oil fat will remove makeup perfectly. After that, clean your face not just with water but with a good cleanser.

things you should never put on your face

I hope our today topic “things you should never put on your face” help you is some way. if you like it leave us comment below. You can also check skincare routine steps for beginners, Its a dermatologist recommended skin care routine for beginners.



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