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Women are very trendy about their physical look. They always want to look gorgeous, so they care about their dressing and footwear. In summer, women are more aware even about their footwear. In summer women want to wear those shoes which look attractive and stylish, and they did not feel hotness. So in this article, I will discuss some best women sandals which are made according to everyone’s personality. These are available in the market at very affordable prices. These women sandals are famous for the comforts and styles. They are best for everyday routine as well as for vacations. These all designs are made according to every shape of the foot. So here is a list of top 10 best women sandals hope you will enjoy this article and pick one of best women shoes.

10.Crocs Women’s Sandal_$27-$39

Crocs Women Sandals is also on our list of best women sandals. These are designed for the short distance because their straps are made according to the short distance. Mostly Women attract due to their style. It is a lightweight choice with the great footbed. These have the best rating and still maintain this rating. These are available at the very affordable price.

9.Birkenstock Rio Ankle Strap Sandals_ $44-$47

Birkenstock is a classic choice as women sandals. Its molded sole shape gives the natural shape of the foot. It is made with best material Women like these sandals because its straps look so stylish and trendy. These sandals also best for holidays and everyday routine.

8.Merrell Women’s Sandals_ $49

Merrell Women Sandals is one of most stylish sandals in our list. Some people worried that thinner straps may b dig into her feet but after using company got positive reviews. These are suitable for women daily routine and also available at affordable price in the market. It is so famous due to its style and material.

Best Women Sandals

7.Sanuk Women Sandals_ $12.24-53.09

Sanuk is one of best sandals for women. It is one of popular choice for females when it comes to wearing. Sanuk is made with the very comfortable material, and the most unusual thing about this brand is that it is made with same material as a Yoga mat. You will be confused when it comes to color selection because it is available in 40 different colors. It is specially designed for Yoga women. It is also one of best women sandals for travel.

6.Fly London Women Sandals_ $55

Fly London Women’s Sandals are best for both types of women who love the heel and flat sandals. Fly London is one of most comfortable Footwear as a women sandals. Their wedges are very comfortable and supportive, and their extensive straps provide stability all day.

Best Women Sandals

5.Skechers USA women’s Sandals_ $55

Skechers women sandals are the highest rating sandals. It is Famous, highest quality and trendy brand and its shoes are included in top selling charts. The price of these sandals depends on the size which you select. Skechers women sandals are available in chocolate, black, gray, orange, fuchsia, tan and light blue color. 1-inch heel and sole provide excellent support with the arch. Women buy these sandals for their style and comfort.

4.Naot Women Sandals_ $70.50

Noat offers comfortable women sandals which look like so regular and stylish. These sandals are lightweight and come in many different colors. The straps of these sandals provide stability to your feet. Best Women traveling and walking shoes for a whole day. The highest quality material is used in these sandals; you will like these shoes.

3.Teva Women Sandals_ $75

Teva women Sandals are one of the best choices for women sandals. These are available in many numbers of color options. These are made with highest quality material and gives a sporty look. These are well constructed so no issue of stability and comfortability. Women liked so much these sandals and wore for the variety of reasons.

2.Clarks Women’s Sandals_ $75

When women think about sandals, they always want that footwear which provides support, comfort, and safety. Clarks Women Sandals are one of best women sandals and have the excellent reputation at all time. They are made of 100 % pure leather, so they are flexible and soft. Currently, they are available in 6 colors in which  Greystone, Black Leather, Brown Leather, Denim, Beige, and Beige Suede included.

1.ECCO Women’s Sandal_ $130

Ecco Women’s sandals are also included in our list of best women sandals. They made with high-quality sandals which have over 1000 buyer reviews. Ecco also achieved fantastic highest rating 4.7 out of 5. they look great and well made with the best sporty look. These are available in 6-7 different colors with the combination of black. These are slightly expensive but provide great support and comfortability.


List of Top 10 Best Women Sandals

Sr. No Name of Sandals Price
1 ECCO Women’s Sandal $130
2 Clarks Women’s Sandals $75
3 Teva Women Sandals $75
4 Naot Women Sandals $70.50
5 Skechers USA women’s Sandals $55
6 Fly London Women Sandals $55
7 Sanuk Women Sandals $12.24-53.09
8 Merrell Women’s Sandals $49
9 Birkenstock Rio Ankle Strap Sandals $44-$47
10 Crocs Women’s Sandal $27-$39


We conclude that footwear has a significant impact on women personality.  In summer there is a big problem because women want to look trendy and safe from hot summer. So in the above list best women sandals are given. These are stylish women sandals you feel great in these shoes. Hope you will like these women sandals and select one of them for you.

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