Top Shoe Brands In The World For Man



Shoes play a vital role in our life. It comforts and protects the human foot. Shoes are also essential for our look. It is the item of decoration and fashion. Various design of shoes is on the market. Shoes designs Vary from culture to culture. There are high fashion brand shoes which are very famous and also very expensive. But these top fashion brand have excellent material. That why they sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars pair. In past shoes have been made of leather, wood or canvas but now it also made of rubber, plastic, and petrochemical derived material. Here we help you to choose top shoe brands in the world for man.

1. Gucci

Gucci is the top worldwide famous Italian luxurious brand. In 2009 Gucci was on 41st position in top global 100 brands. And in 2015 it is ranked the 38th most luxurious and valuable brands. Gucci is famous for leather, accessories, clothing, and shoes. Gucci shoes included men’s sneakers, sneakers for women, loafer, heals, brogue shoe, sandals, etc. It made of leather, fabric, fiber,fur, etc.  Gucci shoes are very famous among the celebrities. In billboard music award Most popular K-pop boy band group BTS wear Gucci shoes

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

2. Nike

Nike is an American worldwide enterprise. Which is founded on 25 January 1964 by Athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman. The manufacturing of the Nike brand is Footwear, clothing, equipment, accessories. Nike is the world most significant supplier of athletic shoes. In 1960 Summer Olympics Bowerman made the first pair of Nike shoes. After that he said he made this of athlete Phil Knight. The very first year of Gucci brand, they sold 1300 pair of Japanese running shoes in 1964. Nike is very famous for sports equipment like shoes, jerseys, shorts, cleats, baselayers, etc.

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

3. Adidas

Adidas is a top shoe brand in the world for man. It is founded in July 1924 almost 94 years ago by Adolf Dassler. The Main products of Adidas are Shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is worldwide famous for sportswear manufacturer. To improve the quality of athletic shoes Dassler uses canvas and rubber. Adidas logo is three stripes which used on the shoe design and clothing. Adidas was the first ever shoe production that uses a microprocessor. It was known as The world First Intelligent Shoe. Madonna was being hired for the promotion of Adidas products.

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

4. Testoni

Young Amedeo Testoni founded Testoni. After learning about crafts, he opened his first workshop in 1929. Testoni dream was to produce the most beautiful shoes in the world. His boots have individual and unique qualities. They use old methodologies, most excellent material for making shoes. Without compromise, Testoni achieves the highest quality shoes. This brand remains constant and continuous innovation and development made this brand successful. To repeat the future of artisan craftsmanship and guarantee international recognition of modern Italian style in the world. The brand name is among the top shoe brands in the world for man.

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

5. Converse

In the 20th century Converse or Converse, All-Star is a model of casual shoes. From the start till now Converse All star remained unchanged. The converse shoes toe cap made of white rubber, and the sole usually made of brown rubber. It consists of the stitched upper portion. The Material of the shoes is usually leather and cotton canvas. The converse is a Rubber Shoe Company created by Marquis Mills in 1908 in Malden Massachusetts. In 1923 Converse sponsored the Charles Chuk, an American baseball player. After sometime Converse becomes the all-time famous among the professional basketball player. Soon Converse was being eared by athletic in the Olympics. And also during world war two by American soldiers.

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

6. Berluti

Berluti is a subordinate of public brand of LVMH(A French multinational luxury goods brand). Alessandro Berluti created it in 1895. Berluti is famous for leather, Boots, Shoes, Bags, Belts, Wallets ready to wear, etc. In Business of Fashion named Berluti among the 16 best companies to work for in the fashion industry in 2017. The brand considered as top shoe brands in the world for man. The headquarters of Berluti is in Paris and France.

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

7. Reebok

Reebok a Germon Textile company created by Joe and Jeff Foster in 1958. It is worldwide famous for the athletic footwear. Reebok production included clothing and footwear for fitness, running and CrossFit sportswear. The starting of Reebok was from the small factory that was famous for Olympic works and very popular among athletes for running pumps. The footwear collection published as a men’s basketball shoe and the world’s first entirely flexible fit controlled with manual air allocation. In 2017, the UFC stated the launch of a new collection under the name Fight Night Collection. That includes an improved version of the Reebok-branded garments.


Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

8. C. & J. Clark

C. & J. Clark a British based international shoe manufacturer. Cyrus Clark and James Clark create it in 1825 in the street of England. The brand has 1000 stores and franchises around the world. The company profit was £150 million at the end of 2013. It is the top shoe brands in the world for man. The company is famous for its Desert boot and distinctive ankle height boot made with rubber sole and leather. Amongst British boys, Harlem Spin School Shoes have all-time favorite school shoe especially primary school aged children. The British boys in secondary schools like Willis Lad shoe which is very traditional due to its more grown up and sophisticated styling.

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

9. puma

Puma is a Multinational Germon Company. It was created by Rudolf Dassler in 1948 almost 70 years ago. Rudolf Dassler is a brother of Adolf Dassler (Owner of Adidas). Rudolf Dassler starts separated business from his Brother Adolf. Afterthat PUMA becomes the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. The company produces Athletic and casual footwear, clothes and accessories. In 2017 puma distributes its products in more than 120 countries in a worldwide.

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man

10. Timberland

The Timberland is an American company created by Nathan Swartz almost 90 years ago in 1928. The production of the Timberland company is footwear and clothes, watches, glasses, sunglasses and leather goods. The company is very famous for waterproof boots made in colder temperature form. The brand name Timberland introduced for the waterproof leather boots. Timberland stores are worldwide including Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, PolandHungary, Austria, France, Australia, South Africa and The Netherlands.

Top Shoe Brands In The World For ManTop Shoe Brands In The World For Man


Top Shoe Brands In The World For Man

Sr. No Top Shoe Brands In The World Headquarters
1 Gucci Florence, Italy
2 Nike Washington County, Oregon, U.S.
3 Adidas Herzogenaurach, Germany
4 Testoni Italy
5 Converse Boston, Massachusetts, United States
6 Berluti Paris, France
7 Reebok United States
8 C. & J. Clark Street, Somerset, England
9 puma Herzogenaurach, Germany
10 The Timberland Stratham, New Hampshire, U.S.

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