Top Shoe Brands in Pakistan – A Leading Brand for Footwear in Pakistan



Shoes are things we walk with; we run with them; we can’t go anywhere without them. In this article we will be looking at the top shoe brands in Pakistan based on the brand’s prominence, popularity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and influence on the competitors. Fashion and materialism are an essential part of people’s lives. Whether it’s looking good from clothing, smelling good from that unique perfume, or dazzling that luxurious branded accessory, Shoes play a role at another level in people’s lives. Since only fashion and luxury will not cut the slack here, comfort and durability are milestones that shoe brands must cover to become one of the top shoe brands in Pakistan.

Top Shoe Brands in Pakistan – A Leading Brand for Footwear in Pakistan

It’s a known truth that most people love to feel comfortable and look their best, so out of all the shoe brands out there, these five are the top shoe brands in Pakistan. These brands selected based on the brand’s overall prominence, popularity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. However, we’ve excluded any brands that primarily focus on specialty footwear such as sports shoes and heels unless they’ve also concentrated just as much on the everyday casual kicks.

Top shoe brands in Pakistan

Servis Shoes:

In 1959 Servis Sales Corporation was established, with its first outlet opening on mall road in Lahore. By 1971, during just twelve years, Servis reached one hundred stores outlets spread across the country. Servis has rapidly thrived to a network of more than 500 retail outlets and 1500 independent retailers in the wholesale network.

This name bears four imprints under its label, Cheetah 1983, Don Carlos 1988, Liza 1993, and Calza in 2016. The concept for introducing an organized family shoe brand for mid to lower-consumer-income groups conceived in a separate strategic business unit formed under the name of Calza. This conception made Servis a runner-up in the list of top shoe brands in Pakistan by volume. The premium men’s brands like don Carlos and many other international brands are also available at mega service stores, another significant milestone by Service Sales Corporation to provide Pakistan an edge in fashion and durability.

Top Shoe Brands in Pakistan

Bata Shoes:

Bata shoe company and organization was first registered on 24 August 1894 in Zlin, Czechoslovakia. Despite the first world war outbreak, material shortages, manpower shortages, corbels, and other challenges, sales increased to about two million pairs by 1917. By 1918 the probability of the company’s 6,000 workers could only be supported by aggressive marketing and future foreign expansion. Bata Shoe Company Pakistan limited came into existence by its inculcation into Pakistan in 1959 and is probably the oldest family shoe brand. With a solid retail network comprising more than 500 retail outlets, 200 registered wholesale dealers, ten sales offices, nine distributors & 5 wholesalers across the country. This rich history and values in shoe production and retailing make Bata the market leader of top Shoe brands in Pakistan with respect to volume and market presence.  

Top Shoe Brands in Pakistan

EBH-English Boot House:

EBH bought lock, stock, and barrel from an emigrating Indian trader and got this by the grandfather of the present managing director of the company in 1947. Starting as English Boot House Private Limited, its first store in 1947 in Karachi, Pakistan, soon after the independence, the brand has since become a tour de force with its consistent growth in the market. The business incorporated in 1980. EBH is famous for its cow leather goods that reflect Pakistani artisans for creating beautiful works that last longer than the rest. In addition to shoes, other products such as apparel, accessories, and other leather goods are also sold. Their products also in demand outside the country and exported to Europe, the Middle East, and African countries.

Top Shoe Brands in Pakistan

Sputnik Shoes: 

Meaning traveling companion in Russian, Sputnik shoes fulfills their true meaning being a shoe brand. People of Pakistan are striving hard to lead a better life and are becoming more and more brand conscious. Since opening its first store in 1967 at Elphinstone Street Karachi, it took them fifty years to reach all the main cities of Pakistan. The brand’s most extraordinary features premium quality and subtle design at affordable prices, laid down by its founder Sadruddin Vejle. These are the values that have made them the shoe company with the most loyal clients. Few local brands are providing global fashion trends to the Pakistani people, and these brands are improving at a slow and steady rate. Sputnik belongs to one of those brands, thus securing its place as one of the top shoe brands in Pakistan.

The central focus of Sputnik Footwear is to have its respected role in setting trends. Also, they do this to be the only trendsetter within the footwear sector of Pakistan. It’s like stitch on shoes or decor of their shops. In addition, Sputnik shows the attention to detail that their boots have. Moreover, Sputnik has grown the first retail outlet in Pakistan to sell shoes built on ‘Anatomic Gel technology.’ They are the world’s various fashionable shoe designers. These 100% handcrafted Brazilian shoes are of anti-bacterial sheepskin padding.

Top Shoe Brands in Pakistan


These fashionably priced and elegantly designed shoes are everybody‘s must-pick items these days. Borjan first originated in 1995 after its transitioning from ‘Prestige,’ a ladies-only brand, and now the brand considered one of the top 10 leading brands of Pakistan for ladies and gents shoes. Borjan is part of the RAFUM Group, which has retail as its central commerce. Borjan’s center is footwear and leather accessories, and it offers its customers the energy of mold through diversity in its footwear designs. Borjan offers differing qualities and designs in footwear, extending from cutting edge to chic and modern to classic. Presently it a retail company with a brand well recognized across the whole country. There is hardly anyone who instantly pictures Borjan in yellow on the blue background after hearing its name.

Borjan is serving its customers luxury in shoe fashion through more than 1000 employees and over 123 outlets across 70 cities of Pakistan by creating high-end fashionable footwear, bags, and other accessories for both genders, marked with quality in elegance and comfort. This brand’s only mission is to bring universal shoe fashion trends in Pakistan to set new standards of style, grace, and glamour with comfort and easiness.

Top Shoe Brands in Pakistan

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