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Top 10 Best Foundation In The World For Oily, Dry And Combination Skin



Makeup lover girls mostly search for foundation because it is key to any type of makeup. We will show you some of the top 10 best foundation in the world For Oily, Dry And Combination Skin. And you will come to know about what exactly the origin of foundation and what’s the Foundation application tools. Foundation is a liquid or powder cosmetics which is mostly used to create an even skin tone and sometimes use to change the color of skin. Some of the foundations used as sun cream, moisturizer, and astringent. Recently foundation is also used as body painting or body makeup. Foundation is cosmetic use to enhance body completion.

For the first time, Ancient Egyptian women start used white lead, powder, and chalk to lighten the skin color. It considered as the fashion for Greek women to have a light complexion. Roman women also use lead powder and chalk because there too pale color considered as fashion. And then they start making cream from animal fat and starch and tin oxide. Tin oxide is used for shade in the cream, while animal fat provides a smooth texture.

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 Louise xv In the 18th century made a lead base makeup. The theatrical actor, the actress, wore a heavy white base. In 19th century queen, Victoria abhorred makeup only prostitutes, actors, and actresses wear makeup at that time. In the late 19th century, women start wearing makeup, which is made of zinc oxide, mercury, lead, nitrate of silver, and acids to achieve white skin tone. Max factor for the first time commercially introduces pancake. This pancake becomes very popular among actors and actresses. Now there are different types of base colors available. Different Cosmetic companies classify their foundations or pancake as Warm, Neutral, Olive, or Cool based on matching the different skin tones. Foundation color should slightly match with your skin colors looks better.

 Best Lightweight Foundation In The world

Foundation application tools


Fingers are a great way to blend the foundation. It creates a natural look. And natural body heat helps to blend the foundation evenly. But fingers are not suitable for applying a full coverage foundation.


It is another way to blend the foundation. Sponge ate available of different shapes like triangular, round. The round sponge is best for powder foundation, and the triangular sponge is best for liquid foundation and concealer. Before using a sponge, wet it. It moisturizes and prevents the sponge from absorbing the makeup and will help to distribute the product over the skin more evenly.


Brush with synthetic bristle is best for liquid foundation and powder foundation. Brushes are so soft that they help you to prevent from skin itching and skin problems.


The airbrush blends the foundation with a manageable stream of compressed air. It adheres to the skin tone as billion of small droplets of foundation. This process forms a very soft and natural skin tone and creates an even, sheer appearance to the skin.

Top 10 Best Foundation In The World For Oily, Dry And Combination Skin

Radiant Cream Foundation SPF 21

It has a creamy formula that is why it is easy to apply and require very little blending. Radiant cream foundation exactly looks like natural skin. It is a little pricy, but its quality justifies it. Radiant cream foundation SPF 21 came on number one in a list of top 10 best foundation in the world

top 10 best foundation in the world

Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

This foundation is smooth, oil-free, and unobtrusive and also provide long-lasting coverage. It remained light and blended seamlessly with my skin tone.

top 10 best foundation in the world

Guerlain L’Essential Natural 16H Wear Foundation SPF 20

Guerlain L’Essential natural 16H wear foundation SPF 20 is one of my favorite foundations. It gives spotless natural skin. It is super light and still looks natural without being looking for heavy cake. Where you want to look perfect, I suggest to use this foundation.

top 10 best foundation in the world

The Vital Sin Foundation Stick

Wearing expensive mascara is pointless, but wearing an costly foundation is worth the splurge. vital skin foundation stick helps to hide age spots. This foundation not only effect full as a foundation but also works as a skin treatment product because of its ingredients. It contains hydrators like squalene, coconut oil, and few botanical antioxidants.

top 10 best foundation in the world

Airflash Spray Foundation

When you apply an air flash spray foundation, it doesn’t look like a foundation. It makes you face so flawless that you can’t even recognize your self. Dior spray foundation, when applying with artis brush it makes the perfect even tone. It is best for oily skin..

top 10 best foundation in the world

Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation

Anastasia Beverly hills luminous foundation does a very good job in hiding impurities and flaws. It will help you to make your look fresh-faced and radiant with just one pump. it came on number six on the list of top 10 best foundation in the world.

top 10 best foundation in the world

Airbrush Flawless Long-Wear Foundation

If you have oily and also have pores on your skin, then charlotte tilbury is best for you. Airbrush flawless long-wear foundation will help to make your oily skin look matte and pore less.

top 10 best foundation in the world

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

Aqua luminous foundation is for one who don’t want to carry heavy basy look and want some natural look. It is very light and made a perfect base layer for blush and contour. Still, after applying it, your skin will look shiny and natural.

top 10 best foundation in the world

Matte Loose Powder Mineral Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15

This powder is best for both clear skin and acne skin. It gives solid coverage from light powder. Matte loose powder is best in the summer season because it keeps the oil down, and you skin looks flawless.

top 10 best foundation in the world

BB Cream

If you got bad skin and have acne spots, BB cream is for you. Acne spots skin will not exist with this foundation. It glides on the skin perfectly and gives a dewy but no overly heavy coverage. You have spots on your skin don’t worry then BB cream will make your skin flawless

top 10 best foundation in the world

Natural Radiant Long Wear Foundation

This natural radiant foundation is superb for creating a flawless complexion and full coverage. It gives a natural look. If you want to look simple with makeup, this foundation is best for you. Natural radiant long wear foundation is on number ten in list of top 10 best foundation in the world.

top 10 best foundation in the world

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